Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The "things" of this life.......

Good Morning, one and all I just popped in because I do miss our daily talks but as with all of you my life seems to be happening and I can't seem to stop it long enough to stop and talk to you.  I so sorrow sometimes about that, but I can't in all honesty say I would change the way my life has been going of late.  The Lord has worked wonderfully in my life in the last couple years and for that I am truly thankful. I do often think I am letting the Lord down on the promise I made to write this blog, in part, with the hope that just one soul would open a Bible and find salvation by the hearing of the Lord's word, through my testimonies.   I do think that for awhile the Lords has had other plans for me a little closer to home so I try not to sorrow for my blog to much..... I digress. He will give me time to talk to you when he deems it and I guess now is the day and time for the short term.

I have been thinking a long time about somethings I really do want to talk to you about and it seems daily I contemplate on it.  I might have really needed the last six months to really focus on it.  I often think of about "things".  Do you ever think about "things"?   Wow! now isn't that a big open subject, see why I have thought on it so long?  Maybe six months is not enough time to contemplate, maybe one lifetime is not enough, now that I really think on it.

"Things" what a simple little thought. We really have so many many things that change, shape and make up our lives.  "Things" oh, so many different things.....  We can have a thing, see a thing, covet a thing, but then there are the things that happen, around us, to us, and are for us.  A "thing" can be the joy of a baby's hand so fragile that sunlight can shine right threw it.  A poem shared with someone special. The first whispered word of your baby, "mama, or dada". The "I do" from the lips of the one you have chosen to share your life with, your children with, to be one flesh with under the sight of God with.  A look from your love of 50 years that say what a million words can not.  A squeeze of his hand and that special little smile he has...... A book that changed your life, one a journey to some wear you will never really go, one that brought you enlightenment, laughter, sorrow or helped you find health and the there is The Word of God, a special book above all else, that God spoke just for you and to you.   A pan that shares the life of a loved one at a glance.  A little doll that brought safety and took away the sorrow,,, of so many many things.  A knife can hold the memories of a man, lying in his hand, it recalls the day he cut his sons's umbilical cords separating them from there mother and he sorrows that one of those tiny little son's did not survive and only breathed 9 short hours but he sees in his minds eye the one little hand tightly holding the others as one of his dear little ones took his last breath so long ago.......

"Things" are a great part of our lives.  Some are cherished, some hated and abhorred, some just are and some have destroyed so much of so many peoples lives.  Sometimes things are just things and sometimes they are harbingers of our past that just won't go away.  I was talking to one of my littles just this last week as we were gong by the old mill sight where Poppie, and so many others, had worked for the better part of my older children's lives.  I said, "I love the smell of the mill, the old wood, the cedar, the fresh sawn timber."  She said, "I know, I know, you always say that when we pass by here."  I was kind of hurt by her indifference to my special memory that I was trying to share with her.  Here I was cherishing the memory of the smell of my husband as he had come home from a hard days work, from the job he loved and the job that had put food on our table for so many years.  The smell that had permeated my Daddy who had worked 40 years in the mill and forever smelled of the newly sawed smell of timber.  But alas my little, who had never smelled the "thing" I so loved, was totally unphased and indifferent to my pain, my memory of the whole thing.  It was gone and never to return for her to know or remember, just a sad lost "thing."

I think on many "things" not all of which are my "things" or even do they pertain to me.  I think on the pain that "thing" has caused the one I love, my friends and even people I have not known.  I sometimes see the pain they received and shared to me of and in  those"things." How a dog can be a man's best friend 40 years later because a dog of memory shielded a forlorn boy in it's dog house, as the boys parents drank the night away in the bar, not caring the little boy was hovering in a cold dog house hungry and freezing, except for the warmth of the dog, locked out of the house until they stumbled home at last call for months on end. How a piece of toast can be a thing so hated by the man who once was a little lost boy, left with his grandparents to raise.  A sad little boy had woke up one morning ahead of the elderly couple, and toasted a whole loaf of bread because he had seen how Grandma did it atop the wood cook-stove.  The lesson that Grandpa had for him was very harsh for one so little, to eat the whole loaf.  Was it really punishment for the boy or was it retribution from a father to a daughter that had failed at marriage and was out hunting a new man with not a care about her abandon child.... The man loved the boy but maybe sometimes his pride got the better of him and the boy was the only one there to deal with his anger.....

The "thing" can be, a savior and the enemy, all at the same time, to the little girl of your memory.  A beer can can be the enemy that's appearance in her home meant her parents were flush with money because they had it and cigarettes but did not make the choice to buy food for hunger little mouths.  A bag of beans or a package of macaroni and the dreaded can of tomatoes only goes so far to a house full of littles, and hunger comes back way to soon.  Worse later when the beer was gone the can became something the little one could cling to for safety, because if you stacked them in front of your bedroom door they became an alarm, that just might give you a moments notices before the evil that comes, opens the door and upsets them as you slept,   A seconds notice might just safe her from the horror to come.  A "thing" can be the sour smell of stale alcohol on the breath of the evil that came to quick and she didn't get away.  The smell of a stale beer breath will forever be a lifetime of remembering that "thing" that happened a long time ago or "the thing" people know about and didn't protect her from.  A "thing" can be something horrible that is still there, something that happened once a long time ago that still controls you or it can be something that shaped you, hurt you but you over came and are better than that "thing" which once happened to you.  You were a survivor you no longer hate, you no longer are the victim of the "thing" but have long since gone on to a better you.

The Lord remembers all "things" and he eventually takes care of all the "things' we all endure.  He sees our joys, our sorrows, our terror and files them away.  The "things' we go through good or bad.  Someday he will reward us, each one, for the "things' we caused: the joy, the help we gave,  and did  we live to his glory? did we share the joy of our lives and make things better?  He also will judge and sentence those who made things worse for others and chose to torture others with all the horrible things of this life.

I hope the "things" in your life make you pause, have taught you, shaped you and caused you joy.  I pray that the "thing" most precious in your life is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Imagine, the love that would make God choose to come to earth as a man, die a horrible death on the cross of his own choice, rise from the grave and conquer death so that upon your belief through faith he would give you salvation.  A "thing" like that is so unimaginable but can be yours. The love of God is already yours just reach out and accept it.  I hope today is the day of your belief in Jesus Christ, today is your day of salvation,   That is truly a glorious "thing" the most glorious of all "things'  this is....... tomorrow.