Monday, March 3, 2014

Alone at last, now what do I do with myself? Be carefully what you asked for??? well maybe not!

I find myself alone at last.  I have said before I am not a good alone person, we shall see how it goes.  It has been a long time since I looked into the future knowing I am alone for hours in the morning, what will I find to do.  Well most of you know I will fill my time up with clutter, not sure all I will come up with is simple clutter, but to most people I live as cluttered a life as I have a cluttered house.  I do look forward to more canning, and I hope there is something fun to order on Bountiful Baskets today, it is our day after all.  I want to make more soap, but for the first time I am looking forward to making some fun packaging which I have never done before.  I am looking forward to cleaning my house, knowing that the Littles will not tear it up and though some days I sweep 3 times no one coming in would suspect I have in a week.  I do want to make the family room we have wanted to for some time.  I can't wait to finish my mosaics of Dr. Seuss I have had planned for over a year for me and the Library.  I have some paintings that have been formed in my head over the last year that really want to be on canvass.  I want to grow mushrooms, I want to finish my pantry, the tiling, put in our hardwood and lament floor in the bedroom.  I want to go on the walks that Mokie and I have planned, I want to do the Bible Study I began with Belle but in the end couldn't find the time for, I want to go to CAKLS and I want to do the Library Volunteer work.  I want to revamp my Ebay and Etsy stores with a thought to real branding that I can combine with Local sales.  I can't wait for my Soap Making Classes, just think I can share my passion for natural soap, and the knowledge I have, with someone who might just love it as much as I do.  See I have already cluttered up my life and I have only been free to think of the real possibilities for a couple hours of childless silence.  Okay, so those of you know know me you know I will have invited my littles to visit me before the end of the week, but they will be here to visit me and they will go home after spending time with Nannie and not because mom had to work..... How I look forward to that first visit.

I pray that you have a great day.  I pray you get a chance to meet the Lord today, I pray you know he is the one true way to eternal life and I pray you accept all that he offers you in this life, as rest of your eternal life depends on it... tomorrow. 

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