Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye to the year we have had and Hello to the year to come.

I can not say with all honesty that I will miss the year that is to pass. It has been a year of lean times, loss and sadness on many levels but it has also been a year of joy, reawakening's and explorations.  My girls have blossomed on levels that have been amazing.  I have gotten two new granddaughters. I have praised the Lord and studied God more than I had in a long time.  I have reawakened my love of God on a stronger level than I may have had in my whole life of loving the Lord.  I have lost so many of my goaties, I no longer find the cougar or the wolf a majestic animal of nature but an animal that's management needs are not taken on honestly and are romanticized to the point that they are allowed to be dangerous in our communities. I have learned that enemies are in fact real and the they are unfortunately a part of our lives.  They are physical and the tools of Satan. I have had the fortune to find that I have many more caring friends than I had previously imagined.  Some I spend time with physically, and need to alot more of my time to them, to honor their being in my life.  Some I enjoy Internet relationships with with the future potential of true friendship. I have learned that I can not change what life has in store for anyone so I need to be at peace with that. I have learned to pray more and be more honoring and praising of the Lord. I have learned that I can't protect my children from strangers, or strangers that posed as friends, when I am not there so I have to teach my children the skills to protect themselves.  I have learned to fight for the protection of my family even when people think what is happening to me in to ludicrous to be really happening, if only they knew all that we have endured.  I have learned that what you see in people is sometimes an illusion that they show to the world and what they are really like can be terrifying and not to walk away from you gut feelings, ever.

I see hope in the New Year,  I see the Ladies becoming stronger young woman.  I hope to show Yogie that yes, she can be safe at Awanas, and that the bad can not hurt her at the Church.  I am so proud of Booboo she just looks down her nose and walks away so she is on her way to her strength and will help Yogie, as she always has.  I hope Bug gets back to a good place in his life with his family and the kids are at peace.  I hope to see Goofy and her babies in the months to come. I hope that we work out a deal to make the pigs totally self sufficient.  I hope the goats, chickens, turkeys and Peacocks do well. I hope my giant loving Mishka comes into her own and becomes the protector that this family needs.  I hope that the new rabbits, that the Professor is helping the girls get, New Zealands with pedigrees and phenomenal breeding credentials, are a joy to have.  I couldn't have dreamed of getting the girls such nice rabbits and as good of quality animals with out the kindness of our dear friends.  It is nice to have loving honest friends and I am blessed with having so many.  Happy New Years to one and all... until the new year and tomorrow.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Meat to grind today, and maybe just maybe sewing machine lessons.

The hog has hung long enough it was really cool that the weather has co-operated with us and been cool but not freezing hard. The meat has cooled and aged great and is ready to be cut up, ground wrapped and brined.  I hope to get it all done up this afternoon.  I have a brisket brinning in the studio, it is in liquid spicy brine, we are going to cook it up and eat some of it for New Years Eve.  Poppie loves it and I hope to keep a brisket in brine so I just have to cook them up to use them.  My friend, Spicey, (she has wonderful red firey hair),  has a great little spice and tea shop and I get the greatest spices from her.  How often can you get juniper right off the shelf a must to make good corned beef.  Reuben's and Reuben swirls for every one. I am going to make another cheesecake, as the one we made at Christmas time, had something wrong with it.  I think the cream cheese I got on sale was bad so we didn't chance it and I threw it out. 

Poppie is going to pick up freezer wrapping paper and plastic coating.  I think we will borrow the neighbors meat band saw.  We are hopping to buy one ourselves soon.  Poppie spent the evening reading more info on the truck on line.  It still is not running but we are getting closer to getting the last bugs out of the system.  When all the diesel was settled and drained off there was almost two quarts of water in the system, definitely not incidental.  Life goes on and you deal with the issues God allows in your life.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  I never really thought about it in realistic terms but I am today.  I am getting better but the constant tinseling of my steel is taking its toll. I do believe beyond a doubt that God has a plan and I am in the middle of it so I need to be patient and see this out to it's end results. 

The girls and I hope to get to try out their sewing machines today.  They each got a dolly making panel with their machine but I think that we will start with 4x4 or 2x2 squares.  They are both so excited to see that they can do with their machines, they haven't ever gotten to use mine.  I managed to knit two sets of Upluks in newborn size yesterday,  the pattern is definitely getting to a successful completion.  I am going to try a larger pair and see if it is true in the bigger sizes.  Probably a pair each for the girls.  The best part of the design is that the hardest part of the Upluk, the foot, is made from upcycled wool, so they are fitted well and quick to make.  I think I have captured the best part of both a knitted mukluk and upcycled wool slippers. 

Well off to start my day, Curious and Cartoons will be here soon.  Mokie and the kids, I am sure, will be here this morning all still so sad about their Kitty.  Coffee to drink and a Booboo to snuggle with, priceless.... tomorrow.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sociopath personality disorder is the newest personality disorder I am studying, may be the answer to my questions.

Mokie took the kids to all their appointments, they had just left the house and I was settled in with my newest granddaughter when I got a call. Mokie was in tears her little pregnant cat, that never left the shop by more than a little ways, was lying dead a half mile down the road toward town.  She had been thrown from a vehicle.  The tracks of the vehicle showed where the driver had pulled off the road and threw her body on the ground.  Her head appeared to have been smashed by blunt force trauma.  My sister later saw the body and thought the cat appeared to have been strangled as well.  Mokie couldn't take the body she was already running late for the trip to Zootown.  She called Son and he was upset as well. He loves his cats.

This is the third cat that has been killed since mid August.  We have lost Fiona, Swiper and now Muck.  It is scary to think that something evil is stalking the animals and people in our neighborhood. I have stated before that I was looking to psychology for answers.  I thought at first passive aggressive was a possibility but then leaned more toward histrionic personality; but after the deaths of all the animals I am thinking a sociopath personality disorder is more likely the true nature of the person doing all the evil things that are involved. I don't know what other personality would resort to killing innocent animals.  Not all animals are innocent, truly there is no reprieve for a chicken killing animal but its death should be human when it comes, and it will, karma will win out in that arena.  The evil comes in when some one would kill a small pregnant cat that spent ninety percent of her time by the fire in the shop or in bed with her three year old friend.  The pathetic behavior it would take to bludgeon or strangle the tiny little animal is truly frighting and nothing short of evil. 

I will pray that God sees fit to urge this person, whom ever they are, to seek help for their sickness; but from all the studying I have done they can't or won't because they believe the lies they have created, the life they have invented and the manipulations they have perpetrated on others.  I do pray for the soul of this person as only God's Grace could help someone so lost to the evils of Satan.... tomorrow.

Bubbie gets to stay with Nannie for the first time all day. Curious and Cartoons as well.

Yesterday while I was doing goat chores, the kids were playing in the yards.  They were told not to get by the dogs on the chains at Mokies.  The ladies were playing with them and Cartoons wouldn't stay away from the dogs.   They told him to stay way from the dogs several time but he didn't and walked in to the chain reach of Tank, the dog jumped up to greet him and scratched him on the face.  It was pretty deep so Mokie took him down to his mom and they glued it closed at the ER.  He won't quit playing with it and digging at it.  Over night they put starry strips on it but he dug it open again.  This morning his mom took him back down to the ER and they reglued it and bandaged it.  It is my task today to keep him from tearing it off again and digging at it. Plus they have put his meds in "bottle" sipping cup. He knows its there so doesn't want to drink it.

