Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do you ever wonder why there are something in your life that seem to be a life long obsession? I do....Dolls, Books, Breads, Jars and teapots!

I often wonder about the things that go into making us us.  I know that the true spiritual part of us comes from God, and so many people either never know, realize or just plain turn that backs and harden their hearts to that reality.  I believe, or think maybe, that we as babies are born knowing God exists much like the demons and the angels do.  We have after all just come from God so how could we not.  I think that is where Child Like Faith comes from and as we grow we forget and have to become faithful again to our Lord, we have to return to the faith we were born with, some never do, but alas I have digressed for today we are talking about the things that make us who we are not God or the people, or the experiences we go through.  All, important, for the inner us but not the quirky part of us.  I think things are a big part of that part, of me, of all of us.

I have said before the I loved dollies as a child but soon my dollies morphed into babies, my moms, other peoples, mine, my kids and other people my kids now, and of course my two Ladies.  I no longer am so obsessive about dolls, though I do have a whole shelf full of dollies, mostly homemade, that tug at my heart.  I see my little Bubbles loving her babies now with the intensity I once felt and now hold dear to my heart.  My mom still collects dolls, and for most of her life living doll's in the form of babies.  I think that when I was little, and in an outward manner did not appear to be girlie, my mom determined, and put a sign on me, that said I wasn't girlie so I didn't think I was, my mom was surely right wasn't she?  I was over 50 before I realized if  you looked at my through the "things" I have loved in my life I am well and truly girlie.  Just not necessarily in the normal way, so what is normal anyway?

I took to reading like a duck to water when I went to school.  My mom is not a reader to any great extent.  I had seen books before Kindergarten but they really didn't hold any appeal to me.  I became enthralled when their secret magic was shown to me.  I couldn't spell to safe my life but I could and did read anything I could get my hands on as a child.  I read all of Twain, Dickens and Dr. Seuss by the time I was in the 5th grade.  Okay so to some that is not an accomplishment but to me it opened up a wondrous world.  I remember the orphan in the streets of London and the two boys floating down the Mississippi being such a great escape to me.  I went marvelous places and all my mom could see was that I was wasting my time in a book.  I have a 5th grader now, who really doesn't see the magic in books, and I can't even imagine her picking up Dickens, and I laugh, so maybe my having read all of his great works so young was out of the ordinary.  I loved modern novel classes in High School and since I went to 6 high school I got to see a realm of different novels that if I had had one teacher I would not have gotten to experience.  I was blessed to be exposed to so many Authors.  One teacher had us read a short story by Dostoevsky, I was in love, I spent the next few months obtaining and reading all of his great works.  Funny I never could get into Tolstoy, later I learned that both had been in ways the voice of Russia's christian underground after the revolution.  They never meant but one wrote of never being able to live to perfection (the law) and the other wrote of how no matter how flawed you are grace saves.  I for some reason love the writer who chose Grace, maybe my child like faith knew and understood from deep down somewhere.    As an adult my addiction to reading reached a peak, and like any addiction I had to walk away from it or it would have destroyed me, and it nearly did, I have not read a contemporary novel since 1997, I am the better for it.  So many of my friends try to get me to, not truly understanding that it is for me a destructive addiction, my friends that understand have been so great in helping me not fall backwards.  I do love a good classic, a child's book or non-fiction.  I have read the entire Montana Code Annotated and if that doesn't take dedication I don't know what does... lol.  I think I will reacquaint myself with Dostoevsky this year, I have had a longing to reread the thread of Grace he shared with us....

In the eight grade I acquired two things in my life that really in more ways than I can think have shaped me.  I found an old green teapot at the dump when I was there with my Aunt Zonna, I didn't know what called me to pick it up but I so loved it and it became the 1st of the 145+ teapots I collected over the next 36 years.  I really can't drink tea at all I learned that year,  I so wanted to have tea parties.  Tea, like it does with my Mom and Goofy, makes me ill.  It took years and years for me to learn that I can drink green tea and once I could palate green tea I can sometimes drink other teas only if they have no a trace of sugar in them.  I am not such a big fan of tea, so why would God give me such a love for teapots.  I learned along the way that it was not the teapot that drew me in but the things that surround the teapot.  What is more girlie that giving a tea party? Nothing!  I was 50 and finally understood my love of the teapots, I am girlie, in a way most people would never understand.

The second think I become in love with in the eight grade was Bread, no not because I like to eat it but because I love love love to make it.  I did a science fair project on it that year.  I made bread with no yeast, unleavened, I made leaven bread of it's own accord by letting the dough set 24 or 48 hours.  I made sourdough bread, yeast bread,  I made gluten gum out of flour.  I was so in love with bread, I obsessed on it making. I have continued that love to this day.  I love to know any and all things about making bread.  I have taught that to my little Ladies and they do love to make bread too.  I also like to cook and with cooking comes Canning, I love love love to can.  I the eight grade my love of canning was almost destroyed.  I blew up my mom's pressure cooker and was burned very badly, I had also prior to that when I was 10 burned a hole clean threw my grandma Thelma's pressure cooker.  I destroyed one of the few things my mom had that had belonged to her momma.  It took me 38 years to get brave enough to try using a pressure canner, to can with, and when I did I love love love my pressure canner.  I keep 1000+ jars in my pantry.  I hate for them to be lazy so I try my best to keep them all filled up as much of the year as I can.

I think if you come into my house you may be able to see the "things" that make me who I am.  I have books everywhere in clean sight, a teapot here and a teapot there, a lovely painting of a tea party, Mokie gave me as a child.  I also have a lovely painting of a mother hugging her two little girls that my mother gave me, maybe she did understand me just a little.  I have jars hanging about in my kitchen shining light out to guide the way.  I have a well worn dolly throwed here or there that a grandbaby threw there.  I have kids aplenty running here and about.  Most likely I have a batch of bread raising or loaves on the bread shelf and the canner pan is probably rattling somewhere in the background.  Yes, at least for me, things make up a great deal of what makes us us in this life...

I pray for the Grace that makes you the you that will fly away to Glory one day.  My girls are singing I'll fly away this week, I pray for your salvation.  The Russians had Dostoevsky to help them when the Communists destroyed the churches, but God still got through.  I pray he has gotten into you and you have accepted his salvation,  I pray you know his son, the Lord Jesus and that you are washed in the blood of God's lamb, if not I sorrow for you as you are lost.... tomorrow.

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