Friday, March 28, 2014

Revision, revision, revision, bagels, coffee, tea and ?, So I am a bit obsessive compulsive, and who didn't know that?

I have spent a good portion of the last few days working on the syllabus of my class.  I had it all just right so I printed it, and then my mind thinks of little things to add.  I now have really a nice stack of the second to the last revision and since I don't want to run out of the ink I just bought it will have to be my hand out.  I will actually give the last edition as the actual class, so notes can be taken.  So I worry things to death, sometimes a good thing and sometimes not so much.  I spent three months reading, researching and trolling blogs before I ever attempted my first bar of soap.  I have taught myself many a craft that way, though I said worry, which I suppose it technically is but it's not worry like stressful worry. It's more an obsession with never having stopped learning. I have said before that I really had no opportunity to go to college, and I actually would probably not change any choice I made to have gone in the first place and since I can be bossy (I know it is the new politically non-thing to be but really truth is truth and being PC doesn't make something not so, I digress) and like to work at my own pace self teaching is probably what God wanted for me all along.  All this prattle just leads me to say, I am going to try and not revision one thing on my syllabus today and say good enough it good enough, well I will try......

I am going to make bagels for the class, and will have coffee or tea available, or?? I was going to go to WIT and pick up some sheets and spoons but it will be closed today so I will sort out some of mine that I have on hand from the linen closet and the silverware drawers.  I have to go get the keys to the 4-H building later this afternoon and make soap around 2 to 3, and then again in the morning at 9ish.  I think I am getting all my I's dotted and t's crossed but much like anything else once the appointed time comes if you didn't get it all done, just like you wanted, no one is going to know or really care, it's what you do that matters and not what you didn't.

Two littles here today, I was to have a week of none and ended up with them 4 out of 5 days.  I know people get sick and need time to heal but really on the week I needed the most time to do things.  I guess kids are, and always have been, my reality.  I should just make my plans for any and every thing I do to include the fact that I will more than likely have kids there.  I should say that tomorrow I fully intended to have my Ladies to help but their G-Pa wanted them to come for the night, I arranged that they should go next week but then remembered they have basketball practice and a tourney so, no, they really have to go tonight and tomorrow.  The best laid plans of mice and men, in my life never develops the way I ever planned so I am well and truly giving up planning.  I have lived for the last 10 to 12 years with no calendars and when the Ladies were little we didn't even have a clock, until they had to go to school, so I think that I am really better with no real restraints on time, as far as having to be in a routinized life.  I now live a life, and most of the people that interact with me in real time know, I have no routines and if they want me to actually do something or be somewhere they need to tie me down to an actually time, because I make a point, and am fanatic about never being late and rarely am not early for any place I have to be...... I think I should just call this post I have digressed into the land of lost in my meandering  mind.

I will just call it a day now, I pray you have a life with the Lord in it.  I pray you are living the life that the Lord has made for you and have found the life he planned for you to live.  I have, as crazy and silly as it may seem to some.  I by nature am not a person who has ridge ideas of who, what or where I am headed.  I know that heaven will be my home but how I get there is entirely at the whim of where the Lord leads me.  I pray that what ever your lifestyle is that it is the one God wanted you to have and that you to are on a path to life in heaven and your salvation is settled with God.... tomorrow. 

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