I will have Bubbie today for the first time all day.  Mokie has to take a whole crew to Zootown. Cubbie and Boy to the dentist at 11:50, she has to drop Bug off for an appointment at 12, then lunch and then take the Ladies to an othro appointment at 2 and then she has her Post having Bubbie appointment at 4, then back to pick Bug up at 4:30.  I will have Bubbie, it won't be quit as hard as it could be if she was still nursing,  Mokie couldn't take her completely off of the bottle because she might have to be back on her Chrons meds so the baby couldn't continue to nurse.  The baby finally got upset with the back and forth so is just mostly on the bottle now, but it was nice while it lasted for her.  She should be easy to watch as she mostly sleeps still.

I will have to wait until Poppie gets home from his friends to feed goats as I won't be able to leave the baby in the house with Curious and Cartoons.  He is helping his friend hang rabbit cages.  I think his friends is up to two dozen rabbits now.  I think he is actually breeding them to sell.  The girls want big meat rabbits so are looking to find three for them.  His rabbits are much smaller than what we are wanting but Poppie will have lots of experience making cages.   Off to start another day with little ones......tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I guess I will never understand people, even after a lifetime of watching them.

I have always found people fascinating.  I think maybe the moving around I did as a kid made it easier to watch people than to always have to say goodbye.  I find it interesting the whenever I saw Poppie as a small child in a photos he was the little boy standing alone in the corner watching the others play never joining in.  I have always misted up at these photos, it made me so sad to see his loneliness.  I never thought I might be like that because I had a whole family of kids to play with, but a some point I was and am like that. Funny how it has only just become apparent to me in the last year.  Though, for years I have said if you know some one who has been married a longish time and you don't understand what makes them tick look to the spouse, people don't stay together long term if their philosophies aren't the same.  I know it is fun to say that opposites attract, and yes they do, but did you ever know two truly opposite people that stayed married long term.  I haven't.  I find, from watching people, that almost always couples are a pair, if they manage to stay together.  They have the same values, the same hopes for the future, the same ethics, the same qualities, the same good or bad in them.  They may not have had them when they married but if they stay together they meet in the middles where they can agree and create the lifestyle of their couplehood.  The younger they married the more alike they are as they have grown into themselves together.  You hear all the time that a couple that are married a long time grow to look like each other, I agree, but the looking alike that I see is in there beliefs and the way they do things.  Therefore in the light when you just can't figure out someone and wonder why they do things look at the spouses actions, and you just might have a clearer picture and understand the person just a little more, it is truly enlightening insight, just try it once.

I am and have been an avid reader almost all of the my life, my father never read novels but I loved all books. I had read all of Mark Twain, Laura Ingalls Wilder and was well on my way to all of Charles Dickens by the time I was in 5th grade.  A fairly good accomplishment at the young age.  Maybe I had lots of time, from the moving around and new friendships were hard... hmmm?  I digress.  I learned in 1997 that Novels were an addiction that I could no longer afford.  I have not read a novel since, no, I don't count the children's book and the classics I read to my children and grand children regularly; but to sit and read a novel I don't.  I do read my bible, and I have continued my love of non-fiction that I was given as a child.  I read, biographies between the Dickens and the Twain, I truly love them.  I read Henry the V111 in 7th grade and yes, there was intrigue but it was 8 hundreds pages of a lot of dry reading.  I have never been able to leave a book unread, somehow if I don't finish the book they stay stuck there in time so on I read.  I found right after I stopped reading novels that I have a compelling need to read psychology books and self help books.  I went to the UM books store and bought the then current psychology text book they were teaching at the time.  I found it fascinating, it really helped me put a name to the people I had always watched.  I also developed a fascination for Sigmund Freud.  I read all of this works, 3 times, I found them complicated and hard to understand at points so ended up rereading them alot.  I also read his biography by Gray that was really interesting.  I have since read Jung and others that came after all added to my concept of people watching.  Recently I read Darwin's Origin of Species, interesting but I  haven't thrown out my Bible,  it is always interesting to see the point of view of others even if you don't agree on all aspects.

Recently I have been studying up on passive aggressive people and that lead me to histrionic personality both interesting and insightful personality disorders.  The study of them as helped me understand  some of the people I have had to deal with this year.  It is always good to understand what you are up against in this life.  You can't deal with things in general if you have no understanding of the mechanism that drives it.  I intend to interact more with people this year as my resolution but I don't intend to stop watching people or reading my books, what would be the point... tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

God's love was free, he loved us before we existed, what do we owe?

Love is not a privilege, we never earned God's love. God loved us (John 3:16) even though we were not worthy of it (Romans 3:10, 23). This is the reason why we are to love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27). We also ought to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). Love in its truest sense is not based on feelings. But a determination to show thoughtful actions even when there seems to be no reward (1 Corithians 13:4-7).

I read this on facebook a short while back it sang to my heart and I have thought about it numerous times. I think all are simple requests but all are hard to accomplish unending and we all fall short of even one of these. 

Love is not a privilege, we never earned God's love, God loved us (John 3:16)...... God created us, did you ever no any one who made some that they didn't love? I am not talking about the macaroni and cheese you made from a box, but some thing you worked hard at and put you time and effort into, you were proud enough to sign it for all to see. You are God's creation, not his first but the one he was proudest of, he loved you so much he sent his only son to die for you.   Did you ever know a mother that didn't love the child she birthed? No, I have never meant a new mother that held her newborn in her arms that didn't think she was looking at the most wondrous child that was ever created.  God loves you as his child, you are his newborn and he loves you as such.

Even though we are not worthy of it (Romans 3:10. 23) I have never meant anyone who is perfect and the ideal of getting to go to heaven is for those who are perfect go.  I actually just lied I have meant one and only one person that was perfect.  Our Lord Jesus was perfect in ever situation he endured on earth.  He live as we do, as a human and he succeeded in being perfect.  He also gave his life for us.  We can't even get through one day without failing to be perfect yet he loved us so much that he gave his perfect life to cleanse our unworthy sinful lives.  Because of him we are allowed to have a relationship with God the father and have eternal life with God.  Both be praised that we so unworthy are loved that much.

This is the reason why we are to love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27).  The old testament was a book of the law, the people of the old testament were subject to the laws that God gave them.  They were none capable of living by the law of God.  The new testament is about the grace of God, we are no longer subject to the law, we are subject to the grace of God, through the Crucifixion and death of Jesus.  We are truly blessed as none of us can live by the law.  We should truly love God for the gift of Jesus.  We a creature so undeserving was loved by God so much that he gave us so much and we should love him with all our being unceasingly.  Loving our neighbors should come as part of that love,  our neighbors are mankind,  they like we are in the same situation.  God loved us all, all of mankind, so loving our neighbors is loving ourselves.  Loving our neighbor is about loving the whole of human kind and not about the personal situations that arrive in our singular lives.

