Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yesterdays hacking lead to an 8 and half hour vigil in the control panel of my computer..... exhausted, and Bubble is tired of Nannie on the computer.

I said I got hacked yesterday but it took me all of today to get rid of the malware, Trojans and who knows what on my computer.  I am much the wiser for all the lessons I had to learn today and learned to manually uninstall more than 20 programs from my computer.  The most ironic part was that the last thing I got to leave was a great big ugly add that kept coming up in the middle of my blog.  That is how I finally knew I had gotten rid of, or maybe just disabled who really knows, the evil from my computer.  I did manage to can 16 quarts of Chablis grapes during the process.  Bubbles has not liked that I had to spend so much time at the computer, was very mad at her momma when she snuck out without her knowing.  Poppie even brought them home fast food for lunch, well they liked that but not much else. 
I do know, like with anything in my life, that I have learned the hard way about a lot of the goings on on the internet.  I also know my way around the programs in my computer, what belongs and what does not, so the day was not all wasted.  I did have a million other things to do but I guess I was supposed to fix my computer. I didn't get to go to book club, and that saddens me and now I have syrup to finish, jars to take out of the water bath and a 22 month old who needs a bath so she can have her costume on when her momma comes to pick her up, and her sister too.

I pray that your day was a fruitful as mine, I would wish that my fruitfulness was in soul winning but maybe the Lord wanted me to work on something else today.  I hope that some one lead you closer to the Lord today or maybe you lead someone closer to the Lord, wouldn't that be glorious?  prayers to one and all....tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I hate when I get hacked, grapes a gift I have to take care up, syrup to make another gift.........busy day.

I do love spending time with my friends.  I think it is interested to note all of my many friends.  The majority of my friends have never been to my house, is that odd?  I don't really know.  I have spent a life time moving, well not so much in the last 33 plus years but it seems that even in my state of staying put I am ever moving and going nowhere.  I have had a few closest friends in my life and they have all been to my house, well at least one of my houses.  I am not a person with a lot of people in my small innerest circle.  I have a lot of family and maybe they have filled up my life so much that I never had the need, or maybe the room for many others in the circle, I don't really know?  Or maybe I am just hard to get to know?  or maybe only God knows?  I do have a secondary layer of friends that are in my second circle and I love each and everyone of those, they for the most part have never been to my house, they don't want to come really and they don't really have a need for me to come to their house, I see them in different pieces of my life.  They see me in the focus of really why we get together in the first place but we have become close friend through our mutual passions.  All of them love me and accept me in the light in which they know me, and have no knowledge of my other life or mine of theirs we feel no need to share those aspect of our selves.  Isn't that a blessing, maybe our friendships are a bit anonymous and maybe because they are we can share things we may not share if we were in a more intricate part of each others lives?  I don't really know and I am not sure that that is important, but I do know that I am bless with lots of friends that some people would not necessarily even consider that we even have a friendship.  I also have an other circle of friend very similar to my second layer that are my close friend because of the time I have spent with them on social media, now isn't that funny, I couldn't have even said that 10 years ago.  I do have friends some of whom I have known since my childhood but I wouldn't have spoken to them again in my life if I hadn't connected on Facebook with them.  I also have friends of friend that I have become close to on Facebook, in real life I would not have even gotten to meet them or at least have gotten to know them had I not had social media, isn't that a blessing as well.  I am so blessed with each and every one that I call friend or that calls me friend, you do know there is a difference don't you?  God give us people throughout our life that we never know how much we meant to them or that they consider us friend and we didn't even know it.  I have friends that don't know what they mean to me as well, they truly never thought of me a second after I meant them in passing and they still speak to my heart in friendship.  How odd that God would make it so? 

I got off track and digressed into another thought but alas I can not meandering in my friendships today.  I spent the morning on the phone cleaning up a hacking, makes me think I have other phone calls to make and fix, sigh**.  I was gifted elderberry juice from Red, last week, and it cannot wait any longer for me to make it into syrup.  I was gifted with Chablis grapes from Belle, that I have to make into juice, and the upside is that if I miss up and they don't seal properly in 6 weeks to 6 months I will have great wine, but for today I just have to get them in the jars.  I have costumes to tailor and household chores that need my attention.  Poppie may harvest on Friday, Yogie is excited she will be home to make the shots, so I have to prep for that.  We no longer have the rabbits, the last two got a reprieve, Mokie and her littles took them home as pets.  Yay!

I pray that today sees you safe in the arms of Christ.  I pray you have found your salvation and you are in the body of Christ awaiting the everlasting knowing, really knowing, you are saved and going to glory when you pass.  There is no greater feeling, it makes life so much brighter even in the darkest hours that you may have..... God bless you. ....... tomorrow.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, lots to do and lots of places to go.........

I do like Tuesdays but alas they are my busy day, again I am whining can you whine and love it anyway?  I have Bible study this morning with Belle, our first so excited.  We both don't get to have it for various reasons so we are having it together.  NO, kiddos today, that is good when they are here it makes Tuesdays so much harder.  I have CAKLs later, sock knitting to teach, and then there is Church on Tuesday nights as well.

Yesterday was a cool day, it was a day for God. I spent time studying for my answers and then both Niecy and Sister visited with at two different times during the day about their questions and the answers they sought and got from the Lord.  I think when all was said and done we all felt closer to God for having spent so much time talking to him, about him and listening to him and his answers.  I do think the most ironic thing in the end was that some one in my life still questions my salvation and I have decided that it is his issue not mine. I regret he is wasting way to much time worrying about something he would see if he took off his rose colored glasses and just looked at me, or maybe spent 10 minutes on my blog.  All of you know what is hiding right in front of his face.  I no longer care if he doesn't see it; God does and that is all that matters. 

I just ordered two boxes of tomatoes, I can't wait to get them I have plans to make spaghetti sauce and probably more plain canned tomatoes.  I do love to can and keep my lazy jars full and I have quite a few that have become lazy lately.  I have to fix the ladies costumes up for Halloween.  They are excited to enjoy the make believe that comes with the day.  Recently we have had the talk about the make believe they have enjoyed about Christmas.  We talked about how Santa was real in the sense that he embodied the spirit of giving, that God tells us to have, for little children it is a fun cartoon character that they can see and understand the spirit in a tangible way.  I don't believe the Santa is evil, unless made that way, he is an imaginary bit of a small child's magic of the season.  He does not take away from Christ and his day.  We have always had Santa on Christmas eve and gave the day of Christmas the respect it deserves, we honor and worship the Lord on that day.  I told them that the magic is not gone with their knowledge, of there being no Santa, it is just different and they can grow from knowing that the spirit is not make believe so they can grow in the knowing of where it really comes from.

I have lots to do and so little time to do it...... I hope you pray to the Lord and he chooses today to be the day to talk to you in a way you can hear him, maybe for the very first time.  How glorious that today could be your day of salvation or your first step toward it..... I pray it is.... tomorrow.    

Monday, October 28, 2013

God is so good, he leads me down paths he has for me...

I have been really thinking about the Lord on a deeper level of late.  I have really had to look into my self and see what it is that I really believe.  He has guided me along the way and my soul has an excitement that I can not explain.  He has given me permission to not believe what others may want me to believe but he wants me to believe.  I have never believed that God has the same relationship with any two people, he couldn't have an intimate  relationship with any one of us if it was just a cookie cutter relationship that he had with some one else or one and all.  God gave us the Bible that truly only living book that ever there was.  It is his living Word a quickened tome.  I am not sure that anyone of us can wrap our minds around the fact that God wrote his Word into a book that is written to each and everyone of us.  He has a special message to one and all, that he set down before he made the foundations of heaven and earth.  Can you even imagine that?, no, none of us can we just have to have faith and that faith begins with.  "In the beginning God......"

