Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Ladies are home, the Littles are here.... and I am sore and not moving around so much.

The Ladies and I slept in until 8 and then started our Bible reading.  We are finally in Numbers, each of the Ladies read 1/2 of todays Proverbs.  Boy came in during the prayer, he stood patiently until we were done.  I have no idea why he felt the need to come over all the way from his house to use the bathroom.  Cubbie came and got him and home they went.  I awoke so stiff and sore that I can't even get the IBU or the Naproxen to get me going at any really pace.  Shortly Mokie came with Bubbles and the other two in tow.  I made her put Bubbles hair up as she doesn't want her to have bangs and I get tired of the poor little mite pushing her hair out of her face all day.  Screaming began and continued until the combing was done and the hair tie was in.   Mokie  informs me I have to take the girls to WIC, what, today is supposed to be my day with the girls and not going about hauling littles here and there.  So at 1 I have to take the littles to WIC, then at 4 they want me to take them to the pumpkin decorating at the Library.  I am so sore I can hardly move and everyone thinks I need to do some thing for them.  It is cold outside and did I tell you I was sore??  No, apparently not or maybe it is that no one cares or is listening. 

So I am off to do everyone's little errands and full fill all their want and needs, maybe the IBU or Naproxen will kicking sometime..... whining I know but can't help it, I did so want to just have a quiet day with the Ladies..... maybe Tomorrow.   Oh, I forgot we are going wooding that will help to make my joints get moving, I hope.  I told Mokie I don't want to take Littles in the woods, she doesn't work until 1 but who knows I will probably have to take the littles any way.... We will see..... tomorrow.

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