We also ought to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44).  Who is our enemy?  Why does God allow us to have enemies?  We all have singular enemies in our lives, people we don't see eye to eye with or people who purposely hunt us and treat us wrong.  A friend of mine that keeps me on her prayer list sent me a wonderful versus of support in regard to enemies.....   For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Eph 6:12  I studied this for several days and found, that enemies are the result of the evil that tries to take us from the Lord.  I found that through studying enemies, the personal enemies we have, are a blessing in many ways they make us more figulant of our surroundings and safe guard us in ways from the true enemy that stalks all that love and praise God.  Our personal enemies come and go, and are just tools of the real enemy of God and man, the true evil that exists in our world.

Love in its truest sense is not based on feelings. But a determination to show thoughtful actions even when there seems to be no reward (1 Corithians

Monday, December 26, 2011

Can you have a hangover if you don't drink? Today was a lazy day of doing not.

Poppie brought me coffee at 7 ish, we decided to be lazy today so slept in.  I had just finished making a little "upluk" I have decided that I like mukluks but want to make a version out of upcycled wool so I have made up a pattern, part sewn and part knitted, my fist proto type is about a 3 they will be listed as "upluks".  It has a few issues but worked them mostly out in the second one, they match per my daughters but they are different to me.  I think they may just be winners as far as making and listing on ETSY. I should have them from size 0 to as big as someone would want them.  Bug and Son. butchered a pig at Son's,  the kids and I did chores.  All the grandkids pitched in so it was a nice day.  Daughter brought the heart over from Son and Mokies for cooking later, we will cut the pig up, grind and package it later in the week. Poppie will smoke some of it after we do a dry brine. 

The kids spent the day with Poppie and I, they ran in and out, Mishka didn't know who to follow where.  Eldest and Boy are having a sleep over over there, the girls may all stay here, Cubbie may stay as well we will see how that turns out.  She is so much more brave after having spent days with us when Bubbie was born. 

I made up some extra large shorties for an order, I am selling shorties fairly regularly now and that is cool, have had several special orders. I think I am going to make up new listings for 6 sizes, preemie, new born, small, medium, large and extra large.  I got some new wool and wool yarn so that sort of makes them a new exciting project.

The kids have played Kinect, played in the yard, played dolls, watched "care bears' depends on what age they are as to what they did but all in all a great day with my family.... tomorrow.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa came and the girls were delighted, We celebrated the Lords birth and coming, with praises.

My little ones were up at 5 this morning assuring me that Santa had indeed come. We had opened a few presents last night when the kids and grandkids were over but it gets to overwhelming to do all the present so we each celebrate in the mornings with our own little families.  The girls were happy with all the gifts that they got, no complaining, it is nice that they are not greedy and expecting but appreciative with what ever they get, big or small. 

We made pies for dinner this evening, and they helped and jumped right in.  Booboo made sweet potato pie, scalped potatoes and Yogie made apple, french apple, chicken salad.  Poppies smoked turkey came out great, Daughter made ham, so a nice dinner will be had by all.

We feed our animal as they like to be feed everyday holiday or not.  The girls played with their new Kinect games and played tag in the yard with their cousins.  We are having a simple family day of praising the Lord, I wish all could enjoy the humble joy and I hope you have a great a time as we are having... Lord be praised, Jesus Christ came to earth and was born and died for each of us.  We only have to believe that he did it and that he did it for us. The grace of God blesses us each and every day, all you have to do is step forward and ask the Lord for the blessing of everlasting life..... it is free... tomorrow.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve day, a time for Santa Claus and gift giving in our home.

This morning, the girls and I will make cheesecake and pies for tomorrow, We will take the ham out and get it ready to cook in preparation for tomorrows family dinner when we celebrate the Lords birth. Poppie is going to smoke a turkey.  We always have made the holiday a two day event.  We make Christmas eve about the gifts and the fun of the Christmas season.  We make Christmas day about family and praising the Lord, and the joy of his coming to earth for our salvation. 

We are going to make up some candies, frost more cookies, make trays of snacks and fry up chicken, Poppie wants beans and wienies as well. There will be enough food to make all more than happy. Sometimes we light a flare for Rudolph's nose, one year my brother actually fell of the roof making sure the kids couldn't see him in the light of the flare.  The little kids are always so excited to see the bright red nose and hear the jungle of Santa's bells.  Other years we have gone to look at the lights around town and the sly old elf has come and gone while we are away.  This year will probably be the last year of that "magical" believing for my Ladies, I am sad to see that pass once again from our home, but the next stage of giving and loving will replace the innocent childhood belief and that is something to look forward to.  I will truly enjoy their last year of believing this evening.

Off to start the day of fun, I know this was short and sweet but I have lots to do.... tomorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Poppie had to go to the ER, I also have to take him to the Dr in Zootown today.

Poppie fell earlier in the week while carrying a 4x4, he tripped over a railroad tie and fell on his rib cage.  He has hurt all week, it progressively got worse and then something seem to crack so we took him to the emergency room.  Mokie took him as I was in the middle of making my second batch of divinity, which turn our great.  They exrayed him and checked him out.  He does not have broken ribs but badly damaged ribs.  The muscles are bruised and are fighting his diaphragm when he breaths,  the crack was most likely muscles fighting each other then giving when his breathing finally got them to work.  They gave him a shot in his bum, some muscle relaxants to help him relax for he could breath better, they are worried that he might catch pneumonia.  He is now treating me like a pariah as I am just getting over my no voice and coughing, it didn't work into a full on cold but is still linger, so that is good. He felt good last night after the ER visit but is in a great deal of pain again this morning.  I have to take him to his regularly scheduled Dr. visit this morning so that will not be pleasant as it will make him in more pain.

The girls and I finished up their cookies last night. I cooked them in the afternoon, the girls each were responsible for decorating the ones for each of their classes.  They each did their best.  They are not perfect cookies, but both of my ladies are proud of the jobs they did and isn't that the whole point.  You can not teach a craft if you don't allow the trainee to do it at their pace and aptitude.  My girls are both wonderful cooks for their ages.  They know how to do things alot of adults can't and my never know.  I am just so proud of their development.  I am teaching them more than how to cook I am teaching them traditions and that is far more important.  Some Christmas are big events, some are quiet more reserved and this year is working out to be a more quiet smaller event but in hindsight I have often found they are the nicest ones to remember back too.

Coffee to drink, goats and animals to feed before I can go to the Zoo, some shopping to do, Poppie will surely sit in the car and be a grump when I get back to him, but you gotta do what you gotta do.... tomorrow.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cubbie helps do chores, her naughty pup needs taken in hand. Mishka helps.

