Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The rumble that took down the barn, Mema is safe after being buried alive.... Praise God for his deliverance.

Yesterday in the afternoon Poppie was feeling sick, I had felt that way the day before.  It was some sort of one day flu or maybe something we ate but don't really think so.  Mokie came in to drop off her two Littles for a little bit while she was going to go to town.  She had just stepped into my bedroom, I was making a rug, the Littles playing with toys, Poppie laying on the couch.  She came running out of the bedroom as a funny rumbling was becoming apparent to our ears in the living room.  She loudly said, "the barn just caved in." Poppie immediately jumped up and went to the door window to look out.  There before his eyes stood a massive caved in array of mangled roofing mixed into snow, broken boards, a section of the barn facing us with over 2 foot of snow in layers of color atop the gaping destruction.  Mokie and Poppie ran out the door, you could hear a pig screaming in pain and baby goats crying in terror.  I kept the two Littles in the house as I didn't think they needed to go out into the avalanche of rubble and fear.  I soon saw Mokie pushing up on a beam with Poppie's voice speaking to her from somewhere in the debris.  I called out to see if the animals were all right,  I could see Cleo and her baby, Gladys and hers making haste away from the cave in.  Mokie called back the animals were all okay, except Mema, the snow had buried her and she couldn't get out.  Mokie and Poppie were making room for her to move, scraping the snow off of her and trying to get her out.  Mokie said at first they could not find Jewels and her babies, but they were huddled near Poppie's beloved motorcycle.  The cycle had saved them but it windshield had been crushed but the three goats were all alive. Rosie was under a pile of board and Mokie lifted her over the front gate.  The does and babies were soon all out of the barn, all hiding in the rabbit barn, at least they have somewhere to be out of the rain, as the rain was coming down steady.  Rootbeer would not even be coxed out of the wreckage of the once harboring barn.  The does refused to go back in.  The back loft had protected Charcoal, the boar, that will soon be going to Son's as his new boar, he was there sort of looking on wondering what had happened and why all the commotion, the whole thing had seemed to not have registered in his day, as nothing came down on him.  All in all a blessing not one animal was even really hurt, and by looking in to the destruction from the first we had thought surely none had survived the massive crater.

The reality is that we knew the snow was getting deep on the barn but it had gone past where it was safe for Poppie to shovel the snow off.  The roof had to small an incline and it was in danger of caving in but it was not worth getting hurt to try to ammend it.  Poppie said he thinks what took it out was that when he had just feed the animals and was feeding Mema her grain, Jewels was upset and trying to steal her grain so was ramming the center support beams with her horns. Poppie said it was sort of rattling the barn but he never thought the vibrations would cause the whole barn to come down.  He had only been in the house a short wile when the avalanche occurred.  Thankfully this was one not human caused and praise the Lord all the animals are safe.  Well we will be rebuilding a smaller barn this spring with a higher pitched roof, something Poppie has really wanted to do for sometime but if you have something to use the need for a new one doesn't always seem that high on the list of things to do.  Now it is top of the list, we will end up with a better barn and that in the end will also be a blessing.

Yesterday there were 6 avalanches on the interstate on the north end of our county, both lanes of the interstate are still closed no one was hurt.  One man died from an avalanche that came down on his home last Friday, in Zootown, trapping him, his wife and an 8 year old boy.  I am sorry for his families loss, we were so much more blessed we lost nothing but a barn that needed rebuilt anywat.  The Lord was so good to us here.

I pray the Lord is good in your life and you know the blessings that he is to you in your life.  I hope that your day is blessed and you know that your salvation is settled in the Lord Jesus, amen.... tomorrow.  

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  1. My neighbors barn came down later last night as well squished his 4 wheeler. Lots of snow in our neighborhood for sure.


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