I have studied of late a lot, I repeat.  That study has brought me such comfort and such new insights.  I was reading a book I down loaded for free this summer yesterday after I had spent time in my Bible.  The Lord guides us to where we need to be especially when we pray for him to do so, but anyway, I was readying this book on prayer and there were lots of good scripture messages, the author directed me to see, about prayer but the writer said something I had never thought of before.  She said

" Love, not rules, motivates you to wait on the Lord. When you are in love, you feel no obligation to find time to be with your beloved. That is where you want to be. When you become aware of how much Jesus loves you, it will not be difficult to devote time alone to be with Him. Jesus made it clear that He wants to have fellowship with you in order to love you and guide you into all truth:

 If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word: and My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and make Our home with him…. The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you (John 14: 23,26 NKJV). Jesus has promised in His Word that intimate knowing of Him is His will and plan for all believers. So it should not be difficult to learn how to commune with Him. He wants you to allow the Holy Spirit to teach you . When you grasp the reality of God’s love for you and His desire to commune with you, your only proper response is to say, “Awesome!”

God’s plan is to make His home with you. Jesus said that those who love Him will be loved by His Father: “… and I will love him and manifest Myself to him” (John 14: 21 NKJV). To manifest means “to show or demonstrate plainly, reveal, to be clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious.”
Curran, Sue (2012-08-21). Define Your Destiny Through Prayer: Your Journey to Divine Revelation (p. 15). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition. "

I couldn't believe how this spoke to my seeking heart.  It warmed my soul and made me feel safe and warm...  You too can have an intimate relationship with the Lord, it is your choice and your free will alone for you to make that choice, seek the Lord he is waiting..... tomorrow.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chruch was a mixed blessing but the Lord might have that in mind anyway....

I have said before that I have come to terms with the dual blessing of going to the local Church we go to.  I have said that it is so like what I believe, and so not, but that is a trial that I think that God wants for me.  I spent a good portion of the last week searching my heart and searching the Bible for answers to my questions and the pain that some times going to Church can cause.  God spoke to me and I have come to know that God has a plan for me and for right now I am where he wants me to be learning lessons he has especially designed for me.  I have spoken with Poppie and in an intellectually way he is fully in agreement with me and we think it is God's will for us at this time in our lives, but Poppie is a much newer Christian than I am and he is much more easily rattled and he also has a bit of a flash temper, well as much of a flash temper as a totally soft quite man can have, but if you knew him you may not understand he does have one because you have to be so close to him to see or know of it.  Most people are totally unaware that Poppie is able to get angry at all.  Today at Church Poppie was very sensitive and was very disheartened by some of the goings on.  I tried to explain to him that just because we don't see something the way the rest of the people at Church do doesn't make their path with God wrong.  I will no longer say we are members because by the local Churches view we aren't, and never will be, and they made that perfectly clear but we are already in a very special Church and that one it far more important to have membership in.  I am a member of Jesus Christ's Church he received me and Poppie with welcoming arms at the moment of our salvations.  I no longer will have issue with not being a member of the local Church because I am not going to let the splitting of hairs, and that's what it is, offended me away from assembling in Church to worship God.  They accept us there, not as members, but more importantly God accepts us there to worship and he has affirmed our memberships in his Church and that one so out weighs the other that my soul doeth sing.  I can't be offend if I chose not to be.  Now I have to get Poppie to over come the pain of rejection, because that is how he feels.  This is really one of his first trials for his faith and he will over come he just needs to give it over to God so he can over come, I did. 

We had planned on going to the baptism after Church at the river, I had explained it to Poppie but in the end Poppie could not go and support something he did not feel right about.  I told him we had to honor the choices of others in their walk with God.  Poppie understood that but he said he didn't have to go watch it.  I told him I would honor his view and we didn't go.  We can support the new soul in Christ as she grows, but not today, and maybe God doesn't want us there anyway.  We did have a talk with the Ladies on why Poppie didn't want to go and even in their youth they understood our feelings and reasoning.  We spoke to them about salvation asking each if they understood what it was about, and we have spoken with them many a time so this was not new, but both agreed they did not fully under what salvation was, or is, and what God asked of them.  I told them that it would come to them in the right time and that God would speak to them in his time frame, not the time frame of impatient man,  I told them they would know when God wanted them to step out and believe and seek their salvation, God would tell them and call them in their hearts in a way that they could not not understand....

Is God calling you, has he called you and have answered him?  Have you ignored his call?  Have you missed his call?  or are you awaiting his call?  If you are seek him in your Bible, his Word will call you in a way you will know that he is calling for you to believe, don't hesitate when he calls just obey and believe..... tomorrow.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Knitting, Library and mushrooms.....

I have two friends that want me to teach them to knitted different things.  I went to meet with each on different days this week and they were not there so I got to do other things.  The second day I was at the Library and got other stuff in line for the volunteering I am learning to do.  I also got to go to the adult reading group that I never manage to get to go to.  It was fun, old friends and I meant an interesting new lady, I have not meant before.  We are going to be reading for November on interesting woman in history.  That is a subject I can get behind and get into.  They are very nice at the group and have made sure to make room for people like me that only really read non-fiction, I like when I can participate.  I did come home and read most of two books.  I read most of a book on Sacajawea, not sure if that will be my book or not.  I also am reading a book called Rain Dance that I down loaded for free from BookHub several months ago it is about two ladies one who is infertile and one who has an abortion that meet at the Dr.s office.  I hadn't been all that interested to start it but thought I would read a little of it for a woman's subject for the reading group, it is riveting, I read the first 9 chapters and could hardly tear myself away from it.  I can't wait until it is done to tell you about it.  I think I will write it as a companion blog with some thoughts on abortion, and most of you know I have strong opinions on that.

I helped Poppie chop wood last night.  Bubbles and Cubbie helped too. I ran the lever for awhile, as did both Cubbie and Bubbles it was so funny to what little 22 month old Bubbles try to get those levers just right.  She did wondrously well for her age, more like Boy did a 3.  We got all of the wood that were stragglers from past years of wooding done.  10 blocks by the well house, 30ish by the haystack and orphans around the yard.  We got close to 2 cord all together and the littles and me stacked all two cords of it yesterday.  Today amazingly I am not as sore as normal.  I know that I need exercise for my joint pain but I don't always get the opportunities to do so. It really is nice for my shoulders, especially my left one, not to hurt, and my hips are better, sore but a different sore than the usual pain.  We had just finished dinner when Mokie came in to tell us the mushroom were up in the garden.  Poppie always waits in the fall not to till the garden, when he should, so that the mushroom crop God sends us can be harvested.  It does affirm that the garden is way to acidy to grow good veggies in some places or we wouldn't get the wondrous crops of shaggy manes we do.  We are going to actively try to change the acid levels so I hope we continue to get the mushroom but you probably can't really have it all.  We got a full giant yellow Tupperware bowl full so a good first harvesting.  We usually get them for a couple of weeks and most often get several five gallon buckets total so all our friends get gifted mushrooms.  I am taking the first harvest to Belle's we are going to have coffee, and usually we end up having some good conversation.  We both really want to have a regular Bible study so hoping to get that planned in to both our unscheduled at home mom lives, some time it would be easier if we really had schedules and knew where we would be at any given day or time.....

I pray for you today.  I hope you find the hearing of the Lord's Word today.  I pray some one speaks it to you, I might just have, or you open your Bible, or seek someone else's, and he speaks to you himself.  Please listen it will be the most important thing you ever hear.  Hearing the Word is the first step to your salvation.... please listen and follow his voice to your salvation.... tomorrow.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cubbie, Bubbles and I stacked all the split wood this morning.

Cubbie , Bubbles and I spent about an hour stacking a cord of wood.  Poppie and I split it last night with the splitter.  Poppie planned on stacking it today but we thought we would surprise him.  It is always so rewarding to a see a small child want to work.  We tried to make sure that Bubble had little pieces that she was able to put into the wheeliebario, she did her best to keep up with us.  We filled the wheeliebario up and they pushed it up by the house to the wood stack.  Stacked the wood, both found places that were just right for their pieces of wood.  We would unload the wheeliebario and then Bubbles and Cubbie would get a ride back to the wood splitter.  Bubbles had brought a dolly from the house that she made sure was sitting just right in Poppie's wood splitting chair.  She is very good with her dolly's and makes sure they are cared for just right.  She recently stole one of Yogie's dollys.  Yogie was upset but I told her the Mokie would make sure she got it back, and that all the love she had put into the dolly would be shared with Bubbles, and in the end she would be the winner because when the doll came back she would have all the love Bubbles put in her with all the love she had put into her all rolled up into one special doll.  Yogie was happy that her dolly would be so full of love when she got her back.  Today Bubbles was giving love to one of Booboo's dolls.  Booboo loves her doll well enough but not in the carry it around and love her kind of way that Bubbles and Yogie do. Booboo is happy for her doll to get more filled up with special love. Cubbie can't wait for Poppie to come home she is on pens and needles for him to see how much wood we stacked and to see his surprise, or maybe it is just the special surprise of a little girl awaiting her Poppies love.  She did tell me that she knew how to stack wood cause her daddy showed her how and that she was going to show Bubbles how to stack wood so her daddy didn't have to..... aww the joy of Nannying...