Cubbie helped me do the morning chores yesterday.  She tried to lead Mishka with some success but the puppy like following us at her own pace much better.  She is amazing she already learned her name with in an hour of me giving it to her. Mishka strayed a little but when called came right back to my feet and followed along as we fed the goats, chickens, turkeys, and piglets.  I had to climb over the two styles so when I climbed over she was upset that she couldn't come with me, she could see me but that was not good by her, she tried to figure out how to come along.  All good signs for her first foray in to the guardian job she is expected to fill.  Cubbie always comes over the the styles with me and has to carry the empty buckets back, she can't lift the full ones but tries her best to do what she is able to do.  I was watering the goat when I heard Cubbie screaming and crying.  Mishka and I went running around the barn to see what was going on and her puppy, Dorie, had her down dragging her across the ground. I yelled at the puppy and helped Cubbie up.  I started to water the turkeys and the puppy was at it again, I spanked her this time.  Mishka looked at me and didn't cower but looked at Dorie like she was being stupid and ill mannered.  Cubbie was ok but I did tell her momma on Dorie, her dad is going to have to teach her puppy some manners, they have been a little distracted with the new baby but now is the time to get a handle on her chewing on things especially Cubbie Bears.

Mokie want me to make candies for Christmas.  I usually make fudge as it is Poppie favorite, but that is usually all the candy I make.  Boy and I made a batch of fudge at Thankgiving Time for them and we have the stuff to make another for them.  Mokie wanted divinity, and I have never made it, my mom has always but it was never something I made.  We got out mom's recipe and Cubbie and I did our best.  Mokie had seen her aunt Baby Sister make it so had some advice on what she thought we should do.  We did our best and for a first try it turned out quite well.  The next batch, which Cubbie and I will be making today, I will quit beating it just a tad earlier and it should be perfect.  Bug wouldn't even try the first batch he said didn't think the first batch of anything would be that good, too funny.  Mokie and the kids took the candy home with them to share with Son. 

The girls and I will be making our traditionaly family sugar cookies later tonight, I will probably make them with Cubbie today and the girls will just decorate them but we will see.  I plan on making some peanut butter bon bon, that will be a first too, but we think we can do a good job anyway.  I have to make more fudge for Poppie so lots of candy making today.  I will make pies and cheesecake on friday afternoon.  Have to take Poppie to the Dr on Friday morning and finish my last minute shopping.  Coffee is here so time to start my day........... tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poppie brings Mishka to Nannyland. She couldn't wait under the tree for me.

Poppie came home from his friends house yesterday with a great big white bundle under his arm.  He struggled to carry it as he walked along.  The bundle was still and not moving but looked like a great white furry coat.  He opened the door. His bundle had a beautiful yellow bow and the prettiest black eyes.  She was a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy.  Poppie quickly set her on the floor and she spread out like a little bear rug.  She calmly laid there as Cubbie, Boy and Curious checked her out, all the other dogs came to see what she was, so Nannie had to wait in line to see her Christmas present.  She never moved she just lay there not all the interested in any of us.  She is almost 10 weeks old she was born on my birthday so that makes her a little more special.  I named her Mishka, which means bear, she looks like a little polar bear cub, all white, not a spot of any other color.  I named her after her father that just passed away.  Mishla was a great wondrous dog.  He was the first Great Pyrenees I was ever around.  We had taken care of him when his masters were gone, it was his job to take care of my friends Herbalist and Professor's goats.  He did a wonderful job in his slow lumbering manner.  I never saw him aggressive or mean but I know full well that the predators he projected his goats from would have seen it differently.  Mishka momma is a new dog to their home, she was abused a little at her old home, she is around 4 and can be a bit aggressive or maybe could be as since she has had her puppies she has mellowed at bit from all accounts.  I have never had a problem with her, when ever I have been around her she just comes up and puts her head under my hand as I walk along, kind of saying pet me.  When she was ready to have her puppies she climbed under the shed.  The girls had had to go out and climb under it and drag them out when the pups were about two weeks old.  Momma had been locked up at the time so they weren't in any danger encase she got mad.  She took the moving of her puppies well and adapted. Poppie general has never had in trouble with her but one day after he hadn't been out there for a couple weeks she growled and him and he told her to "knock it off" she remembered him and came over for a pet.  She did give Belle a bit of trouble when she was pregnant right before her puppies were born Professor had to walk her in from her car and Sierra bit at her tires when Belle came up the drive.

I know that she is a little puppy, well by Great Pyrenees standards, she weighs about 60ish lbs, but she will be here in the future to safe keep my family and animals.  We have always had dogs, sometime more than we need, as people think we are a rescue and have just one more to add to our dog herd for all sorts of reasons; but other than the hounds we had when I was a kid I have never owned a working dog.  I got to spend time with the police dog when I worked at the Sheriff's office and I know that unlike pet they have a purpose.  Mishka will be a working dog, but in our family I am sure that also means loved pet.  I hope she will help to keep the cougars, bears and wolves away from my goats, but more importantly my kids and grandkids.  I am told she will give her life for any of them and unfortunately in my little sections of the world it has come to that with the predators.  She will be loved and cared for as an added member of our "very large people animal family"...... tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas concert a great success and fun of the entire community.

The annual children's Christmas concert was last night.  It was a truly wonderful event for our little town. The town came out to share in the festivites.  Parents came in with their little ones in tow.  Moms taking charge of their child's coats, hats etc.  Dad talking with friends they hadn't seen for awhile.  All talking and getting reacquainted.  Most parents had come in there work clothes or the clothes they had spent the day in, some dragging a preschooler dressed up to match their older siblings all dressed up in Christmas clothes.  The little ones excited to be included in the big kids event, after all they got to come and share in the doings at "school", that unknown place, where their older brother or sister "gets" to go.  There was the inevitable person that was out of place, over dressed to the nines like she was going to the opera, running about making a spectacle of herself.  A histrionic personality that couldn't give it a rest for even one day, or for the kids. Later during the show it was her little girl rolling on the floor with her little dress above her waist as she stood on her head.  She then stood up and spit on her little hands and rubbed them down her dress as she rearrange herself. The child was actually cute but already acting in her mothers image.  The show went on, no one really paying attention to their antics, parents moving to and fro getting to just the right place, to see their bright and shinning star of the show.  Cameras clicking and poses being posed, some moms demand it but other little superstars were really just working their space. But soon all was quiet and we got into our places for the big event. And then it began, the music teacher took the stage...

