Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesdays, still the busy day in my life and I can't think how I can do all the shouldas, wouldas, and couldas.....

Well today I think on all the shouldas I coulda do today.  I have Bible study this morning, that I am really looking forward to today.  I should go to CAKLs if I am home from Bible study, I have two ladies in piano from 4 to 5 so neeed to get them there and home, and I should go to Tuesday night Church but don't always get there.  Oh, this is not out of the ordinary this is Tuesday.  It does not include I have a house to clean, candles to label, and any one of a hundred things that need doing.  Sometime Tuesdays are just overwhelming.   What are you going to do, the best you can in the end I guess.

I made my first candles yesterday.  I was so excited to make them, first of all because they were interesting and fun.  Secondly when someone buys soap inevitable people looking for candles and always ask if I make them, seems candles go hand in hand with soap, maybe it is spa thing?  Maybe it is a homemade thing?  Which ever I am well and truly pulled into making candles.  I decide at first that beeswax would be my candles of choice.  I am not in to paraffin as I am not into anything petroleum based as any one who knows me knows.  I don't think much more of soy as it is such a chemically polluted vegetable so again not something I want to be associated with.  I know I can't live totally with out chemicals and petroleum but I can do the best I can not to have it in my body, okay getting down off the soap (see I even preach soap) box and climbing down, for now.  I digressed.

I got all my beeswax from Flower Child, at her wonderful, Sense of Balance, she has the best spices, teas, herbs, oils and of course beeswax.  I had to filter it because she had raw beeswax but then that makes it all the more natural.  I was only going to make plain beeswax candles but Mokie whined, and whined, for me to make scented one.  I thought on it a long time and decided to make all the plain ones all beeswax candles.  The scented one will be beeswax blend candles, I think that will help to incorporated the fragrance and essential oils better. I ended up make 18 candles yesterday.  I love mason jars so they are to be my votive of choice.  I made 4 ounces one and 8 ounces one, I used the tiny 1/4 pints, the squatty wide mouth half pints, and some vintage 8 ounce jellies, and one redneck wine glass, I think there is a nice variety and all hold true to my love of mason jars.  Mokie is going to be making goat milk honey shea butter lotion as a subsidiary line to Udderly Natural (my product line) and all I asked that she do is stay true to the mason jars so there is a consistency in our products. I have to get some logo tags to use as labeling.  I like the thought of using a mason jar shrink wrap so it stays true to the canning feel.  Still figuring out the logos and branding.  It is after all the 21'st century though I am, and my products are, as old as they come in thought and feel.  We are doing jellies that work into the line motif well too.

I am off to start my Tuesday, wish me well on what I can accomplish.  I pray for you this day.  I pray that God has spoken to your soul and that you hear and answer to his call.  Your salvation depends upon it and that is your eternal life... tomorrow.    

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