Sunday, March 30, 2014

Soap class was a success.... no one fears lye, and all went home with soap that they made themselves.

Yesterday was the day that I had worked forward to over a period of several months.  It was the day of the Basic Soap Making Class.  10 people came to participate in the class, one had only just read about it on the day of the class, all were welcomed and in the end I think they enjoyed the making of the soap. I gave them my prepared speech and hopefully shared some history and knowledge about soap.  Funny, in the first class I gave, it was more of a demonstration but in this class all got to make a 2lbish batches of soap.  The only thing I really did better in the first class was that I actually demonstrated how to make the soap before I let them fly out of the nest so to speak.  This time I forgot the example of showing before I got them to do.  I think in the end they all learned a lot but because of my mistake they were a little lost for awhile.  They did get to see several different examples of trace, and found that sometimes less than 10 seconds make the difference between thin trace and thick trace, and that sometimes it is a race to get the scent mixed in and the soap poured if the trace is thick. They then experienced sponification.  I think they got to see so many examples that making one batch at a time at home may not have afforded them.  To my knowledge all the soaps were traced and sponified.  We had various kinds of soap made, castile, coco castile blend, goat milk, and coconut milk so they got to at lease see other examples of soap they might make in the future.  I think some of them will be back for the second one, we will learn, coloring, exfoliation, working with different liquids, shells, teas, and infused oils.  All in all it was a wonderful turn out and all seemed to have a good time.  I do look forward to giving another basic soap class in the future, I think that the third time will be a charm.  Any one out there have a group of people wanting to learn just give me a call, oh, and one lady wants me to teach her to knit, so looking forward to that too. Oh, and the best news of all, not one of my protegees are afraid of lye, if they ever were.

This week is spring break and the Ladies are both sick, so I steeped them up some stay well tea that Flower Child makes.  I hope it helps them on the mend.  We had a nice day at Church and have a busy week planned, two trips to St. Ignatius.  One includes a stop at the ortho maybe to get the wires off.  Cubbie and I have a tea party to attended with Lady and her grandgirl.  The Ladies have piano on Monday and Friday they have basketball practice in preparation for a tourney next weekend, so all the days are covered. I would say that I am well and truly in the soccer-mom mode, but no one here even plays soccer.  I have to find a home in the laundry room for all the vestibule of  my class.  Pick out a rug to donated to Twins fireman's auction to deliver on Tuesday.  I am also going to be making my first vegetable soaps, this week, first one will be cucumber and then on to carrot.  Alas no blueberry, or being a Montanan, no Huckleberry, to much acid and I have found no one who has successfully made blueberry or huckleberry except for fragrance oil and actually blueberry seeds, and sparingly using them at best.  So, until I figure out a non-acidic fruit to try I will only be trying veggies, melons and who know what as long as it in non-acidic.

Well off for now, the Ladies and I are going to evening services later.  I pray for you salvation.  I pray that in a time of crisis, you reached out to the Lord and he as begins talking to you knowing you have a spark somewhere that in a time of need you sought him, and that your seeking of the Lord leads you to his word.  Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of the Lord, please follow the voice of God, he does call to those who seek him, and he will lead you to Salvation....tomorrow. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Revision, revision, revision, bagels, coffee, tea and ?, So I am a bit obsessive compulsive, and who didn't know that?

I have spent a good portion of the last few days working on the syllabus of my class.  I had it all just right so I printed it, and then my mind thinks of little things to add.  I now have really a nice stack of the second to the last revision and since I don't want to run out of the ink I just bought it will have to be my hand out.  I will actually give the last edition as the actual class, so notes can be taken.  So I worry things to death, sometimes a good thing and sometimes not so much.  I spent three months reading, researching and trolling blogs before I ever attempted my first bar of soap.  I have taught myself many a craft that way, though I said worry, which I suppose it technically is but it's not worry like stressful worry. It's more an obsession with never having stopped learning. I have said before that I really had no opportunity to go to college, and I actually would probably not change any choice I made to have gone in the first place and since I can be bossy (I know it is the new politically non-thing to be but really truth is truth and being PC doesn't make something not so, I digress) and like to work at my own pace self teaching is probably what God wanted for me all along.  All this prattle just leads me to say, I am going to try and not revision one thing on my syllabus today and say good enough it good enough, well I will try......

I am going to make bagels for the class, and will have coffee or tea available, or?? I was going to go to WIT and pick up some sheets and spoons but it will be closed today so I will sort out some of mine that I have on hand from the linen closet and the silverware drawers.  I have to go get the keys to the 4-H building later this afternoon and make soap around 2 to 3, and then again in the morning at 9ish.  I think I am getting all my I's dotted and t's crossed but much like anything else once the appointed time comes if you didn't get it all done, just like you wanted, no one is going to know or really care, it's what you do that matters and not what you didn't.

Two littles here today, I was to have a week of none and ended up with them 4 out of 5 days.  I know people get sick and need time to heal but really on the week I needed the most time to do things.  I guess kids are, and always have been, my reality.  I should just make my plans for any and every thing I do to include the fact that I will more than likely have kids there.  I should say that tomorrow I fully intended to have my Ladies to help but their G-Pa wanted them to come for the night, I arranged that they should go next week but then remembered they have basketball practice and a tourney so, no, they really have to go tonight and tomorrow.  The best laid plans of mice and men, in my life never develops the way I ever planned so I am well and truly giving up planning.  I have lived for the last 10 to 12 years with no calendars and when the Ladies were little we didn't even have a clock, until they had to go to school, so I think that I am really better with no real restraints on time, as far as having to be in a routinized life.  I now live a life, and most of the people that interact with me in real time know, I have no routines and if they want me to actually do something or be somewhere they need to tie me down to an actually time, because I make a point, and am fanatic about never being late and rarely am not early for any place I have to be...... I think I should just call this post I have digressed into the land of lost in my meandering  mind.

