Monday, March 10, 2014

Whorl wind Saturday, a day of rest after, God surely knew we needed a day of rest a week.

Saturday started early the Ladies, Poppie and I got all the soaps, rugs, and furniture it takes to set up a booth, all packed in the car. The Ladies and I went down to the Elementary Gym to get things all settled in.  Mokie was to come and help Booboo at our soap booth as Yogie and I jetted off to just make it to Bountiful Baskets on time.  Mokie was running late so Booboo had to man the booth on her own, well after she donated 4 of her wonderful pies to the 4th Annual Spring Fling bake sale.  I had donated soaps and certificates to bought of my soap classes.  I later learned that Shorts had won the classes, I was happy for her and I think she was happy to have won them.  All of Booboo's pies went like hot cakes, quite an accomplishment for my young baker.  I digressed, so Yogie and I were off to the Bountiful Basket Site.

We got there just as out first volunteer arrived,  we got the site all set up and a short time later the truck arrived.  We had 47 baskets this week, yay, our numbers had been down but are climbing back up and we are so excited about that.  We had great baskets, which included, asparagus, jicama, kale, spaghetti squash, apples, pears, cauliflower, tangerines, celery, chili peppers and ?, can't remember off the top of my head but a marvelous basket.  The add on this week were equally as wonderful, tomatoes, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, wraps, breads, and a St. Pattys hostess pack surprise.  We had great volunteers and soon had all the produce distributed and the site closed up tight.  Back to the gym for a day of Flinging. Mokie bought some books for her kids and went home before long.  The Ladies bought a box of books and I bought them some lunch.  I, at the end of the day, bought a box of books myself, at 1/2 price, yay.  I spent the day with one of my friends I only see on craft show days, she sells lovely jewelry so I will call her Jeweler.  We caught up on all the things in our lives since the last show we had been at, we like, that most of the time, we get booths close to, or side by side, one another.  I bought Yogie a set of earrings, Booboo's ear were so missed up by two tries at having them pierced that she doesn't wear earrings.  She eventually had to have them repaired by a plastic surgeon, who did a great job, but she will have to decide as an adult to either leave them plain or have them pierced as I won't have them done again.  I digressed again.

One of the highlights of  my day was that The Divine Mrs. O, and Mother Widow ( a friend originally of my mom's from my childhood, and is now my dear friend, she has been a widow a long time in her life and the loving mother of her step kids, the kids of her heart, her own loved children, grands and great grands, I don't think she ever would have thought of remarrying, I lover her dearly) surprised me by showing up at my booth. They came to say hi, I got lots of hugs, and buy some soap, an jelly.  They had come for a road trip and I can't say how much their coming meant to me, next time I will pop in on their Bible study when they least expect it.  I love old friends and new friends, I plain love my friends.....

The day done, we back up, as we were packing up I got to share Bountiful Basket info with Jeweler so hope to see her at the next BBFC.  We took our inventory and furniture home. Poppie helped us unload, Poppie treated us to dinner at Durangos, and I put all of my earnings in the vacation fund.  We are going to go somewhere, or do something special this summer, so we have a vacation fund set up for that purpose, a piggy bank mostly as all the coins go in it, but we put money in on Saturday, the day brought in 99 dollars, not bad for selling soaps, and jelly.  I almost sold a rug but the lady who wanted it, and would probably have bought it, had a husband with a frown, so no  All and all a lovely special day of dear friends, selling and I got to tell lots of people about my soap making class, and I think the feed back on it was pretty good so I may have a good turn out for the soap classes.  We will see.

Sunday brought a nice day at Church with our church family, a day of rest after.  We had jicama slaw tacos and watched some tv as a family.  I worked on a rug basket and just did as nothing as we could, a day of rest is needful to everyone now and then, even the Lord rested on the seventh day.

I pray for your day, I pray that you have good friends who love you and care about you.  I pray, more importantly, that you have the love of God, and more specifically you are save by the love and blood of Jesus.  No relationship in this life is more important than being in Christ Jesus and knowing that you are saved by his resurrection.  Are you saved? Is your salvation secured in Christ, if not it can be today.  Wouldn't that be wonderful to know today your salvation is secure in Christ?  I do pray so.... tomorrow.  


  1. What a WONDERFUL day it was!! You continue to amaze me, Debbie!! Will be sending my jam off to my granddaughter who loves blackberries, and I 'may' even part with one of your soaps. :o) Can hardly wait until you 'pop in' at our Bible study! :o)

  2. thank you so much I will surprise you soon, hugs to you The Divine Mrs. O.


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