Friday, October 11, 2013

Burning today, apple/pear picking, a cheesecake to eat, yum,...... half century plus three..

Today Poppie is spending the morning with me, he offered to burn yard wastes and we could spend time in the yard, with no littles.  Yay, that sounds like a treat to me.  Oh, don't get me wrong I love all my grands and love spending time with them.  A little hug and little kissed away tears are some of the most treasured moments of my life but then there are days when I like time with Poppie and a moment to quietly be.  Today Poppie and I are burning, later we are going to go pick apples and pears at G-Pa's house.  He has taken G-Ma back to PA to visit with their relatives.  They took the train and will be gone for a couple weeks.  G-Pa asked that we pick the apples off of two apple trees and two pear trees.  The Ladies want to go help so we will be doing it after school.  It will probably take more than one time to do it.  Belle and her family want to come with us and do it as well.  We just have to find a good window of time where it works for both of us. 

Tucky sent me a beautiful cheesecake home with Mokie yesterday.  It is as lovely a cake as I have ever seen.  I have not tasted it I saved the excitement of tasting it until tonight.  Poppie is making me t-bones for dinner and the Ladies are helping with the sides.  Sometimes the simplest of events are the best, and for me really simple always is my favorite.  I am not comfortable being the center of any event.  So a nice little family dinner will be a wondrous close to my day.  I have people wish me birthday wishes then sheepishly, or maybe apologetically not want to know or maybe asked my age.  I am proud of ever minute of age I have gained in this life.  I proudly wear all the patches and streaks of gray as a flag for one and all to see.  I like my Grandma Gladys can not wait until I can stand up and claim my senior citizen discount, which I might add it only two years away.  Funny, lately I have been asked at one store if I have any discounts to apply, I think it's the gray hair that prompts were enquiry.  I say "alas no, I have two more years to wait".  My Grandpa Jim was so embarrassed when my Grandma Gladys would proudly proclaim her discount, he lived another 12 years after he could get his and never once proclaimed he could.  They were so the same, and so different, like any good or long term married couple is or can be.  Today I am 53, a half century plus three.  Just think I only have 41 short years left here on earth and then I will go off to heaven to be with the Lord in heaven. 

Seriously, have a great day, I will, and remember that true joy is found in the Lord Jesus, do seek your salvation before your heart hardens and you can no longer hear the call of the Lord.  He calls and offers the gift of grace, life everlasting and salvation.  Hear his call, believe his word and be saved.... tomorrow.

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