I will just call it a day now, I pray you have a life with the Lord in it.  I pray you are living the life that the Lord has made for you and have found the life he planned for you to live.  I have, as crazy and silly as it may seem to some.  I by nature am not a person who has ridge ideas of who, what or where I am headed.  I know that heaven will be my home but how I get there is entirely at the whim of where the Lord leads me.  I pray that what ever your lifestyle is that it is the one God wanted you to have and that you to are on a path to life in heaven and your salvation is settled with God.... tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goliath comes to Nannyland, Yogie is sick, and little in the front room.

Yesterday was a busy day of buying props for my class, oh, the funny things I bought.  Spent time printing and still haven't collated any of them.  I need to find a stapler, and have more to print today.  I made more ducky soap, now Mokie who never has an opinion of soap wants me to make some with fish or frogs of some such thing.  I guess I have appealed to the little in her.  I had Bubbles and Cubbie, well until Cubbie went to pre-school that is, but Bubbles was on her best behavior I think she as resolved herself to the reality that Nannie is part of her life and Mom does come back.  I am so glad she is potty trained, that makes it nicer.  She no longer potties in her pants just to make Nannie upset either.  I am for the most part winning the battles we seem to have.

Poppie was on his way to pick up the kids when he returned to the house, he had news.  Glenda had had her baby, no, not plural, she only had one, she never has had more, so it should not have surprised me but she was so huge we had figured she would have at least two or possible three, but no she had one giant baby.  His name is Goliath, fits with her G from Glenda and he is as big as the twins that are months old.  He is mostly white but has a few markings that will darken out in a few days. That does it for us this year, three males and three females, one male was born dead.  So a nice little crop.  I am always the most impressed with the does as we will keep most of them but the males will be harvested or sold.

Well I have no time to chat I have lots of soap to make for props, well in the end it is soap so it will have an after life so to speak but things to do to get ready for the soap class.  I am getting feed back that the class is shaping up to a nice sized class, but still in the realm of what I thought would be a manageable class to teach.  Yogie is here with me and the littles, she came home sick from school yesterday, still has a fever so in resting up.....

I pray for you today as I do every day.  I pray that you will find the faith to believe that which you can not see.  Jesus proved to the apostles that he was really God when he appeared to them after the resurrection.  Angels don't have faith really as they see him and know he exists.  Jesus said the 'Blessed are those that believe with out seeing. '  Everyone except those that saw him in person are among the blessed the believe without seeing.  That is faith, do you have it? Can you believe, such a simple thing that so many find so hard to do.  Really how simple an act it is to believe that Jesus is the son of God, and how hard it is for so many to do.  Imagine the simple acceptance of believing that Jesus is the God's son, brings the promise of everlasting life with God, but so many choice to not believe, what sadness that is.... tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am down to the last few days before my soap class...... more soap to make.

I have really learned a lot about my craft in the last few weeks.  I have actually put a name to being an artist for the last few years. It was something that didn't not come easy for me for a number of years, as a child my dream was to become an artist, that was after I found out that the dream I had of being a secretary was probably not going to happen, as I could only type 8 words a minute.  I do thank the Sheriff's office for hours, and hours, of transcript typing for amending that to the acceptable level of 80+ plus that I can manage now.  I left the sheriff's office knowing my heart was well and trulying in the realm of being a life long mother and wife, something I have manage to have a hand in all of my life even as a child in many respects.  I was taught all of the home crafts as a child, well if you don't count tatting, and since my mom abhorred it so I have a maybe misaligned fear of even learning it but I digress.  I have been for the most part all of my life a self teacher, even in the end I had to teach myself how to actually type.  I am an artist with a broad scope of knowledge, a little about a lot and a lot more about some crafts.  Oh, how I hated that word for many a year.  I have come to embrace it but it took a lot of learning, understand and even some grace to get there.  I for a long time saw the word crafter as so belittling.  I had to really grow inside to understand that I was the bigot when it came to that word.  The people praising me for being a crafter were not looking down at me but complimenting the time and talent I had.  I saw it all as art and was insulted when I was called a crafter but it in the end that was my problem and not theirs.  I finally figured it out and embraced the Artist/Crafter title, with some hesitance, I never think that what I do is good enough.  Maybe it came from my faith and my dad's faith, nothing we do is ever going to be perfect in the sight of God, no one is perfect and perhaps I sought works for to long in my life not knowing that works were not what saves in the end only Grace is capable of that.  *sigh* better late than never.  Grace is so much less stressful than works don't you think, it allows you to do things out of love and not as a rat on a treadmill so to speak, and in the end it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you but God, and he loves you just as you are, never more and never less..... Okay back on track.

I have learned in the last few weeks so much more about my craft of soap making, I make good soap and for the most part always have but now I understand it so much more, love it so much more and know I can strive to do better. No, not as a work to something bigger and better but as a person enveloped in the love of doing it just because if makes me happy and the joy of creating it.  I am so excited about sharing just a tiny bit of that in my soap class.  Can you imagine if one person, even just one caught the soap making loving bug?  How wondrous that would be.   I hope to see that spark in even just one eye of the people there, the birth of a new love so to speak.  I can't wait to share this love of mine with those who come, I know most of them will never make another bar of soap but the possibility of one finding that love is wondrously exciting.......

I made ducky soap two days ago and it was adorable and awesome from the get go, a creation that I created, well if someone else has I haven't seen them so I can claim them as mine in my little speck of humanity.  I popped them from their molds yesterday and they really are stinkingly cute.  I am making more today so as I have enough for anyone who wants them for Easter.  Can you imagine teaching a child to love soap, oh, the possibilities that entails......  

I pray that you are living a life in Grace.  Works are good, and needful, but the pressure and heartache of never knowing that Grace is the only way to God is truly a life of undeserved dispair.  God wants your love, your joy and he wants to love you and does, just as you are.  We does want you to continue to grow and become a disciple but he will not love you more for it. He loves you and wants you to believe and seek him, so he can show you his love.  Seek and you shall find... tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hummus, organic blue corn spelt crispy crackers..... and it's been a busy Tuesday, so it a normal Tuesday.