The pressure switch is off so we don't have any water, Poppie is going to have to fix it or put in a new one.  Can't wait to have water, I have dishes and laundry to do.  Cubbie wants me to get a splinter out of her finger so I must go.  I have a busy afternoon, I have a lady to teach to knit, and may stop in at the library for books to work on and there is more splitting and stacking to do later.  This morning was such a blessing in reminded me of the many hours that Booboo, Yogie and I spent loading firewood and stacking the truck.  Sweetie said just the other day when we were helping him stack wood in his truck that they both could stack a tight load of wood.  I think that is a nice praise for my two Littles.

I hope you day is filled with the Lord's blessing nothing is more glorious than the blessings of the Lord.  I pray you receive them with the love that they come with and seek the salvation he offers as well..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yesterday was Tuesday, my busiest day of the week, usually, no change yesterday on that front.

Yogie and I were up early and out on the road to Zootown, on the way in the radio said there were delays on Reserve Street so we did Orange Street and managed to arrive 20 minutes before the music store opened to pick up her clarinet.  We were sitting there wait when a man walked by and walked into the open door of the store.  He waved and a short 5 minutes later he had the lights on, the curtains open and was asking us into the store.  The clarinet was done and awaiting our retrieval.  We were off to the orthodontist.  Yogie had done a stellar job on her brushing, which she had not been doing so they had removed her wires the last appointment and she was on probation to see whether they would reinstall her wires or take the braces off completely.  Her dad interceded, and helped with Nannie's stress of trying to get her to take the time to brush and take care of her teeth.  It worked, she is back on track and taking care of her teeth and the wires are back on.  It hurt some and they had to numb her, serves her right to have to have a little trauma with it, they haven't for the most part hurt at all.  I know it has been a long drawn out process for her, being as we had to wait 18 months for teeth to grow in so she has now been in her braces for over 4 years.  The end is so near she needs to buckle down and finish the process.  They should be off by Christmas,  the dentist said she would rather take them off and let the teeth be crooked than leave them on and let them get rotten from not enough brushing around the wires.  Lesson learned, by both Yogie and Poppie, he now checks her teeth and puts his support into enforcing the brushing, Nannie wasn't getting any help and it was such a fight I was beginning to give up on my own.  I think both Yogie and Poppie are now on the right path, a blessing to be sure.

We managed to get back to town by a little after noon, dropped Yogie off for the rest of the school day.  Poppie and I had lunch and then I went down to the Library to learn more about a volunteer program Lady has asked me to do.  I learned a little then managed to stay for all of CAKLS my little Birdie wasn't there to learn to knit socks so I talked with the ladies.  Strawberry, one of my lady friends at CAKLS has red hair she has actually been a friend of mine for years but I haven't included her in my blog before so I would normally just call her Red but my brother is already Red so since her hair is strawberry red she will be Strawberry henceforth. I digress.   We had a nice talk then she had to go so I talked with a new lady to our group, she is new to the community and is a new immigrant from England so I will call  her English.  We had a good chat and shared ideas and made some plans for me to take her out to Flower Childs business one day.  Irish and Grand Dame had a nice conversation together as well.  No one to teach to knit socks to though, so maybe next time.  I soon went home so Poppie could go pick up the kids, he so loves it I don't take his treat of being out away. 

Booboo was sick so I went home to check on her and let Poppie escape.  She was a little better but still is home today.  I managed to totally forget to call her piano teacher and tell her Booboo wouldn't be there.  She emailed me worried about her, I didn't realize she didn't have any of my numbers, so she does now.  I made dinner and managed to make it to church, almost late as I forgot pickles and burger sauce for the Preacher so had to go back home part of the way to town.  It was a nice service. Preacher gave a simple lesson from Thessalonians.  There were prayer requests and praises, a baptism scheduled for Sunday in the river, brrrr, and one of the ladies had a share about being excited in her preparation for her first taking of the Lord's Supper on Sunday.  I was happy for her and felt the love and sharing that you can only really get from a small intimate Church group assembling together.  I do thank the Lord for that blessing.

I pray that your day is filled with the knowledge of God, his love and his grace.  I pray you are seeking your salvation or are on the path to salvation and know it is a free gift.  I pray that God is speaking to your soul and sending the Word to soften you heart and know that you need the Grace of God and the salvation it brings... tomorrow.

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's hard to teach old dogs new tricks or maybe you can take the Girl out of the faith but you can't take the Faith out of the Girl, old woman...

I have mentioned aplenty I think that Mokie is a black and white person.  I am not saying she got that way alone.  I admit that I am a black and white person as well, so is my dad, his dad and I am not sure after that.  I got it rightfully though and gave it to my daughter, probably more than one.  I do admit though that with age I have learned that my black and white can be on the details and not the whole of the mater.   I have aged into only fighting the battles that really have connection to my Soul or maybe better put it is what would God have me do? I also don't have to battle with people I can battle it out in my own thoughts because after all it is my issue and not really the issue of the person who brought it to my attention.  I have learned with age to not be offended as easily as I once was, after all my being offended is my sin and not the sin of the person doing the offending they after all might not be sinning on any level though I have been offended. 

I as a child liked to talk to myself, and I have taught all of my children that they can talk to them selves after all the self they talk to might be the only one with any sense.  My habit of talking to myself carried on into my teen years and into adulthood, I learned eventually that it, for the most part, is not myself I talk to but the Holy Spirit that has abided in me since my moment of salvation.  I talk to "myself" a lot or would not manage to be able to get through the day sometimes.  I rarely think of the Holy Spirit, as the Holy spirit, I think of talking to myself, talking to God or other terms but in the end they are all the same I am talking to the Holy Spirit and I never give my Comforter the credit he is due, but then doesn't he give all the credit to Christ Jesus.......  I am not sure I ever had a great epiphany that Christ was the Son of God, died and arose for me.  I was raised in the belief and had a seamless transformation into asking the Lord for repentance and he gifted me Salvation on August 22 1977.  I am not sure I felt the overwhelming power of regeneration, I had always believed and my life went forward.  I cycled up and down in my faith and, as said before, was alone so much of my 30's.  I had forgot to talk "to myself"  I relied on myself and the devil took advantage of the silence of not talking to the Holy Spirit.  I got into my 40's and had a renewal of the regeneration of my new creature.  I also had two new babies to raise.  I prayed and prayed, a tree fell on Poppie, literally, and we were both for the first time in our lives seeking God in a way we never had.  We eventually landed at the Church we are now at.  We knew going in it would be a struggle to wholly change from one doctrine to the next but we specifically sought out a local "new testament" Church.  We had lots of offers to go out of town but I was raised to believe that you have to be a part of a local Church, you have to put your Faith and time into building a community fellowship.  We had been going around 6 months when Poppie was saved and baptized into the Lord.  Shortly their after I had a heart wrenching talk with the Preacher over something he wanted from us but in the end We could not do.  We, Poppie and I, have lived together along time and my black and white or maybe my beliefs have wore off on him, and we could not do what the Preacher wanted because we plan and simply can not find it in the Bible and I was raised that you can not add to or take away from the Bible.  The Preacher tried to explain his reasoning for the request but his answer is not black and white it is full of gray and "insight".  I told him I could do it for him if he wanted but I could not do it for God because I could not in all honesty see that God asked it of me.  It the end I left offended as I am sure he was.  I decided then that to the best of my ability I would not ever be offended by difference in doctrine again.  So for the last year I have grown in God and the local Church. 

