Monday, March 24, 2014

Bubbles is complaining, self indulgence is it just a child's trait? In this day and age I don't think so.

Saturday was BBFC day, we had a good distribution but a few fewer baskets, I hope our numbers go back up and higher.  We had a goat to milk in Lozeau so Poppie, Yogie and I went out to do it and feed the three baby goat with the milk.  The goat owners are old style dairy goaters so the actually don't let the babies nurse their mom, they pen the babies away and milk her and then the babies drink out of a nippled bucket.  In past years we  have actually had to feed the babies with a bottle. I understand that they don't want the babies to harm the teats and they want perfect udders on their does but I think it is a waste of time and creates a useless mother goat.  We have gotten goats from them that had been taught this and the mother truly is a useless mother goat, has no idea how to care for a baby goat.  I prefer that mother goats be allow to mother their babies and not be just milking machines, climbing down of the soap box now.  I digressed.

We came home shortly there after and Mokie brought Bubbles over because she was cold from helping, well being outside, while mom and dad made a chicken run.  She screamed the whole time she was here, "side, side, side' and at one point cried so hard she almost threw up.  She has now had her mom at home since the end of February, the first time (two years) she has had mom at home daily.  I finally had enough and had Yogie take her little bum over to her mom in the chicken run, I figure if all she wants to do is cry she can do it for her mom.  Last night Mokie called to tell me she had to work today. I told her that she had better prepare Bubbles for being here because I was not listen to crying, screaming and "side, side, side" all day.  (Side is her asking to go out side) This morning she got her at 7:15, cried when her mom left but the girls got her to playing.  Poppie put her in a blanket with his puppy when he and the girls left, she was satisfied for about 5 minutes. She then started up.  I put the TV on for her to watch Dora, that worked for about 20 minutes until her sister came in, then she started up again.  She has being going steady off and on since,  I finally had enough and told her, "it is too cold out side or I would gladly let her out and if she does not quit crying I am gladly going to let her go out in the cold"  She screamed at me, loudly "Side"  I told her to get her little bum in the corner until she was nice.  She was on her way to the corner when she finally decided maybe Nannie meant business, so she is currently being nice and playing with her sister.  We will see how long this last.  I know I will win but some days I am too old to have to out last the will of a two year old, the eptimone of self-centeredness.

I often wonder if it is the truly self-centered child, which is normal at two, that becomes the self-indulgent adult becomes so because their parent never figures out how to outlast the child? Do those parents just give or give up and the child never stops being self centered?  I do know that as a society we have become more and more likely to raise the self-centered.  You don't think so, well have you looked up the synonyms for self-centered lately.  Maybe you should because more and more our society should see themselves and their children there. See what I mean (see below) I think our deterioration as a nation can be summed up in these words...... just read them and say you disagree.   Well Today I pray for the nation and that some where there is some one God has given enough strength to out last tomorrows leaders, the two year olds of today.... *sigh*

Synonyms for self-centeredness

noun egoism

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