I canned garbanzo beans yesterday so today I used one of the jars, to make hummus.  I had canned them with the foreknowledge that I was going to make hummus so I had to only add olive oil and peanut butter to the hummus.  Okay, I am poor so I never have even owned a jar of Tahini paste, so I use peanut butter, the no sugar natural kind.  I was out of garlic or would have added it as well.  It turned out great.  I made organic gluten free blue corn spelt kefir crackers too.  I made up the dough yesterday so I could let it set 12 to 24 hours as a wet flour mix, you know it really does help we humans to be able to digest and get the good stuff out of the wheat and other whole grains.

Spicy Blue Corn Crackers

1/2 cup of milk kefir
3 TBs olive oil
1 cup of organic blue corn meal
1/2 cup of spelt flour
3/4 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of baking soda
1/8 tsp of cayenne
1/2 tsp of chili powder
1tsp garlic powder

Combine kefir and oil, thoroughly mix the dry ingredients together, add to the kefir mixture. knead into a ball, wrap in plastic and let set 12 to 24 hours, I went 18.  Divide dough into 4 equal parts.  Using a pizza stone or baking stone, or you can use parchment paper, sprinkle a little flour out and roll the dough as thin as you can without tearing it, I MEAN VERY,VERY, VERY thin, cut into 1 1/2 squares or crazy fun shapes if you like, poke whole in them with a fork, sprinkle with salt and Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.  Watch very carefully they will  burn in a very short time.  Cool and eat with humus or favorite dip.  A Winner, winner chicken dinner.

I finished these up first thing and then off to Belles for Bible study, I manage to get there late and she had company from her new baby grands arrival so we just talked and eat blue chips and humus.  Her kid liked them.  I got home just in time to pick up more chips and humus to take to CAKLS.  I got to teach a new lady, to our group, but and old friend to one and all, to make sassy scarfs, second week in a row.  I went to the store on the way home, talked to a CAKLER that needs help so will be there next week.  I got confirmation of a couple more people wanting to take the soap class.  Busy day all around.  I am just getting to you it took so long.  It was a nice day and I am truly blessed to have all the friends that fill my Tuesdays.  I think it is always busy but it is always nice to spend time with people I love, and for the most part I love all of my friends.  Tuesdays the next best day to Sundays, of course a day with the Lord is always first.

I pray for your salvation, and I never say that as just something to say.  Can you imagine getting to go to heaven and knowing that there, where time is no more and we have eternity to meet and get to know people how wondrous that will be?  I know that you and I will have time to meet and know of one another, well that is if you have settled up your salvation with the Lord, as I have.  He loves you so and awaits your acceptance of his free gift of grace, his gift of salvation freely given to all who will accept it...tomorrow.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bubbles is complaining, self indulgence is it just a child's trait? In this day and age I don't think so.

Saturday was BBFC day, we had a good distribution but a few fewer baskets, I hope our numbers go back up and higher.  We had a goat to milk in Lozeau so Poppie, Yogie and I went out to do it and feed the three baby goat with the milk.  The goat owners are old style dairy goaters so the actually don't let the babies nurse their mom, they pen the babies away and milk her and then the babies drink out of a nippled bucket.  In past years we  have actually had to feed the babies with a bottle. I understand that they don't want the babies to harm the teats and they want perfect udders on their does but I think it is a waste of time and creates a useless mother goat.  We have gotten goats from them that had been taught this and the mother truly is a useless mother goat, has no idea how to care for a baby goat.  I prefer that mother goats be allow to mother their babies and not be just milking machines, climbing down of the soap box now.  I digressed.

We came home shortly there after and Mokie brought Bubbles over because she was cold from helping, well being outside, while mom and dad made a chicken run.  She screamed the whole time she was here, "side, side, side' and at one point cried so hard she almost threw up.  She has now had her mom at home since the end of February, the first time (two years) she has had mom at home daily.  I finally had enough and had Yogie take her little bum over to her mom in the chicken run, I figure if all she wants to do is cry she can do it for her mom.  Last night Mokie called to tell me she had to work today. I told her that she had better prepare Bubbles for being here because I was not listen to crying, screaming and "side, side, side" all day.  (Side is her asking to go out side) This morning she got her at 7:15, cried when her mom left but the girls got her to playing.  Poppie put her in a blanket with his puppy when he and the girls left, she was satisfied for about 5 minutes. She then started up.  I put the TV on for her to watch Dora, that worked for about 20 minutes until her sister came in, then she started up again.  She has being going steady off and on since,  I finally had enough and told her, "it is too cold out side or I would gladly let her out and if she does not quit crying I am gladly going to let her go out in the cold"  She screamed at me, loudly "Side"  I told her to get her little bum in the corner until she was nice.  She was on her way to the corner when she finally decided maybe Nannie meant business, so she is currently being nice and playing with her sister.  We will see how long this last.  I know I will win but some days I am too old to have to out last the will of a two year old, the eptimone of self-centeredness.

I often wonder if it is the truly self-centered child, which is normal at two, that becomes the self-indulgent adult becomes so because their parent never figures out how to outlast the child? Do those parents just give or give up and the child never stops being self centered?  I do know that as a society we have become more and more likely to raise the self-centered.  You don't think so, well have you looked up the synonyms for self-centered lately.  Maybe you should because more and more our society should see themselves and their children there. See what I mean (see below) I think our deterioration as a nation can be summed up in these words...... just read them and say you disagree.   Well Today I pray for the nation and that some where there is some one God has given enough strength to out last tomorrows leaders, the two year olds of today.... *sigh*

Synonyms for self-centeredness

noun egoism

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Library, dinner and two grandbabies for my friends.....

I subbed at the library yesterday.  I had a nice day interacting with the patrons of the library.  Lady Hero was volunteering so it was nice to get to talk to her.  I am stilling trying to get a real grasp on how all the computer work and the routines, I don't work very often so I am not getting it all very quickly but I am making progress.  I did learn how to actually work the fax so that was a plus.  Poppie and the girls took me out after so that was nice.  I am working again today so I will strive to do better.

