Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Do you ever think of what comes next?? Today, tomorrow or in the hereafter?

I set here with nothing really on my mind.  I see the blank page that says to me "what?"  It awaits my thoughts but what are they.\?  I wonder what is to come?  What is to come on this page?  What is to come of the day?  the week?  the year?  the decade? my life time? the after of life?  I had a conversation online yesterday with a friend of mine.  It is funny we are both saved Christians that were raised up in churches and in faith.  We have both similar roots in our beliefs and have spent a lifetime reading our Bibles.  We spoke of what we thought our relationship would be with the people we meet in heaven.  We both had different thoughts on the knowledge each would have of the people we will meet in glory.  It was fun to speak back and forth of what we believed and to realize that our thoughts had such variance. I think it made me think of how little we know about what is to come.  I don't think God wants us to know.  He wants us to wonder and be in expectation and anticipation of what is to come.  God knew from the foundations of time that Christ would call out the church before he sent the tribulation and the end of time, but it was a mystery through out the old testament, it was the great mystery to come.  Why then do we think that God would not intend that heaven be a new mystery to come in our time?  Yes he gives us thoughts on heaven but alas it is more a mystery than an enlightenment by anyone's standards. Will we know each other or will we have to meet and make new friendships?  Will there be friendships as we know them?  Is our mansions in heaven a rank, a room or a real personal mansion?  Will we have a body? is it light?  has it substance?  Will we spend all of our time praising the Lord, all three of them?  Will we.....??  think of the questions we could asked in just one day, and do we have a life time of questions?  Do we need to know, I don't think so and that is why God leaves it to it's own time.  I know people that fret and worry about time to come and miss the living they are supposed to be doing now.  I think God wants us to wonder but then to go on and get to the business at hand and let tomorrow or the hereafter part of our lives be in there own time. 

So I think my time is better spent thinking about what I should do in this life that I can take with me as a treasure in Heaven.  There is very little that can be laid up in store for heaven and those should be the things we spend our time on. Does it matter how much money we make, or does it matter more how we treat people?  Does it matter more how me scratch and scheme in this life or does it matter more what we give to others of ourselves?  Does it matter more that we succeed and come out on top or does it matter more how we praise and love our Lord?  Should we get one over on some one or should we get over and help some one?  Evil is so easily done but doing the right thing because it is the right thing and not just because some one might see us doing the 'right thing" is so hard to do. We all fall short, but it is the getting back up and doing it again and again because that is what Jesus would have done that really matters. In the end the more we are guided by what Jesus would have done is more important than owning a mansion on a hill, with servants, and money to have it all and make others do all that we would want..... Jesus served others while he was here, he worried more about praying, and obeying than anything of this world.

I hope you think of what is to come as the goal but don't dwell on it all the time, because it isn't what is to come that should hold your thoughts daily but how you can obey and praise the Lord.  No, there is nothing you can do to gain heaven it is a gift that you must accept, and some never do.  Accept the gift, for some that takes a life time to get the faith to accept,  and know that you get to be there in heaven with the Lord, knowing is more important than all the treasures and fame of this earth.  The Lord offers salvation to all as a gift but so many will be lost to the lusting for this earth instead of thinking of the wonders of the next, and that glory  will be is so much more than this, or the Lord would have said so, he wants us to be with him in heaven and gives us ever chance to be there, but alas so many will not .... tomorrow.

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