The music teacher was new to the grade school this year.  He has been the music teacher for years at the high school and junior high levels, as well as being the band teacher, but due to funding cuts he has now taken on the grade school, with a smashing success I might add.  He did a marvelous job.  He started off the program with a cute poem, I don't know if it was Dr. Seuss or just Dr. Seuss inspired, but it put great shame on the parents that came to just see their child then make a retreat, leaving at an inappropriate time, as has been done alot in the past few years.  Maybe it was due to the fact that the concert two years ago dragged on for over two hours and alot of the program was recordings of hand picked children being highlighted while the actually children on stage stood there and were board awaiting there turn to preform as backup players, but I digress.  He started the show with the poem, that was well received, then the newly minted band players gave us their rendition of several songs.  They were wonderful considering some of them had been playing for a whole three plus months, the older more accomplished players in their ensemble 15 months. They took their bows,  then came the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade choir singers.  They sang well, smiled with pride at their parents looking on from the audience.  They sang out in the places they liked and knew the best.  The teacher had truly brought out their joy in the songs; and when they were done singing "we are all getting fatter for Christmas" they truly shouted that they wanted another Pie.  It was well done and fun.  Next came the little ones, the teacher assured us the even if they didn't know the words we would have fun and enjoy it, because they were just so darn cute!  He was truly a mystic seer as they were truly just so darn cute.  One of the little ones in the second row couldn't hold back her joy and danced along to every song.  She put her little heart out there and the audience couldn't control the mirth of seeing the shear joy she put on display.  They were all dressed in their finery and were as proud as the could be at their shared accomplishment.  During one of the songs they left the stage and put their little ornaments on the tree, in two well ordered stages I might add, how did he get them to do it in such an orderly manner I wonder?  I think maybe the answer is that he loves what he is doing and is a great asset to the school.  He may not have loved it more than the old teacher, but the results and love the kids gave him were clearly superior to his predecessor's, and all the kids got to participate equally they were all special not just the backup group.  They lite their tree with pride, well sort of, as the lights went down there was that little problem that some one forgot to actually plug in the tree. They had to bring up the lights to do that but then there was that spectacular lighting of that little Christmas tree, and no one in the room thought it was a holiday tree, it was a Christmas tree to one and all.  They took their bows and the evening was done.  All having had a wonderful time.  A blessing to be sure..... tomorrow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bug turns 29, a year of great ups and downs, I hope the coming year brings peace and balance.

I said before that I have been sick, and I hate to whine, but still have no voice to speak of, in ways it may be a seasons blessing for my family. It has not really gone in to my lungs so that is good, just in my throat mostly, and probably my VCD and Gerd are anger so that makes it worse. Poppie finds me funny as I can't talk really at all. I digress. I tried to stay in bed all day and await an update on my sister. She has been moved to Zootown and has had a procedure, she should get to come home today if all stays going well.

I managed to lounge in bed and finish the first sock in Poppie's pair. I had Yogie make a chocolate cake as I knew that I couldn't stay abed all day, Bug and family would be coming in the afternoon, it was his 29 birthday. Daughter was also going to bring cupcakes for Eldest birthday which is later in the week. They came around 2ish and I made spaghetti. I had Daughter go to the store and pick up a can of pie cherry filling and cool whip. Poppie and Bug both are not big on sweets, Bug more so than Poppie. Poppie has a secret night calling for boxes of zingers, ding dong, cookies and other really bad boxed goodies, but normally like Bug rarely eats sweets. They both like my, in this case Yogie's, plain chocolate cake with pie cherry filling in the center after it has been slice into, with cool whip or whipped cream and sometimes, but not yesterday a light gnateaus spread over it. It is a once a year treat for them both so they expect it and pout a little when they don't get it. So mom, with Yogie's help managed to come through. We got him a bowling game for the Kinects so all the little ones and Bug played bowling. It is a lot more like the real thing than the Wii one or the bowling on the sports Kinect game. The kids had to adjust to the new one, Poppie was excited that you can choose your ball weight and the oil on the floor so I think it will be a hit in the future. They will be better bowlers when they play the real think and they are getting a lot of exercise just playing it.

Bug had a year of great ups and downs. May brought the completion of his adoption of his kids a true high for him. June brought trouble in their marriage, he had the kids most of the time with our help. July they decided to work on their marriage more. August he was accused of a horrible crime and was arrested, the charges were later dropped, without cause, but the shame and embarrassment has almost devastated him. He and Daughter are now living in two different places and CPS is working with them to help them get their lives straightened out. Their marriage at this point may not survive but they are and have always been best friends. They both love their kids and are trying to figure out the best things for them. Bug has been very low and sad of late. He seems to be more open than he has been in years to me and his dad. We are talking about our relationship and that is getting much better. I see his pain but know I can not fix it, that I can only support him and encourage him to go forward. Knowing he needs people, needs help and is asking for it is a step forward, so I pray he continues forward. I have talked to him about the importance of talking with the Lord. He tells me the Lord has always been apart of his life as I instilled that in him. He told me he loves me and missed our talks, I told him I love him and that I hadn't gone anywhere he had been away but was welcome back anytime. I think he has hit the bottom and on the uphill side but that doesn't make it any easier for him, the climb will be hard.... tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Times person of the year interests me, why do people only see things from their viewpoint?

I spent the day in bed or a good portion of the morning, with no voice and a sore throat so had lots of time to contemplate. I find it kind of funny how controversial the Times person of the year article is.  Young people, in general, think they are the only ones that ever thought of something new or innovative.  They are young, full of themselves, and are going to change the world.  That is and has always been true, why else do you think change occurs?  The ones I have the most problem with are the ones that think they invented change.  I saw a question on facebook once where a concerned young person was asking about the Arab Spring in it's begins.  She wanted to know if anywhere in history this had happened before.  I thought it was a great deal like the uprising of the thirteen colonies and the change they made in democracy and history.  One other person seemed to think that it was a totally new thing, nothing like this had ever happened before in the history of man.  I think her opinion was just that, her opinion, and she was entitled to it.  But somehow almost a year, or is it almost two years later, didn't she forget the "green movement of the Iranian people" in her judgement of middle east change?  I think you can not judge a happenstance from the middle of it, you have to have the clarity of distance to actually see all that was going on for any event of change.
I do find it interested that the people of change, and protest, only see their small part in it and magnify it's importance in regard to the whole event.  Today we are in a  great time of change in the world, not just in America.  We have the social media to credit for it, I don't mean just the facebooks, myspaces or what ever media out let you use, but the media like consciousness of change in general.  We are living in a time where due to the Internet we get to know of a happening in real time but that is not the social media that is changing the current crop of young people.  It is the shared sociability of our time, they get to know how each other think, their cultures are not so alien to one another and they find common ground in knowing each other.  They are a social unit and a product of social media but in the end they are the true social media; but isn't that true of anytime?  All ages share the social closeness that their interaction with each other allows them, more limited in one age than another maybe,  but at the time the most socially aware people have been thus far in time. The printed word was the cutting edge at the time of the American revolution as is the Internet with the current revolutions.  Yes, we live in a smaller world with all of humanity interacting together, but wasn't it a similar reality that all in America could react as one country in a time when it took days or weeks to travel from one end of their world to the other.  Yes, we can travel around the world faster now but the concept is the same, we communicate at the fastest speed we can in our own time.

The green movement was really the beginning of the Arab spring in many ways but it was crushed by Iran. Yes, many of the countries of the Arab Spring have changed leadership but have any of the ones with real oil money and clout changed on any real level? we are at the beginnings of the revolutions and have a long way to go.  The young person who thought I was an idiot was aghast that I should compare the American revolution with this, it took all the way from 1776 to 1792 to be over.  The young person at the time quoted to me that Tunisia and Egypt had changed in months, well, Egypt might have fallen but they have a long way to go to a workable government. Libya is in the same boat.  I watch with interest awaiting the true end, to see how it proceeds and the developments of all the other countries involved.  I may not get to see it in my life time who really knows.
The Occupy Wall Street people think they are the only ones asking for change in our country, they picket and protest, but they look down their noses at the Teaparty people, and vise versa but aren't they really both the extremes of our American society? people trying to make change one from the far left and the other from the far right?  Both groups of protesters that might be included in the Times piece. What of the Russian people standing up for change, something that has never really happened on this level in Russia, even the Russian revolution was different or was it just their answer in their time? What of the unrest in Europe and the change being made there?  Yes, this is a year of protest, or maybe a time of protest, but why don't any of them see that they are not alone in their protest just different solutions, or maybe quests, for change in a time of great unrest and failure of the current status quo... tomorrow.