I missed some of the things I had been taught for the first 51 years of my life about God.  I read to see if what I was taught was what I really believed and if that is what the Bible told me to do.  In the end I think I sured up and established the doctrine the Holy Spirit reveled for to me to follow.  Recently the Preacher said they were going to do something at Church that I longed for and missed to the sorrow of my Soul.  I was excited and told Belle I was looking forward to it.  She burst my bubble and told me some Baptist Churches would not let me participate.  I prayed and thought on her words.  I failed and became offended.  I studied and sought God, I talked to the Holy Spirit.  This Sunday the Preacher gave a great sermon in preparation for the sacrament to come.  I heard in no uncertain terms that I would not be allowed to participate.  I was not offended,  I found that once he had explained the way the Church did it it was so far afield from what I believe if I participated I would be going against what I believe and what I can find about it in the Bible.  I know that one and all of the  participate in the sacrament, as they do, it will be exactly what they need from the Lord but alas I can not participate in something I can not believe in nor can I asked for something I can not believe in to get to do some I would like to do.  I find that I can't add or subtract from the Bible and the way I read, reread and read again it is not what I believe the Bible tells me to do.  I talked it over with Poppie and he felt the same way, he can not justify it in his Bible either the way it was explained.  Poppie did set beside me in Church for nearly 15-20 years off and on, and he was not not paying attention to the Word that the Lord spoke to him. 

We have decided anew that we will do the sacrament that we miss so in our own homes, we will not over do it and not underdo it.  We will do it when assembled together and be inline with what we find missing in our local Church.  It does not take away from the love of assembly we share at the church, the Word of God spoken through the preaching of the Preacher, it does not mean we are offended or want to leave.  It means that the Lord has given us our dearest want a local Church to assemble with, but in our worship there is a little bit of a trial, and the Lord gives us trials for a reason, and the reason is not for us to know or complain about it is in God's time for us to know his reasoning.  God blesses the ones he gives trials and chastisements to.

I pray that you love the Lord Jesus and know the Joy of communing with him.  Oh, how sad to live a life on this earth with out him and much sadder still to never be able to go to Glory and live ever after with him.  Your salvation is something you need to listen for and accept.  Seek God and his grace.... tomorrow   

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Ladies are home, the Littles are here.... and I am sore and not moving around so much.

The Ladies and I slept in until 8 and then started our Bible reading.  We are finally in Numbers, each of the Ladies read 1/2 of todays Proverbs.  Boy came in during the prayer, he stood patiently until we were done.  I have no idea why he felt the need to come over all the way from his house to use the bathroom.  Cubbie came and got him and home they went.  I awoke so stiff and sore that I can't even get the IBU or the Naproxen to get me going at any really pace.  Shortly Mokie came with Bubbles and the other two in tow.  I made her put Bubbles hair up as she doesn't want her to have bangs and I get tired of the poor little mite pushing her hair out of her face all day.  Screaming began and continued until the combing was done and the hair tie was in.   Mokie  informs me I have to take the girls to WIC, what, today is supposed to be my day with the girls and not going about hauling littles here and there.  So at 1 I have to take the littles to WIC, then at 4 they want me to take them to the pumpkin decorating at the Library.  I am so sore I can hardly move and everyone thinks I need to do some thing for them.  It is cold outside and did I tell you I was sore??  No, apparently not or maybe it is that no one cares or is listening. 

So I am off to do everyone's little errands and full fill all their want and needs, maybe the IBU or Naproxen will kicking sometime..... whining I know but can't help it, I did so want to just have a quiet day with the Ladies..... maybe Tomorrow.   Oh, I forgot we are going wooding that will help to make my joints get moving, I hope.  I told Mokie I don't want to take Littles in the woods, she doesn't work until 1 but who knows I will probably have to take the littles any way.... We will see..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pickles to pickle, floors to cleaning, Coffee coffeeing and I think and contemplate what I have read......

I have been making Virginia Chunk Pickles for the last week plus, I missed one day of changing the alum and now I have missed one day of adding sugar so I am thankful that they are a forgiving pickles to make.  I have never actually got to make them out of small cucumbers but due to the kindness of friends I had access to lots of cucumbers this year, and Poppie didn't grow a one.  I had 60+ jars of dill in the pantry so I got to make Virginias with a whole case of pickling size cucumbers.  I am so excited with them but not so much the lifting of the 10 gallon crock to pour out the salt water, the 3 days of daily changing of the alum water and now I have to pour out and save the sugar/vinegar/spice water.  I at least got to pour the other water down the sink when I managed to pick up the crock that is 2/3 full of pickles and liquid.  Booboo and Yogie took turns helping me lift but yesterday I had no one and forgot so I am awaiting Poppies return to get the sugar mixture poured off and boiling so I can add more sugar to it.  I will repeat this tomorrow but tomorrow I get to can them and no more lifting the heavy crock, and I am no slouch at lifting; a 50lb feed sack or a huge block of wood are of no real consequence to me so you know the crock is heavy.  I can't imagine how my Grandmothers of past generations lifted 20 and 30 gallon crocks....?? 

I have floors to pick up, Poppie watched the littles while I went to CAKLS yesterday and he nor their mother made them pick up the toys before they left.  I always make them pick up the toys before they leave gives them a good habit and Nannie's doesn't have to pick up the toys.  Nannie spent some of the morning picking up toys.. huuuuh.  I had a great time at CAKLs yesterday, got to see most of my friends and Lady gave me a especially lovely card that made my heart cry, and she also gave me a lovely French press I have wanted one and was so surprised to get it but I truly loved the card the most.  I am awaiting my press to brew my coffee as I write, so my coffee is coffeeing.  I love it because I can get good coffee and Poppie who hates anything but the cheapest nasty stuff you can buy won't have to share any I get to have it all to myself.... is the greedy, I hope not, I think I will think of it more as a blessing from the Lord, and Lady, of course.  It's done, you just can't beat the first sip of a wonderful cup of coffee, or is it espresso??

I spent the last hour reading one of my De Haan books, I truly always enjoy them and they lead me to spend more time reading in my Bible, going to the horses mouth so to speak.  You should never take any writing that isn't from the Bible as gospel because it isn't.  The Bible is whole and complete unto itself but I do like the challenging ideas that different men of God writings give me.  It gives me a reason to study a portion of the Bible I may have missed in a new light.  I still trust in the Lord to lead me to the answer he would have me have.  This morning I finished Genesis and Evolution.  It was a writing on the obvious comparison but there was so much more than the obvious in the book.  It the later part of the book he speaks on Eve's sin.  I have always been taught that Eve's sin was disobedience  to the Lord and I never questioned it.  De Haan put forth that it was unbelief and that was an intriguing thought to me.  I read and studied, and read his reasoning as well and I think he is right.  But after I got finished and God had time to work on my thoughts, and is still working on them, I am sure he will all day or maybe even longer, I got to thinking about the unforgivable sin.  I am thinking maybe she was guilty of more that just unbelief?  Was she in the moment guilty of the unforgivable sin in God's sight?  Was the first sin the unforgivable sin of non-belief?  Is there a difference in non-belief and unbelief?  I think there is but I am human and try to look for the good in man and the Bible says there is no good in man with out the Lord.  I do so love that De Haan's books make me think, make me read the Word of God with more zeal, looking for the answers his books give me, new questions to seek out.

I pray for your day, I pray that the Lord will speak to you, such sorrow there is in me for the ones that the Lord never speaks to.  Without God speaking to you you never seek him and with out the Holy Spirit working in you you never will have the Gift of God's grace.  Oh, how sad to be a Christian that never knows Jesus Christ.  And sadder still, well I am not sure that is so, I don't think there is anything sadder than a Working Christian that never knows Christ Jesus, to think you have eternal life and don't is the most saddest thing there is.  Belief in Christ in the only door to heaven, works can not get you there.... are you a Working Christian?, or a Believing Christian? or are you just lost with out hope in Christ a all?...tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Do you ever think of what comes next?? Today, tomorrow or in the hereafter?