Lady got a new grand daughter yesterday, it was nice for her, she now has two little grand daughters, and 3 grand sons.  Belle is getting a new grandson today, my friends grands were to be a couple weeks apart but the Lord has blessed them in having them a day apart.  I found out the other day at CAKLs that my friend Pastry Chef is going to get a second grand this year too, and I am getting my 10th in the fall.  Funny thing how babies come in little flocks sometimes.

I am working more on my syllabus today, getting it refined a bit.  I think I have gotten all of my online orders so that is great.  I have everything all set up for easy transfer to the 4H building next Saturday.  I still have to collect plastic discard-able containers, like yogurt, cottage cheese, margarine, cool whip or shortening containers.  I need to pick up some shortening, I won't get to Walmart so it will all be straight vegetable oil, Walmart is the only shortening that still has animal fat in it, so it is a little better for hardness but I am sure someone will want vegan soap so need to have the option for them to choose from.  I have to thaw out goats milk this week, repackage into 12 ounces and refreeze.  I will take water as well, I have good well water so I won't go to the expense of buying distilled.  I will have coffee, tea, beer, coconut milk and Aloe Vera gel as choices, no, not as beverages but as alternative liquids, but I won't actually teach the beer this time.  It is an advanced alternative liquid.

Well off to get the house cleaning done and something lined up for dinner, I can't expect to be pampered twice in a two day period.  We will either have something with eggs or crocked potted dinner.  I pray for your soul and your acceptance of Christ Jesus as the master of you life.  I do so despair for the so many lost souls that are in this world.  Sometimes it is so hard to watch people just walk away for the one door to salvation...tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poppie get s new puppy, working on my soap class.

Yesterday I made sponge embedded soap, it looks to me wonderful this morning.  I got my stick blenders, and my new fragrance oils in the mail for my class.  I spent several hours working up a syllabus and practicing what I want to talk about in my class, and how to teach soap making to a group.


I have been helping one of my neighbors sell her puppies, I saw her runt and knew that she would be a good fit for Poppie as a younger pocket dog.  She is little, and black and tan,  all of his are, she has long hair which is not like his others and he doesn't really like the longer haired one but she is his Mini's great niece and that make her related to his Mini. It would also mean I would not have to breed Missy if I didn't want to.  Missy will be four this year and has never had puppies, she is small so I have struggled to find a small male.  Mokie picked the puppy up and Poppie growled when she was brought in as he didn't know I had made a deal for her.  I told him she was a the runt, she is Mini's niece and that we wouldn't have to breed Missy, his heart melted and he put her right into his shirt.  Mini couldn't get out of his shirt fast enough.  She put her nose up and walked away, and came and sit on my lap.  Mini continued to have her nose out of joint as Poppie pampered his new puppy.  He asked what should we name her,  I said Mimee, what Bubbles calls Mini, and Missy as she can't quite say their names.  He was as happy as could be over the name.  Mini is still put out but like a toddler with a new baby, she doesn't want to play with her but won't allow any other dog near her baby.  She likes her too, though she doesn't think we know.

I pray for your day, your good health and your life in Christ Jesus,  I pray you have one in him and love him as much as he loves you.  If not, know he loves you and wants you to love him, and is offering you the gift of salvation with the gift of his love... tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making embedded soap today and working on my syllabus for my classes.

I had a busy day yesterday, had a nice Bible Study and got to go to CAKLS.  I had a great time at CAKLS, meant a nice new lady who needed help with her crocheting.  Got to talk about BBFC with a couple of new to BBFC's.  I hope they got a chance to participate.  The numbers were a little lower than we have had recently when I checked before I went to sleep last night, hope there were last minute contributors.  I came home and made up a batch of coco castile laundry bars and a batch of coco castile mulberry lathering bars.  They were sponifying great when I went to bed. Can't wait to check them and cut them.... I am making all oils on hand bars today.  I am excited to be embedding natural sponges in it.  I hope they turn out well.  I am thinking I well make them in heart, peace sign or I love you shapes.  I have gotten a little feed back on people who are planning on coming to my class.

Today I am working on my class syllabus.  I am trying to make sure to have two good outlines so that I can stick with my plans for each class.  I know me and I love to talk, talking is good but better when it has a clear cut outline to stick to.  I am so excited I am trying to make sure to put all the fun info in among, the you really have to know this info, and really educate my students and future soapmakers to the real love of soap.  I think making your own soap is as important as canning your own food, and baking your own bread.  You know what you are putting into/or onto your body.  Laundry soap and homemade shampoo are just as important but they won't be really taught at the first class and only hit upon in the second.  I really hope to share the true value of soap in my classes.

Well off to embed soap, may the Lord bless your day and be in your hearts, I know you are in his...tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well it is Tuesday again..... I hope to make more of my need to be's today, but probably won't.....

I spent the day yesterday making bread 3 loaves each, of various sizes, of Spelt and Kumat flours that turned out truly wondrous, I was so glad as it was my first real try with each with long scale sourdough sponging.  I spent the day doing a friends taxes, ordering Bountiful Baskets and rounding up all that I order for.  I finished the day off by going with Mokie, Yogie and the Littles to catch chickens.  We had to go late enough to catch them at roost.  Cubbie had a blast as she loves to catch chickens, Soul Winner was sure he was going to hurt one so cuddled them until Mokie told him he wouldn't and it was easier to hold them by their feet, you know like old doctors did when they gave newborns a ceremonial swat to welcome them to life.  I digress.