Scary phone call rules our evening. Poppie helps out.

We had a fairly uneventful day, I am getting a cold so by the end of the day my voice was almost gone.  I used spritz and drank water most of the day, Poppie checked on a truck with Bug and stopped to pick up a few groceries for dinner.  He and the girls were going to make french dips from the roast I had made.  He had just arrived home when the phone rang.  Yogie picked it up and was struggling with the phone, she gave the phone to her dad as she couldn't make out what the person was saying.  Poppie tried to figure out who was  on the phone but had no more luck than Yogie.  He handed me the phone and I with my squeaky voice asked who it was.  I could hear lots of crying and a garbled voice.  I couldn't really understand anything but help.  I did know immediately that it was my sister, Drama Queen. She was distressed, crying and needing help.  She was breathing erratically, crying and talking but I couldn't make out much but help.  I asked her if she was having a heart attack and she relied in the affirmative, I told here I would send Poppie immediately to help her and that I had to hang up to call 911.  Poppie went to his vehicle put in the hubs, jumped in a speeded his way up the hill to Drama Queens house.  I called 911 and told them how to get to her house. 

Poppie later told me that when he got there she was on the floor crying and scared.  He helped her get into a comfortable position.  She had just gotten home from a day of shopping in Zootown, She had felt bad so had left the family there and drove home alone, she had just gotten home and had barely made it into the house when she collapsed. Poppie called and left messages on Drama Queens oldest daughter, Princess's phone.  He called me to check on the ambulance, I told him it was on it's way.  The ambulance arrived one of the attendants had went to school with Drama Queen and was in with her, Poppie helped the other attendant get the gurney in the house.  Princess called back, Poppie told her he would stay with Drama Queen and go to the hospital until some one arrived to be with her.  Poppie called me to tell me he was going to the hospital.  I told him that was good as I couldn't she didn't need to get whatever it is I have.

I had called Sister when the ambulance was coming.  Drama Queen had just left her house about 10 minutes before to go home, she had stopped on the way home to drop off some shoes.  She said Drama Queen had not looked good to her when she left.  She said Drama Queen had been having some heart trouble and was waiting until after the first of the year to go get checked out as she would have insurance then. 

Poppie stayed at the hospital until Drama Queen's mother in law and sister in law arrived to be with her until her husband got there.  King called Poppie later to thank him for helping her.  Poppie told him he remembered being in the emergency room at the time of his accident and when he reached out his hand in pain she had taken his so he was just returning the favor.  King said that they would know more today, he said he guesses that there was no more waiting until they had insurance.  They have her stable to some extend but her blood pressure was extremely high. They would decide today if they were going to move her to Zootown.  Hopefully we will know more today until then we are praying and asking for your prayers..... tomorrow.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Developing my online stores is a marketing conquest I don't do well but trying.

I have actually started to get clients on my Etsy site, I list all of my upcycled items and soaps there so it is exciting to see it beginning to take off even if slowly.  I sold soap this week and it was cool as it went to a "local" well a Montanan anyway. I am beginning to sell shorties somewhat regularly and am developing new styles and sizes to accommodate different size babies and toddlers.  I haven't really sold any of the toddler items but that will come in time or I will aim more at a niche of shorties. I am actually getting excited because now I have two different personalities on the Internet, as far as selling goes, Etsy and Ebay are so different and I sell such different items on therm.  I know that developing a persona is important so am going to spend more time in the community of Etsy to develop mine more.   Plan on doing some treasuries and some PIF's to get my stuff out there more.  I have been listing a few items every few days which I know on Etsy is key.  Ebay, you can just list and walk away so that is great, funny my clients on Ebay are mostly men.  Etsy I am having to develop Lady clients so it is a different process.

I spent the evening knitting on some shorties for a special orders so that is a win win, no nail biting and making money.  I am close to finishing Poppies socks as well so that is great.  I spent time on Ebay getting great deals on wool yarn yesterday, I have decided to give all my non wool to my daughters, Mokie will have to fight it out with the two up and coming fiber artists.  I think that if I only keep wool on hand I will concentrate on making wool items and the clientele on Etsy seem to prefer it so no more fake yarn only the real fibers.  I still hope to make my own in the future.  I am hoping to learn to use my White Studio lk- 150 I don't have a manual so it has been a hard process, I found a manual on the Internet but it is hit and miss how successful I am. I did find a dvd for it but it is 40 dollars and I am too cheap to buy it.  I did get a video of a similar machine but not the exact model so am trying to struggle through.  I do wish I knew someone with a knitting machine so I could watch it in action, that would help immensely, I know in the end I will figure it out at my own, stumbling bumbling pace, like I do everything else...... tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Inner reflection is good for the soul but sometimes hard on the concious.

I found a wonderful set of sayings this week and posted them to my face book it is called
 "15 things your never knew or thought about."  It is an interested set of ideas, thoughts or statistic about you in the world or in general.  I thought when I posted them they were fun stats.  I read them and one of them kept talking to me.  Number 11 seemed to haunt me for some reason.  It says.  "when you think the world has turned it's back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world."  I for some reason couldn't seem to shake the question of "do I turn my back on the world"?  I know by choice I am a private person, I am quite satisfied with my life even if it a little lonely at times,  well not lonely in the light that I have more animals and little kids to spend time with than most, but lonely in the ability to talk and debate on an adult level.  I have discovered in the course of this blog that I can do that on some level but just talking to you, so that has helped in a way.  My Poppie is a good ear and my best friend so we spend alot of time talking, probably more than most couples as we neither feel a great need for going an visiting alot.  I know this about myself but it still bothered me that maybe I had turned my back on the world.  Do I let people down by not trying more aggressively to spend time with them?  Do I let my family, the extended one, down by not coming and going more in their lives?  Do I let the Lord down by not putting myself out more in the community? I have contemplated alot this week on this and have no real answers to any of these questions.  I may never have answers to them, I can think of positive and negative answers to all but not sure I can really answer them. 

I was watching the news yesterday and a piece on homeless children testifying to congress caught my eye.  I watched as a young teenage homeless girl told of the hard ships she had endured due to the recent recession and her family losing their home.  My soul responded in a understanding manner and maybe I learned a partial answer to some of my questions from that young child.  Maybe I am as lost as she is in a way, and maybe I can reflect and seek answers in a different light after having heard her words.  She said that they had lost their home, they had moved about 6 times to new schools, new houses and new schools.  She spoke of how she had had to learn to close herself down, that after moving continually it was hard to put herself out there,  why should she try to make friends she wouldn't get to stay and develop the friendships,  she had learned how to be lonely and do without the companionship of people as they would just go away anyway.  I felt the girls pain in an instant and I knew where she was coming from as I had been there.  Maybe I never changed from the child I was and she is, maybe I have never learned how to turn what she has turned off back on?  I don't know but after being made aware of it maybe I can try.