I set here with nothing really on my mind.  I see the blank page that says to me "what?"  It awaits my thoughts but what are they.\?  I wonder what is to come?  What is to come on this page?  What is to come of the day?  the week?  the year?  the decade? my life time? the after of life?  I had a conversation online yesterday with a friend of mine.  It is funny we are both saved Christians that were raised up in churches and in faith.  We have both similar roots in our beliefs and have spent a lifetime reading our Bibles.  We spoke of what we thought our relationship would be with the people we meet in heaven.  We both had different thoughts on the knowledge each would have of the people we will meet in glory.  It was fun to speak back and forth of what we believed and to realize that our thoughts had such variance. I think it made me think of how little we know about what is to come.  I don't think God wants us to know.  He wants us to wonder and be in expectation and anticipation of what is to come.  God knew from the foundations of time that Christ would call out the church before he sent the tribulation and the end of time, but it was a mystery through out the old testament, it was the great mystery to come.  Why then do we think that God would not intend that heaven be a new mystery to come in our time?  Yes he gives us thoughts on heaven but alas it is more a mystery than an enlightenment by anyone's standards. Will we know each other or will we have to meet and make new friendships?  Will there be friendships as we know them?  Is our mansions in heaven a rank, a room or a real personal mansion?  Will we have a body? is it light?  has it substance?  Will we spend all of our time praising the Lord, all three of them?  Will we.....??  think of the questions we could asked in just one day, and do we have a life time of questions?  Do we need to know, I don't think so and that is why God leaves it to it's own time.  I know people that fret and worry about time to come and miss the living they are supposed to be doing now.  I think God wants us to wonder but then to go on and get to the business at hand and let tomorrow or the hereafter part of our lives be in there own time. 

So I think my time is better spent thinking about what I should do in this life that I can take with me as a treasure in Heaven.  There is very little that can be laid up in store for heaven and those should be the things we spend our time on. Does it matter how much money we make, or does it matter more how we treat people?  Does it matter more how me scratch and scheme in this life or does it matter more what we give to others of ourselves?  Does it matter more that we succeed and come out on top or does it matter more how we praise and love our Lord?  Should we get one over on some one or should we get over and help some one?  Evil is so easily done but doing the right thing because it is the right thing and not just because some one might see us doing the 'right thing" is so hard to do. We all fall short, but it is the getting back up and doing it again and again because that is what Jesus would have done that really matters. In the end the more we are guided by what Jesus would have done is more important than owning a mansion on a hill, with servants, and money to have it all and make others do all that we would want..... Jesus served others while he was here, he worried more about praying, and obeying than anything of this world.

I hope you think of what is to come as the goal but don't dwell on it all the time, because it isn't what is to come that should hold your thoughts daily but how you can obey and praise the Lord.  No, there is nothing you can do to gain heaven it is a gift that you must accept, and some never do.  Accept the gift, for some that takes a life time to get the faith to accept,  and know that you get to be there in heaven with the Lord, knowing is more important than all the treasures and fame of this earth.  The Lord offers salvation to all as a gift but so many will be lost to the lusting for this earth instead of thinking of the wonders of the next, and that glory  will be is so much more than this, or the Lord would have said so, he wants us to be with him in heaven and gives us ever chance to be there, but alas so many will not .... tomorrow.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Being alone and then there is being alone..... I don't like being all alone.

We had a great day of burning, well a weekend would be more precise.  We got our camper, and the fixer camper that Poppie is going to fix a section of for a friend, all moved to their wintering spots, we still have room to get the backhoe past so Poppie can make the fixes we wants to the back yard.  We are hoping to smooth out the bumps and fix where the piglets dug it up, but more importantly remove the rolling hills that have been there since we started the lawn on the rocky left overs of the diggings from the foundation 6 years ago.  We are also hoping to plant a front yard that eventually can be a place for a volleyball net and yard fun.  So we got a lot accomplished this weekend.  I do so love fall it really is my favorite season followed by spring.  I am not a good HOT summer person or a good COLD  winter person, I like the mildness of fall and spring. So much can be accomplished in the warm.

This morning I am again alone but for some reason I am not feeling the loneliness that has haunted me at times in my life.  I have said before that I would not go back to my thirties for any reason and that still holds true.  I have spent great deals of time alone in a rooms full of people.  It was not that there was no one there with me it was that I could not feel them being there for some reason.  I know now it was all of my own doing, in more ways than one, but at the time I was so alone that despair encased me.  I am thankful that I have come through the alone and am still here to look back on it.  I am not proud of my doings or who I was in most of my thirties but it is what it is and I can not change five minutes ago little own two decades ago.  I do know that my thirties was a time in my life when I probably least acknowledged, and for the most part, turn my back on God.  He allowed me my space and loneliness filled in the void.  I am thinking that the devil enjoyed my desertion of the Lord and my thoughts that he was not with me.  I do know now the Lord was still with me and awaiting my call for him that I never made.  I was the lesser for not seeking his companionship and presence.  I was guilty of making my own way and doing things my way and under my own leadership.  I lost, my family lost and God sorrowed for our lost state.

I do know now that when I have a problem, or trails come our way that instead of seeking my own management and way, that the first think I should do is seek God.  God is not the last resort any longer he is the first resort in my life and will always be. He should have always been.  I have learned to seek God first thing in my morning, and first on any and ever part of my life. The best part of it is now unlike twenty years ago, Poppie is not just and observer of a Godly life but an active participant in a Godly life. We as a family now seek God first.  I never really understood being yoked to an uneven mate until now.  God never intended us to be yoked to an unbeliever, he says so in the Bible.  Being yoked to the love of your life it wondrous but being yoked to a non-believer is not as it should be.  I now am yoked to the love of my life but he is no longer a non-believer and that is true Joy, and Joy only really comes from God.  I no longer am alone. 

I say that because I have no alone time that does not include God.  I am never really alone and I can not say that about my whole life.  If you do not know that God is with you, though he be, you are alone in your heart.  I spent may a day and year alone as an adult not knowing my God was there with me in my state of aloneness.  I have been saved since I was a teenager, salvation has been mine, but because I did not become the disciple that God wanted me to be I was a carnal Christian and wondered alone, or thought I was alone, in this world.  I loved an non believer and battled many a year with, and against God, in my uneven yoking.  My husband loved me but did not love the Lord and that was an ever present elephant in our marriage.  It effected our lives, our children's lives and all areas of our lives.  I spent a long time in loneliness, and Poppie did not know how to help me and couldn't help me so he settled on enabling me as his form of helping me.   I was so alone and could find my way, and didn't know how to find my way.  NO one helped or rather knew how to help me.  We occasionally sought God but only in  the last desperate moments before we sank to the bottom of total despair. 

I finally climbed out of my depression but I was still relying on my own power and leadership.  We began to see what we would like to make our lives but had no real idea how to get there.  We were needed by our Littles and their needs helped us seek a better way.  Poppie got hit by a tree and he had an epiphany.  He knew he needed God and had all along.  He knew why I had always believed but now he wanted God in his life.  It took awhile for God to work in Poppies life but alas I am no longer yoked unevenly.  God is a part, the leading force, in our lives.  We are no longer alone and now we know we are not, and never were.  Today I am alone and write to you, I am the only one in the house be I no longer fear the alone because it never really exists.  God never leaves us alone.  An acquaintance of mine once said to me, when I asked her why she didn't leave her husband who beat her, "you don't know what it's like to be alone".   Ironically she was right, thought I didn't know it at the time,  I am never alone, I have God.  She didn't mean it that way she meant that I had a husband that didn't hit me and that it was better to be hit by hers than to be alone.  No, I am never alone.  God is always with me and he has blessed me with a loving man that loves me with all my faults and foibles.  I am not alone but it took me a half century to put it in words.... Are you alone, you don't have to be, God is patiently awaiting you to ask him into your life.  He wants to give you his Grace and his companionship all you have to do is believe and accept him.... tomorrow.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apples, Pears, fires and faith.

I spent my birthday doing a lot of apple and pear picking.  I first went with Mokie and the kids. We managed to pick 4 boxes in a couple hours.  We dropped off two boxes with Belle and made arrangements to meet her back there after Poppie picked up the Ladies from school.  We got there and picked another three boxes.   We brought one boxes home and two went to with Belle and kids.  They are doing a juicing life style at their house so need the fresh fruit more than we do.  I really don't have a place to store a lot of fruit so one of my boxes, the Mac's, will have to be made into apple butter or sauce.  We are going to go back on Monday, husbands in tow, to finish the last of the two final trees.  I will have the littles, or at least a couple of them, Belle will have her two littles as well, the Ladies will be in school. 