I found out on Sunday that one of the people I sub for at the Library had gotten a new job, full time, the Lord be praised for her and I hope it turns out to be a good new path in her life.  It got me to thinking that I may have to do more time subbing.  I prayed about it with Poppie,  we decided that what ever they asked of me I would do as it would be the Lord letting me know I need to go on a new path of my own.  Well I drop off two sharing loaves with Lady and I talked to the Boss, they advised me that they had given Pianist old job to the other sub with some changes to the schedule.  It will be 5 days a week in a time frame that would be difficult for me to work around my littles, I was so glad I will still be subbing.  The Lord be praised, I am on the right path with my renewed dedication to soaps and working from home.  Oh, and I can still sub whenever they need me.  I really am in a place right now that I think I should be, I can't wait to share my love of soap in my up coming classes.  I hope I get a good turn out of people, not so much because they will be paying to come but because I LOVE to share soap!!

I am off to Belles this morning for Bible study, I should make CAKLS at 2, have to help a contributor at 5ish with BBFC, and probably won't make Church because me ladies are soon participating in a basket ball tourney.  We actually were all up studying the Lords word this morning by 5:30, they had to be to practice at 7.  They will both have practice again tonight from 3:30 to 5.  The coach said since they were a package deal, our having to take them into town and all, they could attend both practices on Tuesdays and Thursday this week and next.  So piano lessons got messed up and they will be doing those after BBFC on Saturdays.  I truly don't have time to work 5 days a week just now in my life.  I may some day but not now, God is so good.

I pray for your salvation, your good health, and your growing love in Christ Jesus.  If you don't know the joy of a life spent in Jesus you can, seek the Lord and he will lead you home.  He will guide your path to salvation.  Today could be the first day of the rest of a saved life in Christ Jesus, how glorious that could be, just seek him.... tomorrow. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

I am a work in progress.... aren't you?

I would say that since I was born in the 60's I was born in to a world of change.  I was not born into the 50's I was actually not even conceived in the 50's but most assuredly my parents lived the concepts of their generation.  I was raised by a Mom that kept a good house, doted on her husband and lived her life  knowing she was where she wanted to be, a good wife and mother.  I recall the hippies that came and went in my childhood, not from afar but actually stopped in and my father, ever the man of God, asked them in and help them out and on there way.  I don't think I really understood any thing like Haight & Ashbury as it really was but it did seep into my world. I grew up in the bra burning, woman's liberation age, the birth of free love and the explosion of drugs, sex and rock and roll.  I for the most part, as my Aunt from Baltimore said was about 20 years behind the real world time, growning up here in Montana, and the 5 others states I landing in for moments in time.  I do think that Winslow Arizona in 1970, probably was more eye opening than I might otherwise have experienced had I not lived there, but I digress.

I was raised to be a mother and wife, and I can proudly say I am and have been a good one, at least in the eyes of my husband and to me no one else's opinion counts on that matter.  I did have a dad, more than my mom per se that felt we could be or do anything we wanted as long as we were true to ourselves.  I am for the most part unlike any of my 7 sisters, and in reality just like them in ways that most people would not be able to see.  I was raised more empowered than I can think most fundamental Christians would be in the age I grew up. I think people miss the point of empowerment, it is not always about being out of line with the your core beliefs.  I think empowerment is not about being the loudest, the most outrageous or stepping on someone else to get where you want to be.  The woman liberation moment wanted it all for woman, thinking that meant getting them out of the house and into the working world.  I would say for the most part very few woman can do more things than I can do, as far as different things I have some expertise at, but that did not mean I had to do it at the expense of my husband or kids.  I don't think that you have to be of re-noun to be a success.  I think for the most part that people look at me and see, a fat, dowdy older woman, to some, no one would want to be.  I think God sees me as some one he is still working on and has many more plans for.  I don't think that empowerment has a singular  definition.  I don't think that throwing out the fundamental values that God gave us is the only way to be an empowered woman, and I think that sometimes true empowerment comes from being able to be true to who you are in God and still be able to accomplish things from a place of empowerment that still allows for service to others.  Being truly an empowered woman is a place where you can still serve, God and the ones you love, and no one thinks that you are anything less than the woman you are for doing it.

I am a work in progress, I am a soul that God is working on and has lots of work yet to do; but I am a woman at peace in my life.  I have come through an odd childhood, as childhoods go, a decade of anger, a decade of despair and depression, a decade of the joy of coming of age to who I could be and who I was. This new decade brings the knowing that I am becoming a woman of some wisdom, I have some talents to share, I have time to share with my loved ones, to cuddle and hug with out shame, and the freedom that only comes from the empowerment of being secure in who I am.  I am at a place in my life where I have no pressures that God can not help me shoulder. I have no one in my life that can hurt me more, than with God I can't endure, or that I have to take offense at.  I have come to a place where I know that my issues are my own and no one can control me with their issues.  I am in control of my life, by letting God being in control of my life, and the calm that brings is indescribable and euphoric.  I do love that aging is such a wondrous part of life.

I pray that you to find God, and let him be the master of your life, through him is where true empower is born.  I pray that you know his love and if not that you seek him.  The Bible is his word on earth for all to open and read, find one, read it and let God talk to your heart, he is awaiting you to accept his call to come home to him... tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Potluck, Cubbie, and walk in the rain forest....... Bread to make, out of old grains yay!

We had great day at Church today, it was a very nice get together potluck day.  The theme was soup and salads, oh, and desserts. Where were wonderful soups and salad,  chowder, chicken stew, and chili.  The salads were Japanese slaw, taco salad, and broccoli coleslaw, buns, breads and corn bread rounded off the meal.  Chocolate cake, pies, and fruit soup.  All and all the ladies did themselves proud, but then we are never at a loss for food, we all like to cook and share in the abundance the Lord blesses us with.  Booboo and I had cooked pies and chili yesterday so no fuss this morning just wrap and take.  Cubbie got to go with us.  She was very good at Church, she had braids and was afraid they would make her hair curly and her dad would be grumpy.  Son does not like curls and when I had put them in Cubbies hair to surprise her mom he had be very mad about it.  I have no real idea why, they were very adorable and Cubbie was so proud of them.  I don't know but maybe the Church he was brought up in frowned on them.  Mokie told me I could put them in her hair as long as I brushed and wet them out before she came home.  I didn't bother today, and I even braided her hair dry so it wouldn't curl, but she was worried when it came time to go home, she didn't want him not to like her hair, so no curls.

