Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today all the kids are gone off to school........ I need to embrace the quiet.

Last night we went to the Open house at the school.  We started at the cafeteria and tasted the offerings of the new head cook.  I must say that the bread was nicely made, lovely salad bar and the lasagna  was really very good for cafeteria food.  I was impressed that the quality of food has greatly improved from the days that my older kids went and ate there.  Our school went out of it's way this last year and got a grant so that all the breakfasts and lunches at the school are free this year and in a small community like ours, with slow recovery from the recession, that is truly a blessing for most all of the families in our county.  Kudos to the people involved in this immensely beneficial program, and the food seems to be good to, a plus. We meant both of ladies teachers and got to hear about the need for our schools middle school to be replaced and that we should put our taxes dollars where the needs of our kids are and vote on September 23 for their futures.  A wonderful night all in all.

I have been working on three cases of tomatoes I got from Bountiful Baskets, it was a killer deal at 42 cents a pound.  I made barbeque sauce, bolognaise spaghetti sauce and today I am making ketchup so that I can make sloppy joes tomorrow.  I actually ended up blessing Mokie with half a case so she could make salsa, so three cases went a long way all in all.  I have a case of small sweet peppers coming today so will use some in pickled peppers and some in the sloppy joes. 

I am finding I actually now have time for all of you as my ketchup simmers to half it's volume.  The kids are all gone to school.  Bubbles and Little Song were here for a few minutes but Mokie gathered them up and went home to clean house.  She is in full-blown nesting as her new baby will be coming on the 6th of October.  Another little girl will bless there home.  Boy was so upset when he found out the baby was to be a girl he cried for two hours.  I am thinking hard on what I will call her maybe I will wait until I meet her.  From all the details I have been giving, from Mokie, her DR says that she will have long legs like my girls, and Mokie's other girls, unlike Boy who did not get the long Kelsey legs.  I am looking forward to meeting her.  Little Song is only two months old she is a new babysitty of Mokies, she has been a blessing in that she is helping Bubble adjust to having a new baby in her life.

I am off to enjoy and try to embrace the quiet.  I only had a year of quiet between the older kids and the little Ladies so I am trying to adjust and learn to love the quiet who knows I might just make friends with it.  Well, maybe. 

I pray that you have a blessed day.  I pray that the Lord and Master Jesus Christ is a part of your life. Life without him leads to eternal death.  Life with him means that we have already begun our eternal life.  Yes, we will sleep at the end of our earthy life but to be out of the body means to be in the presence of God.  I am looking forward to being in the presence of God once I go to my earthly sleep, are you? Do you know that you are going to live with God?  You can, you can repent and accept Christ Jesus's gift of salvation and know that you will go to heaven when you die and not to eternal death and damnation, what a glorious thing to know you have eternal life.  Seek the Word of God and you can become his child.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I am ashamed to see that it has been neigh on a month since I was here, but it was a wonderous month......

I got up early this morning and went right to work canning, after having done the same yesterday.  I can proudly say I have pinto bean with harissa, chicken stock, and chicken in jars all scurried away in my cupboard.  I had been a little lax in canning for several weeks and I don't like to get behind and have lazy jars.  Today I have made more stock, lentil soup, white bean and fennel soup.  I actually just ran out of propane and about had heart failure thinking I would have to start my two pressure canners from the begin and one of them only had 30 minutes of a 90 minute run left.  I told Poppie and in three minutes time he changed the tank and had me up and running, I stayed over the 11 lb mark so I didn't have to start anew, what a wondrous man.  I am a blessed woman. 

I must tell you I had a great month and did think of you from time to time but the truth be known I was enjoying my kids, my grands, my friends, my Church and my husband to much to be really contrite.  I am not ashamed that is the first time in 3 years I have been gone any real length of time.  We camped twice, once right up in the middle of our huckleberry patch.  We picked 5 gallons in a day and a half, making our totally haul 15 gallons this year. We had three of the grands with us.  Poppie and I did all of the picking as the kids enjoyed being on the top of a mountain in Montana.  We went camping again this last weekend, our Yogie always picks camping for her birthday.  She and Booboo both caught their first ever fish and got the fishing bug, Yogie caught 17 all toll while Booboo caught 4.  They had a wondrous few days of camping.  I read in the woods and regenerated my life indulging in care free reading of the Lord's word, and the girls cooked all the meals so I was truly blessed.  We all needed the get away days to reset.

This last week we were blessed with our annual visit from Vegas, it still really amazes me that she gives up one of her days with her family each year on vacation to spend a day with all of us in this family.  We love her visits so much and await them on pens and needles each year, it seem like we have known her for a life time but truly it has only be 4 years, that's 5 visits, yay. 

We had a emergency in that last month that was very scary.  Our dear Bubbles was helping pick up garbage and broken toys out of the her yard when she tripped and fell on the toy she was picking up.  It went up her nose and came out the side of her nose below the bone.  It cut a hole in her nose bigger than her nostril.  She was taken immediately to the ER.  Yogie, Poppie and I were not home, had to hold pressure on while Mokie drove.  They took her by ambulance to Zoo town to do surgery, they took her into surgery and the plastic surgeon on call said he couldn't not complete the surgery as he was not qualified to do such intricate work on such a small child.  They took her to recovery and sent her bandage up home.  There had been a scare that she would have to go to Seattle but the surgeon found a plastic surgeon that was out of town that could do the surgery.  He returned and with in the week he did the surgery.  He did a wondrous job and the baby should have as minimal a scar as possible and won't have a disfigured nose.  She is good about leaving it alone to heal and keep her band aides in place. The Lord be praised any other place she would have fallen on the broken toy would have been much worse, thank God for his Grace and love in keeping her safe.

We experience bad news in our Church Violinist and her Mom have left our church and that has caused such sorrow for their leaving to all in the congregation.  I pray the Lord takes them to where they need to be in their lives and my love goes with them.

Well I have two pressure canners calling out to me in their tist tist tist, manner.  I pray that the Lord is the authority in your life and you are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ's blood  there is no other way to life with God in heaven, receive his Grace today..... tomorrow.