I have been where that child has been, not homeless but moving over and over as a child.  I don't recall the moves before I was 3 and 1/2 but do recall the moves since then.  We moved into my grandparents house when they were killed in a car wreck when I was 4, my mom couldn't live there long term so we moved on to a 50 acre sheep farm.  The old farm house was lovely, but Mom wanted a new house so they made a basement and were working on the upper stories.  My mom's cousin, sort of, moved into the old house, it was great living next to them. I was in kindergarten, it was a nice life.  The owner of the mill, my dad worked at, died so we moved to Grangeville, Id,  we lived in a nice little 50's house on B street, but it was little so we moved to an old farm house on the Camas prairie outside of town.  I was in first grade and we loved the old house.  My dad got a new job in Kooski, Id, so we moved to Green creek on the Elk River and I went to second grade.  My dad got a job back in Grangeville so we moved back and we lived in a nice white house between the gravel pit and the radio station.  I had just started the 4th grade when the mill closed down, dad had no local job prospects so we move to Winslow, Az, in December.  Winslow was scary for us kids, so big, such a different culture and people. We lived in a trailer for the first month then we moved to an apartment complex, the Cachina Gardens.  We bought a house and moved into a multi racial part of town. Mom and dad didn't like it there so we moved to Corvallis, Mt in August.  I went to the 5th grade there, we lived in one of my mom's cousins houses.  The mill burned to the ground in Missoula in January.  We move to Plains, Mt in February.  We moved into a trailer court at first, were there several months, then moved our trailer to lower lynch creek road next to the gravel pit.  We moved to upper lynch creek when I was in 6th grade.  We liked it there we had 10 acres and Dad built on to the trailer.  We stayed there until I was in the 9th grade, the mill closed and we moved to Eniat, Wa in November.  The mill burned down and in February we move to Quest, NM. I finished my 9th grade year of school there.  A week after school ended we moved to Lewistown Mt.  we were there a week in a motel, mom didn't like it so we moved back to Plains.  The mill opened again and I went to my sophmore year there.  We lived in a little 2 bedroom apartment by the carwash, all 10 of us.  Shortly there after we got an bought an old railroad house in town it was wonderful, for the first time I had a room of my own.  It was a 5 by 15 canning room but it was mine. The summer after school was out we moved to Joseph, Or,  it was a wonderful town.  The birthplace of Chief Joseph.  We were there until March then the family moved to Superior, Mt, I stayed to finish out my junior year of school.  The family moved to Plains after a few weeks.  I joined them in June.  We lived there my senior year.  I moved in with my grandfather in Lewiston, Id in July after graduating.  I meant Poppie in October, I had just joined Yacc at Lakeside, Mt, we were in the program there until Feburary when Poppie got a job in Superior, with my dad's help.  Poppie and I married in March of 1980 and move here we have live in 5 places in this town in 33 years.............. tomorrow.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Herbalist stops in for a visit, such a nice treat.

Herbalist stopped by to ok a project I am working on for her. She liked all of the choices I made on the items she order so that was nice, but the best part was that she came for a visit. Due to our truck problems and that her truck had been in the shop for awhile we were both stranded for awhile this fall, it is so funny to use the term fall this late in the year here in Montana.  It is and has been winter since October, fall is still on the calendar but long since gone.  I digress. We had a great visit. We got to talk about our moms and the influences they have on our lives.  Herbalist is not old enough to be my mom but she is a little closer in age to my mom than me.  My mom after all is only 18 years older than me.  It is funny the similarities our mom's have to each other.  Maybe its that Herbalist and I are a great deal alike and that we made our moms like they are or they made us like we are interesting concept... hmmm.  We got to talk about our knitting we both love to knit, but I do so want to teach her to continental knit and how to long tail cast on, both will increase her speed on knitting.  I know she doesn't have a speed issue now as she enjoys the process, but speed increases fluidity. I will get to her eventually, so won't quit bugging her.  My whole CAKLS group knows I am pushy on continental knitting so why should I be any different with her.  I am taking her to CAKLS soon I think she would love it and they would get to know her. She is relatively new to the community, that is so funny to say as she has lived her for several years but like me she is a bit of hermit, on many levels, so the process of getting to know people is slower.  I showed her a bunch of the wool yarn deals I got and get on Ebay because I have patience to look for the good deal.  I hope to help her find some, yarn can be outrageous to buy and a deal is a deal. We compared mukluk patterns, I thought she made a sock on a leather foot from the bottom up but it turns our that hers are made the same ways as all the patterns I found on line and in books.  I have been working on a pattern in my head to do it from the bottom up, encouraged by the imaginary ones I thought she was making so will finish figuring it our in my head and put it to paper.  I can try one right after I finish Poppies socks. He is still wear the first pair I made and won't stop wearing them until I can give him a new pair to wear.  He is a funny man, but he does love them and that is nice.

Herbalist went over to see Mokie, Son and the kids, after she left here.  She got to hug up on the baby.  She tried to trade one of her puppies to the kids for their new sister and they wouldn't make a deal with her. Odd they usually like puppies. Can't wait to spend more time with my dear friend and need to make time to do so. I have several friends I have to find time to spend time with this coming year.  I am thinking I will make that my new years resolution.  I don't usually make a new years resolution, I don't usually have all that many changes I feel the need for in my life.  I think I will try to do a better job at being open to my friends and joining in more.  I have neglected my CAKLS friends of late, no vehicle to go, the summer was so full of kids no time to escape, right now I have pseudo grand kids for the month.. see how I am already making excuses.... tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bubbie has an opinion and her momma lets her have her way.... too fun!

I breast feed all of my older children for about a year, give or take depending upon the circumstances around their weaning time. I enjoyed every minute of it and am a strong supporter of anyone that can to do it for their child.  My younger girls were not breastfeed, Goofy tried but for different reasons neither continued to be breast feed after a couple days and were bottle babies.  Maybe that helped me to bond with them so may have been God's blessing I don't know and second guessing is not what this is about. They were also binkie babies.  I worried about that a little at the time but read several articles that change my mind in a profound way.  Binkies help babies brains to grow, the sucking action is very good for the growth of their brains.  I was never worried again.  They both had their binkies until they were two.  The binkie was a little hard on Yogie's teeth, but in hindsight her teeth had genetic issues that were not going to be damaged by her binkie. Both talked early, one walked eary and both are exemplary students so I am a binkie supporter.