We got home prepared to burn but it is way to windy so we girls decided to go on a walk.  Poppie didn't want to go, so we made plans to go without him but in the end he did.  We went on a round of the rain forest.  It is really just a circle at the bottom of the hill with railroad tracks and trees along the way but when the girls were little, 2 and 3, when we first went talking there they were sure it was like Dora's rain-forest so we have called it the rain-forest ever since.  Booboo predictable collected a shirt-full of rock, to put some where in the yard, you know those rocks just call to her and she can't seem to leave them behind.  It was a nice first walk and I am so ready to do daily or tri-weekly walks, I have not gotten to exercise for so long from watching grands that it is well and truly time for some me caring time.  I loved the walk and it was so nice that Poppie got to come, his leg doesn't allow him to come very often so it is a treat to have him join us.

I used up the last of my sourdough loaves so it is time to make bread, Yay, I get to use some of my new flours, going to let it sponge all night so it will be tomorrow before it is done.  I may make a loaf of spelt and a seperate loaf of kamut, I can't bring myself to choose between them.  Sourdough old grain bread here we come.  I think next time it will be a rye loaf and a 10 grain loaf.  I know I can't afford, yet, to make old grain breads for the farmers market but I can make it for our home and maybe specialty bread sometime for the farmers market.  I am hoping I can get spelt or kamut at the Amish store in large a quantity and then I could make it for the farmer's market as well.  But for now just us.

I am off the sponge.... I pray that your Lord's day was just that a day you took time to praise the Lord, I pray you know his love and set aside prayer time with him at least on Sundays but hopefully every day.  I know the Lord loves you and wants you to come to him, today could be the day of your salvation, how glorious that would, and could be, it is after all only mid-afternoon, the Lord awaits.. tomorrow. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I am the queen of many useless things, and I have broke my first blender, I didn't actually think they were breakable??

I must say that I hold the Queenly title of many things in my small world, Queen of Ebay, Etsy, knowing a lot of useless trivia, knowing how to do a lot of things, having most anything horded away that I will gladly share it with you, and the list goes on.  Yesterday I ordered fragrance oils, a blender, stick blenders, parts blenders. I received my box of 250 gift bags, I got for 24 cents each and didn't have to pay 32 cent each, which to me is exciting but of no consequence to most people.  I found a new collar for my blender......

Okay so I am also the queen of ruining perfectly good stick blenders.  I love love love to make soap and I like it to take as minim time as possible.  Stick blenders are wondrous to accomplish this.  You can make a big batch and they work super.  If you use a regular blend you can only make what fits in the jar, after all, but alas, stick blenders have a little motor that overheats, well it wouldn't if you had a drop of patience and use the tried and true method of blend 5 minute rest your stick blend and blend again, okay so I inevitably forget the rest your stick part and burn up my lovely stick blenders, after murdering three Poppie said I couldn't not have any more to destroy.  I decided to rewrite all my recipes to accommodate the jar of my blenders, I have three,  I was in heaven, well except for only being able to make a 2 pound batch and not a 6 pound batch but I digress.  I have not in three years killed any blenders, well until now.  Alas I did not burn up the motor but I committed a never never do mistake, I put the lye in the blend first, and it froze up and when It turned on the blend it was stuck good and fast in a solid lump, oh and the reason you never never do it is it can be dangerous, I was horrible and I paid for it.  The solid lump torqued my blender and broke my collar, the good news is I was able to finish that batch and several more before I noticed it was leaking and Poppie check it out for me and found the cracks. I never really thought I could break one, and I don't think I could break one of my older ones but it was my new one...  I am lost with out my blender, I also can not find my two other motors because they are put up somewhere where I won't forget where they are...... *sigh*  I have to have blenders or stick blenders for my classes, so yesterday I ordered one new blender, the Women in timber didn't have any, they are going to save them for me if they get any but don't now have any. Goodwill has some but I am not going there this week, Mokie is next week so will check then.  I figured it would cost me 40 to drive in plus the blender cost so I ordered one blender and two stick blenders free shipping that will be here next week.  I also found a seller on Ebay that has my collar and jar for my blender and ordered it.  A soap maker can, after all never have to many blenders, and stick blenders, if I can control myself, oh, and they are wonderfully of use in canning as well, my other passion.

I also ordered fragrance oils for soap making, lotion making and my soap making classes,  a lovely lady is getting out of the soap making business and had some great options, and was giving good shipping costs.  I got lots of fun smells..... Done bragging about my queenly cheapness and ability to ferret out a good deal...

Booboo and I are making pies and chili for potluck tomorrow, today, so some fun girl time together maybe we can convince Yogie to have fun with us.  I pray for your soul, your life and your joy in Christ Jesus, there is no other joy on earth more important for your eternal life... tomorrow. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Proverbs our daily routine, along with daily Bible reading, Coconut Castile........ empty stables!

We have been doing daily Bible study since January of last year, we do miss occasional weekend days and some summer days but the for the most part we read every morning at 6.  Yogie usually doesn't make it into the room until 8 to 15 minutes late and usually has to be prodded but we assemble ourselves every morning as a family to share God's word.  Each day the girls take turns reading a chapter of Proverbs the day of the month is the chapter they read.  We have been doing it long enough now that they are remembering the wording they read the previous month or months.  It is sinking in more and more about the good teachings that are in Proverbs.  Our daily Bible reading is a bit slower, so we have not actually made it through the Bible, so the readings of the Bible for the most part are new to them and doesn't always have the impact, that the familiarity that Proverbs is now having on the them.  Belle once told me that one of her adult children had said it was one of the most valuable things that they had done in their childhood.  It was nice to know that the adult child considered the reading of Proverbs so valuable.  Was it the reading and the knowing of what God wanted of them that mattered?  That mom and dad cared enough to instill it in them?  Or was it that God had spoken so dearly to their heart that their life was going to be the richer for having read that daily chapter throughout their childhood?  I think maybe all of the above and more..... God is so Good.

