Friday, September 19, 2014

A month of firsts.....

I have been busy and haven't gotten to blog, seems to be the story of my life this summer.  I have been working on a coloring book page, the second one for a blogger that uses them in you teaching seminars.  I find it to be an honor to be selected and she has recommended me for a job for another blogger for illustrating her book.  That would be amazing.  I have been busy getting the Ladies back into the routine of school.  They are both doing well and doing volleyball Yogie is getting much better and Booboo is a natural born athlete and gets to play a lot.  We went to two games this week, they won all the set of three sets of the games they played on Tuesday, I think they are sets?  Last night they played more formidable opponents they won one set of three set in both c and b squad.  The A team did not win any.  Booboo played every minute of the first 6 and half sets and she was done in so they took her out and she played a little in the 9th set.  Yogie played a lot as well, they both made points and we assets to their team. The are both good servers but both need to learn to serve over hand.  The are both becoming more comfortable with the ball as well.  I am so proud of both of them.

Bountiful baskets is doing okay, we have had low numbers so that is a concern.  I got to go with my book club to Green Bluff Farms in Spokane, and thanks to Belle's kindness we got to borrow her van so we could all ride together.  I got to walk on the board walk in Couer d' lene for the first time.  We went to the Library too.  We then got to go to all the lovely farms, we got berries, peaches and apples, I got mac's I love them.  My mom was allergic so as a child I didn't get them often.  I also love Jonathans but no one seems to grow them any more, so sad.  We didn't return home until nearly midnight.  We got to eat at the European pancake house. I got to have real crepes, and those who have read of my adventure in crepes will find that fun.  I got to try apperskivers (sp),  They were good.  We had Mexican food on the way back too.  We did have to retrace our steps for a forgotten phone which added an hour to our day but it was a wondrous day with a great bunch of lovely ladies.  The Ladies of the Mineral County Library Book club.     A fun day was had by all.  We are going to get to go to Seattle next month but that is definitely another blog.

We are getting close to the end of the garden and canning has been in full swing. I have been blessed to be able to get case lots from Bountiful Baskets and it is great that one of my oldest friends is the manager of the local stores produce section, she gives me a heads up on great sales so I can get more case goods.  I am completely out of pints and half pints.  Only about 80 usable quarts so our seams are bursting in the pantry.

I made soap yesterday, some honey oatmeal and honey wheat germ both of course goats milk.  Some of them will be a gift for our trip next month.  I am working on a deal with an old friend to have some in her shop so that is a project to come. We got a new piano, that was surely a blessing, so we gifted the keyboard to a family that needed one at our Church it was so nice to see the Ladies, giving with love, something they no longer needed and they could bless some one in need.  The gift was accepted with tears and a word that the gift was an answer to prayer.  The Ladies were blessed to know that they were an answer to prayer, such a good lesson for them both.

I am having a surprise baby shower for Mokie tomorrow, no, she doesn't read  my blog so no telling her.  I think it will be a complete surprise and that will be fun for all involved. We are going to be harvesting the bucklings soon, we are going to harvest Rosie the second as well she has not gotten bred in 2 1/2 years and I recently found she came from a line with some hermaphrodites in it so she is probably one. Sadly she does have to provide something to our little farm and maybe her contribution was always to be food.  Crystal got a new name shortly after birth and I had not told you all, she is now Cora Beth and all who remember the Walton's can imagine why.  She can be the bane of Poppie's existence much like her mother Cleo was once, like mother like daughter.  Well I have bread to bake, pies to make and other yummies for the bake sale tomorrow, so I must say adieu. May the Lord be the Master of your life, there is no better way to spend your life but in the arms of the loving father. I hope you are living a life that knows salvation and you are saved and know God's love....tomorrow.