Mokie saw a rummage sale on the way to picking apples so she stopped to take a peak, I stayed in the car, I hadn't even brought my purse.  She bought a couple of things and said, "hey, you know that cupboard you liked at Human Resources but didn't buy, they have something like it there." I decided in the end to go look and there in all it's glory was a beaten up Hoosier bottom that was only one inch different than what we need.  It was thirty dollars, I borrowed the money from Mokie and bought it on sight.  It is an almost identical match to my bakers cupboard I use in my soap cupboard.  It was just awaiting us.  I had tried to talk Poppie all summer into building my Hoosier but something always kept him from doing it, the bakers cupboard we were being forced to use, as the bottom, was just not right and we had known it all along.  God surely wanted me to await his good time because the one I got, on my b-day of all days was perfect.  it is in rough shape but a joy to me never the less.  I can't wait until Poppie gets my Hoosier done.  He is excited about it, and we are looking for the exact right hardware to repair the missing ones on line.  He is as excited about it as I am now, the Lord does give to those who patiently await his time, I am glad Poppies is so patient, because I sometime lack the true patience God would like me to have. 

I ate my cheese cake on my birthday, well not all of it, it was very nice, I think in the end it is mocha and not just chocolate.  It was a very nice gift from Tucky,  I do have something for her but have not gotten to give it to her as yet. 

I  find that as I age I think more and more about faith.  I do like that I have decided that my life verse is all about faith, in it own odd way, but in the end it is really the all of faith isn't it.  The Preacher had a nice sermon about different types of faith today, doesn't the Lord always know exactly what we need on a Sunday??  I have much more to contemplate, childlike faith, seeking faith, mature faith, growing faith, carnal faith, spiritual faith and on and on faiths go.  Maybe in the end there is a faith unique to all of us, personal faith maybe?  I just know that the more I think of putting my problems in God hands as a first resort and not as the last resort my faith blossoms and blossoms, and my life hold more and more joy, and joy only really  comes from God.  I hope the you have faith and joy in your life because with out it there can truly never be true joy, and so much loneliness.  I could not bear to think of anyone really as lonely as lack of faith must be, what true sadness that is and must me....  tomorrow.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Burning today, apple/pear picking, a cheesecake to eat, yum,...... half century plus three..

Today Poppie is spending the morning with me, he offered to burn yard wastes and we could spend time in the yard, with no littles.  Yay, that sounds like a treat to me.  Oh, don't get me wrong I love all my grands and love spending time with them.  A little hug and little kissed away tears are some of the most treasured moments of my life but then there are days when I like time with Poppie and a moment to quietly be.  Today Poppie and I are burning, later we are going to go pick apples and pears at G-Pa's house.  He has taken G-Ma back to PA to visit with their relatives.  They took the train and will be gone for a couple weeks.  G-Pa asked that we pick the apples off of two apple trees and two pear trees.  The Ladies want to go help so we will be doing it after school.  It will probably take more than one time to do it.  Belle and her family want to come with us and do it as well.  We just have to find a good window of time where it works for both of us. 

Tucky sent me a beautiful cheesecake home with Mokie yesterday.  It is as lovely a cake as I have ever seen.  I have not tasted it I saved the excitement of tasting it until tonight.  Poppie is making me t-bones for dinner and the Ladies are helping with the sides.  Sometimes the simplest of events are the best, and for me really simple always is my favorite.  I am not comfortable being the center of any event.  So a nice little family dinner will be a wondrous close to my day.  I have people wish me birthday wishes then sheepishly, or maybe apologetically not want to know or maybe asked my age.  I am proud of ever minute of age I have gained in this life.  I proudly wear all the patches and streaks of gray as a flag for one and all to see.  I like my Grandma Gladys can not wait until I can stand up and claim my senior citizen discount, which I might add it only two years away.  Funny, lately I have been asked at one store if I have any discounts to apply, I think it's the gray hair that prompts were enquiry.  I say "alas no, I have two more years to wait".  My Grandpa Jim was so embarrassed when my Grandma Gladys would proudly proclaim her discount, he lived another 12 years after he could get his and never once proclaimed he could.  They were so the same, and so different, like any good or long term married couple is or can be.  Today I am 53, a half century plus three.  Just think I only have 41 short years left here on earth and then I will go off to heaven to be with the Lord in heaven. 

Seriously, have a great day, I will, and remember that true joy is found in the Lord Jesus, do seek your salvation before your heart hardens and you can no longer hear the call of the Lord.  He calls and offers the gift of grace, life everlasting and salvation.  Hear his call, believe his word and be saved.... tomorrow.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today one of my friends turns 60, good for her.... I can and comtemplate??

My dear Niecy turned 30 yesterday.  My friend Tucky turns 60 today.  Happy Birthday to you both... What wondrous lives they each have, one double the others age, both looking into themselves on their special days, I am sure, about where they go with their lives from here.  Do they make tacks in their lives, are they on a sure course, are they right with their maker and so on and so forth.  Our B-days seem to bring that out in us.  Some of us contemplate a little, and some contemplate more, but I can't think of any one that doesn't take a little thought to their lives on their birth days.... 

I and Twin both have birthdays in the next couple of days, mine tomorrow and hers the following day.  My Grandmother Thelma would have celebrated her birthday on Sunday, had she lived longer, she would have been 89 that day. Happy Birthday to each of us.  I am a contemplater by nature, and I would think some of you, that know me, would agree, others can only guess by my words that they would suspect as much.  I think I have been thinking of God more so this week than normal and you all know there are times when I really contemplate him so I am heavily joyed and heavily burden the last few days.  I know that true joy only comes from God, happiness we have of our own accord or in accordance with the events of our lives but Joy is a special feeling from God.  I have joyed this week and I have sorrowed so clearly God is rewarding me and chastising me.  I love that he does take the time to chastise me as he only chastises the children he loves.  That is really how all fathers should treat their children but I digress and should stay on topic.  I am a child of Gods so I know joy and chastisement both. 

I never really thought of life verses but of late I have thought of them really only due to something the Preacher said awhile back to my Ladies.  I never was really taught to have one.  I am going to try to teach them to have one.  On that vain I have thought and thought of what mine has been in my life time.  I had thought I got a hold of what it might be awhile back.  I had thought of the verse I go to most in the Bible, from memory, when I am distressed.  I came up with a misquote that I use a lot, it is not really not in the Bible it is just a mix of two verses that are very nearly the same and then  I didn't quote either exactly in the end.  I think of Ephesians 5:20 and First Thessalonians 5:18.....

Ephesians 5:20  Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I would say I think a lot of these but I usually say to myself, "in all things praise God"  I sort of shortened it but the meaning has always been there for me and kept my soul in line with God.  I have learned the hard way to give thanks to God in all things, happy or sad, gain or loss, I just try to live by that credo somehow but I don't really know if I would say that was my life verse more than a creed in the end. 

Recently I have thought and thought about it and I have really been drawn to a new verse sort of a second half of my life motto maybe.  I will never leave my thoughts of "praising God in all things", that is a part of me but I think my 50's have given me a new depth in my Faith and maybe it is time I took on a new life verse or maybe picked one that suits me and my stronger faith.  It will seem an odd choice to many of you but it makes perfect sense to me.  I rarely make any sense to most people so that may be just as well and in the end it may be an adapt verse after all.  My new or maybe it's just additional life verse is going to be  Genesis 1:1, well part of it any way, see I can't even get my life verses right so maybe it is just that I am not always quite in step even when I try. 

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created.......

I only need the first five words because that is the whole sum of faith.  Isn't it really  How much more needs to be said?  If you can't believe that part of the Bible nothing after it matters or needs to be read.  It is the whole meaning of faith all wound up in five little words...... tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roasty toasty, first season gone, and did you every think about the reality of time.... and life everlasting without it?

