Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today is a milestone I suppose.... I love you more than you know Poppie

Today 36 years ago two scared 19 year olds started down a long road together.  I came to this day with the only hangover I ever had in my life.  My friend and her dad's idea of a wedding shower was that her and I should drink an entire bottle of black velvet, the one with the handle, still have no idea how much that is but I do know that I have never before or since drank whiskey and it makes your head really really hurt but I digress.  We had very few people at are wedding all of my siblings, at the time, the preacher and his wife, my great aunt and uncle, my friend of the whiskey escapade, her boy friend, one other of my friends and mom's friends the funeral home director and his family.  They all set as my dad walked me down the little funeral parlor chapels isle.  My brother made faces at Poppie and the little girls giggled.  It was quick and over in a few minutes, Poppie forgot his one line "yes" and had to be prompted. We went home to mom and dad's house for cake and a toast to the bride and groom. I had on the ugliest collar less polyester dress with roses on it that mom had picked out.  I did like the roses but nothing else about is poop brown over all color was special.  I had it for years but now have no idea what happened to it.   Shortly after the reception my brother Red drove us to the rented little house 47 miles away in the town we now call home and dropped us off.  We had started our life's together.  Poppie couldn't carry me over the threshold, number one he couldn't lift me, while I was not as heavy as I am now he was not either, and he had had a car wreck two days before and was barely able to walk to begin with.  So started out marriage, with that start things had to get better, and they did and have.  I am not saying there were not a lot of valleys and some mountains but the for the most part we figured out this thing called marriage and rather excelled at it.  I know there is nothing I would change and nothing I would do differently thought sometimes I might thinks so but if I did I wouldn't be in this place in time with the most loving man I know.  Nothing is worth changing the love and relationship I have day.  So here is to another 36 years with the man God made just for me.  I love you so much Poppie... tomorrow.     

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