I unmolded the soaps first thing yesterday.  The coconut milk soap ruined the mold, I don't know if it was an extra hot soap to make or just why but going to make more to try and find out.  I am going to use a silicone mold this time, can't afford to ruin molds.  I stopped in to the store to buy soap, I hadn't bought any in years as we only use homemade soap, laundry and shampoo.  I didn't realize how much it now cost to begin with and I wanted to have commercial packaging to show the class the wording they use that gets them around plain talk and what is actually in the soap.  I picked up the castile and found that it is not even made with olive oil now, funny (you know ironic) that because Castile soap is a Spanish soap that was traditionally all olive oil.  I decide that I should now try to make the coco Castile soap as a comparison.  I found from looking on line that coco castile is all coconut oil and depending upon your superfat amounts it can be a super hard laundry bar, that makes wondrous homemade laundry soap and stain removing bars or it can be a luxurious lathering bar for bathing, with no smuzts (the nasties that cling to the tub and float the water, which I have never really seen in homemade soap and only in store bought soaps.).  I cleaned out my soap closet and rearranged.  Removed all the old soaps, I had been making old aged soaps into Sweater soaps on a rope, but now I have the smaller bars left so I am going to cut them up for embedding in soap for some experimental artsy bars.  I may embed them into the lathering bars, as they will be white so it would be pretty. Some I may embed into the soap I am making that will include all the varieties of oils I have.  Okay, only I would find this intersting, so on we go.....

I am a busy person and for the most part try to keep busy but people who know me know I am not the best house keeper.  I have stressed about this a good portion of my life.  I know some of my messiness come from a rebellious nature.  In many ways as a small child my mom was as messy as I am but as I grew my mom became more and more obsessed with being a neat freak and I felt that the cleaner the house was the less time mom shared with us or in ways the less affection she gave to us.  I decided as a teenager my house would never be more important that my kids.  I don't know if that is an excuse or not but I do have time to cuddle.  I once had a convo with my sister, Sister, and she said she never got as much done as I did, but we bought know her house is immaculately clean.  She said she and her daughter in law had both agreed you only have so much time, time to clean or time to create, and their is definitely a trade off of which was more important in your life.  I have feed my kids on my creativity most of my adult life so I can see the trade off in that light, and have embraced it for the most part; but have obsessed about my failures. This morning was Proverbs 14 as the chapter we read, as it is the 14th, but I was stunned by the words of verse 4.  It was like I had never heard them before and have read them many a time.

Proverbs 14:4   4 An empty stable stays clean, but no income comes from an empty stable.

I had always fell short of being the woman Proverbs would want me to be as I had read it my whole life when it came to having a tidy house.  But there it was for me this morning a new revelation.  Okay to most of you, I am nuts, but to me it was a blessing to see it in words that spoke to my heart, I am not a failure, yes, my house is still messy (or politely put cluttered) not really dirty as filthy goes, but messy.  I never thought that an empty stable, a clean spotless house, is not a place where income is made and most of you know my house is a place where income happens.  It did soothe my soul in a way I hadn't thought of... Good is so God to hear my worry and console me.

I pray you are consoled by, and know that you are loved by, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He died for you and rose again so that you might believe and have life everlasting, how wondrous that is.  I hope you know you are loved and accept the love God so wants to give you in the form of salvation... tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Old fashioned castile soap, coconut milk soap, beer soap and lotion bars alternative packaging maybe figured out....

I made modern Castile soap a couple of weeks ago knowing that some one is going to request castile/olive oil soap as their soap of choice to make at my soap class.  I made it up and it turned out nice but it is not as hard as my regular soap, for the most part goat milk soap.  It will take longer to harden.  I got to thinking how I had always heard the castile soap was very hard so I wondered if I had done something wrong.  I decided to make real old fashioned Castile soap, like the Spanish would have made, I looked up a recipe.  Olive oil and lye pretty much as basic as you get.  I decided to run it through the Soap Calculator, as I always do, and it didn't even come close to the areas that you like to hit to make good soap.  I figured I messed something up and tried again, same results.  I decided to read more on castile soap.  I found instead of take 4 to 6 week to sponify, ripen and harden it take 4 to 6 months, and then it is not necessarily as hard as my regular soaps, and oh yay, it tends to be slimy.  I wondered why I would want to make it in the first place.  Well maybe to grate and make conditioning shampoo but I probably would not be a fan in the long run of just the soap.  I made it up and it sponified wonderfully, still in the mold so not sure how it turned out but by all accounts I won't know for some time anyway.

I decided, as I said yesterday, to make up several alternative liquid soap to be prepared for my class.  I am really enjoying becoming prepared, I hope a good number of people come, because I think it will be exciting to share with others more than anything, oh, and they will end up with good soap but I digress.  I really am not trying alternative liguids willy nilly, but for there contribution to soap.  Only one of the liquids I am trying and or will teach that has no real purpose but exfolation is tea, the reality is none of it's propertied will make it through the sponification but a tea lover out there will have tea soap.  Coffee does contribute to soap, as does beer, aloe vera gel and coconut milk.  Funny I was working on making alternative liquid soaps when Lady mention, on text, that she would like to make coconut milk soap.  I figured then and there I need to practice that one so she can make it.  It has a few quirks and likes seizing but it does add to the quality of the soap.  If you would like to know what qualities all of these add to soap, including goat milk, I will see you at my classes Mar 29th and April 26th, you really will learn a lot if you come.  I love making and talking about soap, don't you know.

I gave out a lot of lotion bar samples at the spring fling, they are adorable and wonderful, but I hate trying to figure out how to story them and package them.  My answer had been putting them in small jars, they are still usable and safe form dust.  Some will like them that way, but I am sure some won't as they are a little hard to get out of the jar.  I have thought and thought on how I can make them so they are more usable and sell-able.  I think I have an answer, and the packaging will end up being cute so I am experimenting with lotion bars today.  Flower Child was a doll and sold me wonderful beeswax so I have lots to play with, she did mention if, and when, I run out she may just have some more, I do hope so and I hope I soon have a need for more.