I am sitting at my laptop that is currently on my desk the air of the wood stove blowing on my back.  The day is cold and crisp, the gray of dawns light is mellowing into the pale blues of a sky awaiting the sunlight to brighten it.  The news drones in the back ground of my morning.  The kids are off with Poppie in the lead, he picked up one niece and one was dropped off here for him to take to school.  Our morning routine is complete.  The Bible was read, prayers got said and the singing of my daughter little girl voices serenaded our morning. We had said a special prayer for an ailing sister in Christ and remembered to give God our morning first off.  Now is the glooming of the last bit of morning that will lead to the full throttle day that awaits us one and all. 

I have cooking sauce to make, Yogie has the last game of her first season of Volleyball today.  She and her team mates are just starting to meld into a team, a goal the coach has endeavored toward all season.  Some of the girls don't understand their power yet, others still duck when the ball comes their way, some don't understand that sharing and team are more important than the I in a team sport and yet others are as yet to shy to blossom and be part of that team of little girls who have just began their journey into the team of ladies they will become. 

I sit here knowing I have lots to do, the laundry awaits, the floors need a mopping and that cooking sauce won't cook and can itself.  Are my pickles in the crock ready to be drained alummed and chopped??  I will get on it but alas all I can think of this moment it about time. 

Have you ever really thought about time?  I do every once in a while and know that I know nothing about it.  I am truly thinking as humans we really don't know all that much about it.  Oh, we know the mechanics of it, and some know it down to a millisecond or is it nanosecond or is it really something unimagined?  The Bible says that one day time shall be no more, in.

Revelation 10:6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

God fully intends that time shall be no more in the future.  So is time something that was only created for the human creation?  God created it so it wasn't something that was like he was.  Time has seasons, cycles, segments, and eons.  God doesn't answer to time so for him it has no meaning.  We speak of human days, weeks, years, hours, minutes, second and nanoseconds (is that really as small as it gets?)  We try to hold God to our time but he is not limited by our time so we don't understand his timing.  God knows no time so is it like on Quantum leap where it all occurs at once and in the now?  I think on some level maybe that is the real of it.  God knows all of the things you will do in your life at any give moment so is it something he can see in this moment?  He knows all of the people that will answer his call to salvation and has known since long before the dawning of our world and our time.  The end of time and the raptor are to begin when that last soul that will heed his call has salvation in their heart.  Is that occurring to God in his current?  has his current always been now?  is it already occurred when we have not gotten there yet?  Is real time always the present and nothing is ever really the past or the future?  I think that that is so with God.  So is time something that God gave mankind that isn't always the present, like his existence, but special just for humans so we can understand the second, the minute, the hour, the day, the year and the millennium?  Is time an instrument of humanity that has nothing to do with God but to mark segments for our creations measure?  If time shall be no more then God really has no need for it, so is it just for the benefit of man?  We as man depend on time and maybe we should just remember to depend on God and forget time, or at least not worry about it in such detail or with such dependence. 

I can't wait until I have been there 10,000 years and I have only just begun to be with the Lord.  Will you be there?  I do hope so.  If not maybe God is giving you time to make that decision for him, don't, please don't wait until that last soul has answered him and you have not.  Don't be almost persuaded but lost, as earth, as with time does have an end.... tomorrow.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jesus, bleeped how horrible, and we wonder why our country is in such a place.... Duck Dynasty and Phil, please stand your ground..

I was reading on Facebook last night where the network it's on is going to bleep out the name Jesus when ever the God fearing family on Duck Dynasty use the Lord Jesus's name.  I think that is about as absolutely horrible as they can stoop.  I mean look at TV in general.  In the 50's you couldn't have two married people have a double bed in their room on TV, didn't you ever wonder why I love Lucy had twin beds?  You couldn't say pregnant on TV either.  Well then came the 60's and laugh in, do you remember some of what they did?  The 70's brought in SNL and the things they did were outrageous.  The 80's brought us MTV and all of the copycats of it.  The 90 brought more and more sex, drugs and filth, but it also introduced us to the PC police.  Today for shame you can say devil, Satan, Allah, son of a bitch, dam and any other manner of things, except for a few truly vile words, and the wonderful people of TVland think Jesus is one of them worthy of bleeping.  What has our world come to, well the devil surely knows and is doing a happy dance.  He can be spoken of but Jesus, our one and only hope of salvation, is a banned word.  Satan has surely been at work in this one and we have let it happen.  I can't, and don't, watch network TV as I don't want my children seeing adultery in Technicolor, or Gay love on the small screen, I don't wan them seeing hetero love that should be keep in private on the small screen either.  I don't want them seeing people shoot up, get high and booze them selves to death either, murder and rape are the norm.  When did entertainment become the most vile scrapping's of our society?   I remember when Red Skelton chose to bid adieu to TV, oh he didn't stop doing his act on stage he just was against bring crap into peoples homes.  He was a man ahead of his time or maybe an extinct gentleman.  I hear the Phil, the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty, a true man of God, will have something to say about all the bleeping; lets hope so, the big reason I watched was to see a real family of God showing they could be entertaining with out filth and disgusting actions.  They are honest God loving people and it would do our world a great deal of service to see that kind of home in action but then the devil will have his say and the Dynasty will probably leave TV land to him.... because I can't see them allowing much bleeping of the Lord Jesus.....

The Lord Jesus bless your day, he has mine, he let me worship with out censorship and that is still a right here in the United States, if we don't get off our butts and stop the destruction of our rights, we the silent majority may soon not have the rights we cherish, especially freedom of religion.  May the Lord help us to be able to continue to praise and worship him... tomorrow.     

Friday, October 4, 2013

NO DMV for another 8 years, yay. Shopping and littles day away.

Yesterday was our monthly trek to Zootown for groceries.  We did pretty well hit some good sales, one for meat, another had cereal, nutella and other needed things.  We had a pretty early start and made good progress all day.  Home Resource was having a staff meeting and closed, so missed looking for a board I wanted.  Had lunch at the China Buffet and a kindly older gentleman that has been a staple there for as long as I have been going there gave the little a few pieces of candy.  It brought back such nice memories of then my Ladies were little, when they were 2 and 3 he had done the same thing.  He is a lovely old man that is always there about 11 on the nose.  He had had five children of his own and just loves to see the little ones and give them a treat.  It is blessing to share his joy at getting to see the little children.  We stopped at Goodwill and the Secret Seconds and picked up some good buys, one a plate that had one of my favorite sayings on it.  My house is clean enough to be health and dirty enough to be health, Mokie found it and thought it would be a nice early Bday gift for me, I will hang it in my kitchen I have my dad's in my pantry.  Secret Second still has the antique pressure canner I would love to add to my collection but alas I really can't justify the 65 dollars they want.  It is an odd looking one in beautiful shape,  the sale clerk says they get lookers but no serious buyer so maybe one of these day I will get a windfall and be able to buy it.  I stopped at MorganRoth and dropped of Yogie's clarinet.  I spoke to the repair man and he said it would be 200 dollars.  I was disappointed and said so it isn't worth fixing and he said, no on the contrary it's an 800 dollar clarinet so it is getting fixed and should be ready with in the month.  Yogie was excited.  I spent about an hour at the DMV in Zootown, I didn't have an appointment but even doing a drop in is more convenient than the whole process has become in our town.  I am the happy owner of a new DL and won't need to see the DMV for another 8 years.  Poppie was disappointed that I don't have to use my glass to drive with but he

I forgot to pickup bottle to bottle my jalapeno/habanero hot sauce so it is still in the quart.  My Virginia chunks are still brining. Garden is done and the goat have been given the space to browse, the piglets will get it next.  I think Lady has plums I need to go help pick, I see some Elder berries about I would like to get some for syrup and the goat/rabbit harvest is nearly here as the nights are getting cold enough to hang the goats.  I do so love harvest season.  Preacher is going to have the next potluck be a harvest potluck so he said fruits and veggies only?? I am wondering why harvest in his mind is only fruits and veggies, fall is the time of animal harvest as well, much to his disappointment I will be taking some form of meat dish or Poppie says he is not going "he doesn't eat that many veggies and would be hungry"... got to love a man that like to eat meat and potatoes, with gravy.  Preacher also doesn't like gravy unless it is red and enchilada 

I got to go Bubble is dragging something and that is never a good sound.  May the Lord bless your life, your day and you spirit.... tomorrow.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mokie is in her last year of her twenties, how time does fly.......

Today my last birthed child turns 29 she is in her last year of her twenties.  I pray she has a lovely year as she is a lovely person and deserves nothing less.  I sit and think on the day of her birth and it is as if it were but yesterday.  I so wanted a sister for my Goofy and the Lord blessed me with one.  I had hoped they would be as close as me and my Sister have become but alas it is not that way, though Sister and I didn't get there until I was 29 and she 26 so maybe there is something to hope for in that.  I won't say that Mokie is my best friend because she isn't.  I have several that are before her, Poppie, Lady and Twin ( I put them together as they are and have been there is times when my soul needed something no one else could give me and they were a comfort), Belle and Vegas are both newer in my life but are of my closest life time friends, so no Mokie is not my best friend but she is my best friend on a daily bases in many way.  She is so like me and I see the need for her to grow as God made me grow as I aged.  I am hoping she will allow him to guide her life as I have tried to let him guide mine, I see her struggling against him as I did in my youth and I pray that she see her turmoil is of her own making and succumbs to his calling to her soul soon.  I sought salvation at a younger age than she but I am not sure that the carnality that some Christian's, as I did, accounts to our rewards as true discipleship does. I have become the disciple of God I know she is not in this stage of her life, and I want that for her but my wanting can not make that appear in her life, but maybe my continued "nagging" as she calls it will someday hit the right chord and she will seek him as he calls her name.

I love all my children but I know that they would not all say that I do.  I do know that love is something that can not be weighed or measured and love is not always about saying what someone wants to hear and loving does not mean you have to give in to their wants over the needs of others.  I don't always and haven't always liked my children, but then I could say the same of Poppie or myself and yes, even God, to be honest.  But love is not liking and so many people never get that, they think it is a candy coated pill, as a child does, but in the real world love can be harsh when it needs be.  Of all my adult children Mokie has been the one that never caused me an ounce of heart ache, that in and of itself is special.  Oh I am not saying she hasn't been mad at me, and mad a plenty, but she has chosen to never really fight with me, she choices to continue to talk with me and we somehow talk it through and work it out.  She never takes my stern resolve as an offense or my disagreeing with her or my flat out yelling at her when she is in need of yelling as a personal affront to her.  Yes, my youngest child is as black and white as it comes and sometimes the grey just needs yelled into her, but she is always satisfied with what is, or the best I could do for her, or give her, or be for her.  She is so much better than me in ways and so much in need of growing in others.  She does not read my blog so alas she will not hear these words from me for an unforeseen long time or maybe never but I don't think she needs to hear them to know how I feel about her.  She is my best friend on that special level. 

Today I say happiest birthday to my beautiful daughter, I know you enjoy your life, a life that others might not find good enough for them, but you find joy in your simple existence and that is something some many of us must seek our whole lives to find.  I love you and would be the lesser if I had not you in my life... I love you..... tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life is supposed to be a roller coaster and this life is never supposed to be easy or tranquil....

My life of late has been at it's best and at it's worst from seemingly one moment to the next.  I have been going along trying to be the best Christian and person I can be and then I will get hit with something far a field and I didn't anticipate or actually expect it.  It is off balancing but I have been praying and reading my Bible daily for a year or more and my balance just seems to resume or maybe it is that God gives me the strength to recenter and go on, knowing he (the Holy Spirit) lives in me and He guides me.  I know that some of you don't believe that and that is okay, I also know that others of you know that I am right because he lives in you as well.  I live in the real world where people are allowed to have a different opinion of me without being against me or for me. God gave us free will and with free will we get to make the choses that we live by or are punished by.  I living in a roller coaster life and don't always make the right decision but they are my decision, and the Lord blesses your life with your own roller coaster and you get to make your own decision right or wrong for you.  The best we can do for our loved ones, family or friends, is to be honest with them.  Saying you believe something or support something just because they want you to isn't being honest, it isn't being hurtful or cruel if you don't agree with someone's life decisions it is honest and being honest about what you think is more real than being fake and saying your love their idea or you totally would do it yourself.  You can only wish the best for your loved ones you can't make them do anything or selfishly try to make them think as you do.  Each of us is different and difference is difference, and isn't it a beautiful thing that no two of us is just alike, how sad that would be.  God didn't make a black and white world he made a beautiful breath taking world with colors and textures and shapes and sizes and beauty in all he created. You only have to look to see it, some see a crusty old rusty bedframe as trash, others see it as a yard ornament and still others see it as a hanging feature in their house to enhance the house's beauty.  No two of us see anything the same and we should be at peace with the difference we shouldn't see others view as an attack or a demand that we comply to them.  NO one see our lives as we do, not even our spouse for the most part.  We live a singular life with God, if we have asked him into ours,  and only God knows us as we are.  We thing we know others problems and ways but alas we are only privy to the little they let us see.  We are privileged that they would share that bit with us, and we get to call them friend or family.  We as a human have very few truly personal encounters in our lives, we really almost never share our inner being with ours and never our innermost being.  It is our private piece of us that is our spirit and only God gets to see and share that.  But I have digressed off topic.....

I know the trials that I endure daily, I see my spouses, my children's and some times but rarely do I see my friends or families.  Really, don't you try to put the best foot forward with all on the outside of you inner circle, which is generally the ones who live with us and the only reason they know about it is that they were there?  Am I wrong??  We are a personal creature trying to live in the most public age God ever created.  Some of us are afraid of what the neighbor would think?  what my friends would think? (that one puzzles me sometimes because if they were your friends wouldn't they still love you but we are so afraid they might we don't confide in them) What would the social group I belong to think?  What would the Facebook group think if they knew?  What would who think??  I think we forget that What God thinks of us is really the only thing that really matters and he always knows, he was there.  We are a funny creature.  We are so secret unto ourselves that no one knows us because even the most open of us never let anyone really see us as we are. 

We, for the most part, spend our lives worshipping ourselves, we are after "it" what ever that is. We want to improve ourselves, we want to earn it or winning it or find it when it comes to riches, but never really realize we can't take it with us so it better be a treasure in Heaven or it is all for naught.  We need to stop being so self centered and become God centered because when we are we are at our truly best.  We gain the peace we seek, we gain the gifts God entrusts us with in this life (and don't kid yourself if you have it God willed for you), we love others and the get joy in our lives that we don't have to tell others about, though that kind of joy shouts itself out and people know your joy.  I have found so much peace in prayer, and I don't care if you doubters or scoffers neigh say me.  God is peace and peace comes from praising, praying to and studying the word of God. We, as a people, are trained as children, study to be something, and work at our craft be it art to zoology, so why would practicing our Love for God be of any less importance or reward.  If you want the Lord in your live you have to ask him in daily.  Do you pray?  When was the last time you even opened your Bible?  Have you ever read it through?  Do you start your day with it?  Do you start your day in Prayer with God?  If not when was the last time you spoke to him?  Really?  that long ago and you wonder where he is in your life?  He is back where you left him by the wayside.  If you profess to be a Christian are you proud of it?  Do you ever talk of the Lord?  Do you whisper that you are quietly as an aside if in public or do you shout it out  for all to hear?  Did he not stand up and die on a cross for your sin?  Yes, yours and mine.  We were the reason for the bitter cup of sin he had to take on.  Me, I was the reason that my savior died on a cross and arose three days later.  It was not you there or your there, or him over there, in my life He died for me or he couldn't be my savior.  He died for one and he died for all that we might be covered by his blood and be saved for life everlasting.  Okay I know you don't like my preachy blogs, guess what I don't care.  I too like the goat ones, the cooking ones and the whatever ones, I wrote them and they all have meaning to me but the ones I write where the Holy spirit moves me to witness are my favorite, because somewhere out there somewhere perchance maybe one person who has never thought about God might have a tiny taste of him and seek him.  I may be the only Gospel some person has ever heard and through hearing comes faith, and that person somewhere might today open a Bible and Hear the Word of God, and accept his word and Believe that Jesus died and arose for him or her. 

I read somewhere this week.  If you believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross that is history; if you believe Jesus Christ died and arose that is Salvation.  Salvation is so simple that the great minds of our world over think it and bat it away as a fable but how sad that is for them.  Belief is such a small and simple thing that it is very hard for some to do. Don't let that be you.... tomorrow.