I pray for you today, as I do every day.  I generally pray for the world in general but I do make it a point to pray for all my readers, and that would be you.  I pray for your good health, your good life and most importantly your salvation.  I am not out and about in a way that always allows for me to share the good news of Christ Jesus but I do talk to you each morning and I do think God wants me to share the Gospel with you.  He wants me to tell of his son to you every day.  I will and do take the time every day to share my love of Christ Jesus daily if only in the last paragraph, I pray you have his salvation and if not that you seek him out and find out how to become saved. If you ever want to talk to me one on one I will gladly send you my email address just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.  I pray for you to day.... tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Booboo teaches.......Beer soap, candles, Bible Study, visiting and more books.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day, as usual.  I went to Bible Study, we didn't get as much Bible studying done as visiting and discussions on food issue dealing with wheat and juice and the philosophies of diets.   It was nice to get to see each other and next weeks Bible study will no doubt be more focused.  I didn't get home until after 2ish.  Belle loaded me up with books as she had cleaned out a book case.  I came home and rearranged the front-room (needing a place for all the new books) looking forward to a productive weekend of burning this Saturday. It will be nice to start spring cleaning, and start on the massive work that cleaning up the barn and rebuilding it will be.  Saturday we begin.

I decided that the candles came out so well that I would see if Flower Child would sell me the remaining beeswax she has.  She was happy to get rid of it to me.  It was nice to get it for a real good deal.  I will be spoiled when I have to buy more beeswax it will probably be a shock to my pocket book, but it is nice to get to start my new line with a quality product at a discount.  Gives me the ablity to start bigger than I might otherwise have gotten to.  I decided today I will make beer soap, so I have another alternative soap as an option for my classes, I think, tea, coffee, aloe Vera gel and beer should be a good range of options.  I am gathering info to explain the reasons you would want to make any of these and what goodness they would add to your soap to try them in the first place.  I know goat and olive oil have great advantages I am not sure beer does but I will endeavor to see if it might.

My Booboo got wonderful praises from her piano teacher yesterday.  She had been teaching Yogie to play in anticipation for Yogie beginning this summer. Yogie had initially not wanted to take lessons but she saw her sister advancing and decided she wanted to learn too.  Booboo had been teaching her sister to get her more interested in playing.  Last week the piano teacher decided that instead of waiting she would rearrange her schedule and students so that Yogie could begin and she graciously allowed the girls to have adjoining practice times. Her teacher said she had done a wonderful job of teaching Yogie and has made her up to par enough to start with some good teaching already done.  Kudos for my little pianist who wants to be a teacher, seems she has a calling.  Booboo you did wonderful, and so says her piano teacher.

Well off to clean and do more rearranging.  I will be getting beer at noon so soap making this afternoon, we will see how it turns out??  I pray that you have the Lord in you life.  Life with out Christ Jesus is not what it could be, and so many miss out on the life that God planned for those who know and love him.  If you don't know Jesus you are the lesser for it.  Today step out, find a Bible, find out what the Gospel tells us of Jesus, you will never regret it and you will know how to seek your salvation and Salvation from Christ Jesus is the only door to a live in heaven with God and his son.... tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesdays, still the busy day in my life and I can't think how I can do all the shouldas, wouldas, and couldas.....

Well today I think on all the shouldas I coulda do today.  I have Bible study this morning, that I am really looking forward to today.  I should go to CAKLs if I am home from Bible study, I have two ladies in piano from 4 to 5 so neeed to get them there and home, and I should go to Tuesday night Church but don't always get there.  Oh, this is not out of the ordinary this is Tuesday.  It does not include I have a house to clean, candles to label, and any one of a hundred things that need doing.  Sometime Tuesdays are just overwhelming.   What are you going to do, the best you can in the end I guess.

I made my first candles yesterday.  I was so excited to make them, first of all because they were interesting and fun.  Secondly when someone buys soap inevitable people looking for candles and always ask if I make them, seems candles go hand in hand with soap, maybe it is spa thing?  Maybe it is a homemade thing?  Which ever I am well and truly pulled into making candles.  I decide at first that beeswax would be my candles of choice.  I am not in to paraffin as I am not into anything petroleum based as any one who knows me knows.  I don't think much more of soy as it is such a chemically polluted vegetable so again not something I want to be associated with.  I know I can't live totally with out chemicals and petroleum but I can do the best I can not to have it in my body, okay getting down off the soap (see I even preach soap) box and climbing down, for now.  I digressed.

I got all my beeswax from Flower Child, at her wonderful, Sense of Balance, she has the best spices, teas, herbs, oils and of course beeswax.  I had to filter it because she had raw beeswax but then that makes it all the more natural.  I was only going to make plain beeswax candles but Mokie whined, and whined, for me to make scented one.  I thought on it a long time and decided to make all the plain ones all beeswax candles.  The scented one will be beeswax blend candles, I think that will help to incorporated the fragrance and essential oils better. I ended up make 18 candles yesterday.  I love mason jars so they are to be my votive of choice.  I made 4 ounces one and 8 ounces one, I used the tiny 1/4 pints, the squatty wide mouth half pints, and some vintage 8 ounce jellies, and one redneck wine glass, I think there is a nice variety and all hold true to my love of mason jars.  Mokie is going to be making goat milk honey shea butter lotion as a subsidiary line to Udderly Natural (my product line) and all I asked that she do is stay true to the mason jars so there is a consistency in our products. I have to get some logo tags to use as labeling.  I like the thought of using a mason jar shrink wrap so it stays true to the canning feel.  Still figuring out the logos and branding.  It is after all the 21'st century though I am, and my products are, as old as they come in thought and feel.  We are doing jellies that work into the line motif well too.

I am off to start my Tuesday, wish me well on what I can accomplish.  I pray for you this day.  I pray that God has spoken to your soul and that you hear and answer to his call.  Your salvation depends upon it and that is your eternal life... tomorrow.