Mokie tried a little to breast feed Boy but due more to her nervousness with a new baby than anything, I think, he didn't want it and wouldn't really try.  She put him on the bottle right away and never looked back.  Cubbie didn't even get to try, Mokie felt more comfortable with the bottle.  Cubbie soon after it was too late to try would root on anyone.  She would have been a great breastfeed baby, she really did want too.  Bubbie cried for 4 hours Monday night, her tummy was upset and she was letting the world know she didn't like it.  She refused to take her bottle and screamed the house down.  Out of shear desperation Mokie tried to breastfeed her, she was like a hog to slop.  She latched on and she liked it.  Momma called Nannie the next day to try and figure out some of the questions she never carried about before about breastfeeding.  Why is it harder to get to breast feed on one side?  Etc..... Nannie, and Poppie, an old hat at this himself, said "they always have a favorite side, you have to feed them on the side they don't like first when they are the most hungry".... Bubbie is obvious more demanding than Cubbie, Lord help us. I think that is a foreboding of things to come... tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our babies need us less everyday by God's intent, they don't struggle with it we do.

God gives us our children, we don't get to choice them they are all miracles from God no matter how they arrive upon our doorsteps, well not actually the doorstep but in our hearts. They are the most amazing gifts and anyone that has every held one should feel the presence of God in their touch.  I have no idea how those who don't believe miss him, one of life's great mysteries maybe or I don't know what can't imagine not believing in God so have to real knowledge of the lack of it.  I digress.  God made them as one of the most marvelous creations, I guess that is wrong, the most marvelous creation in his own image.  He also made them the most independent little learning machine.  They are on a journey, with great intent, from the moment they are born.  Their quest is independence and they have such a short time to obtain it.  Eighteen short years.  Some take a little longer and sadly some a little less but still a short beautiful time.  It is a time of love, learning, heartache, memories, sharing and eventually separation.  There can be more a gentle flow in some babies development all the way to adulthood, they never cause a moment of trouble or stir, they are old souls with a path that seems to show a deep down wisdom and calm that only God could give them, but they are probably the exception.  The majority are scrambling learn little machines that can't wait for the wondrous future to arrive you get to have a glimpse of them as they pass through their childhood.  They are on a mission and you will miss their passing if you blink.  I think their are many more paths, possible as many as there have every been babies but alot would hold true to these two generalities. The bottom line is we only get a moment to share with them, guide them, help them find the who they will be. Some lets us help a great deal along the way and some think we are in their way.  The end result is that they get to be adults, they get to make their own way in this world and in that finite time we get to help them. We make mistakes, forget things, and don't live up to our own expectations of what we should have given them mentally, physically and spiritually but we do the best we can.  We are human after all and no where near perfect at anything or on any level.  God made us that way for a reason, we can only guess at his reasoning so we truly do not know why are as we are. One morning that little bundle you held so dear on that first day of their life say "by mom and dad" and they are off on their adult adventure.  You feel their loss and your heart cries for them but you never realize until a long time later that they never were yours they just passed threw your arms on the way to getting "there". 

We get to watch them as adults, with pride, with sorrow, with love, with heartache, with suggestions and maybe some guidance but they are the people they are.  We can not take credit for them, and we can not take blame for their choices.  We can take pride in the contributions we made in their lives, but it is their successes and their failures, not ours.  They are God's creation, as are we, he is the most important thing in their lives (whether they know it or not), their true guidance and true way, we just got to borrow them on his terms for a short time.  He gave us the gift of babies because he loved us but he gave us the gift of adults because he loves mankind...... tomorrow.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Babies, do they ever really grow up in their momma's heart?

Yesterday, I got to share the joy of my newest granddaughter with her momma, her "big" sister (for now), her brother, her cousins Yogie and Booboo.  Poppie doesn't like to hold newborns so it will be a few days before his daughter drops her newborn into his lap and walks away giving him no choice but to adore is new granddaughter.  I saw the joy and remembered the moment I held the momma for the first time, saw the momma in the granddaughters, both look just like her but to tell the true the new one more than the older if that is possible.  All three, mother and daughters have odd birth marks that make them more alike. The baby is quiet and easy going but I think that comes from the comfort the mother feels with her child.  Mokie is a good mother, though like her mother not a pushover or a cooing baby talker.  We both expect what they are capable from them when they are capable of it.  Sometimes that seems gruff but the pride you see in the little ones face when they accomplish what you knew they could, priceless.

I don't know that your child ever truly grows up in your heart.  They become the adult you see, love, fight with, spend time with and cherish but are they ever really more loved and less the memory of the first time you saw them and loved them without reservations.  They took your heart in the instant and it is yours for a life time.  No one is more on their side than a mother, dads too I suppose, but dads come to it from a different angle they are handed a stranger they can't wait to get to know but you just parted from them in a way that men never experience.  You never forget when you carried them beneath your heart, you just know that now you carry them in your heart.... tomorrow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homecomings today, hopefully. God's blessings are ours.

Hopefully later today, Mokie and Son will bring home their new daughter to meet Boy and Cubbie. The kids are so excited. Cubbie slept all night with the girls, and is coming to terms with the knowledge, that she is a big girl and will need to start sleeping in her own bed. She is encouraged to be brave by the fact that she has stayed with Nannie and Poppie and been brave.  She will go in to her new circumstance with a happy heart.  We know there will be set backs but she is happily willing so that is half the battle.

Yogie went to Zootown to a birthday party with her friends yesterday.  She got to watch her friends in a basketball game.  Three of the girls in her room participate in the YMCA basketball program on weekends.  They then went bowling and had a pizza birthday party with cake to follow. She had a great time.  Booboo had one of her friends over to compensate she was upset that she didn't get to go with Yogie but I explained that as the grow each will be invited to different events and that though they would like to go they don't always get to.  She was pretty ok with it until her friend and her decided that her friend was to stay the night.  They had it all planned and then her friend wanted to go home, not because of Booboo but because she is young and got scared, she had done this before so I was not surprised but it devastated Booboo.  I told her that next time her friend would have a coming to visit time and a going home time and there would not be any of this.  She is too young to stay and the game would not go on again.  She can come to visit but until she is older she is not staying all night.  I finally got Booboo to stop crying and look on the good side of having her friend over.

Mokie called Cubbie last night just as she was going to sleep so she was up and ready to go for another hour plus.  Her puppy chewed the vacuum cord in half and Poppie was not happy with her or her puppy.  He will have to fix that later.  Mokie called Cubbie first thing this morning and she told her mom about her accomplishment of sleeping all night with the girls.  Boy talked to his mom, they still miss the baby they haven't seen more than Mom and Dad.  I think Mom misses them a great deal though.  They may get to come home later today if all is well but we will see and pray for a good outcome.

Today we are going to go get, Belle, the name Booboo has given her peahen.  Yogie gets to have the one from Going, she is going to bring it when she comes to have her tires changed and pick up her piglet.  I am not sure Yogie has a name for hers yet.  Princess the billy goat will come today as well.  He is a little Nigerian buck and I will have to start looking for him a good home.  He is very children friendly so should be easy to place in a new home.  I will probably list him on craiglist this week.  Today will be a day of homecomings such a blessing of good from God... tomorrow.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bubbie came and she has a name, not a middle name yet but a first name. Beautiful baby.

Mokie and Son were sick early in the week, this week, and they felt the need to share their sickness with me.  I woke up thrusday night in pain, spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor praying to the porcelain god.  Mokie and Son dropped the kids off and advised me that this lasted just short of two days so Poppie called in cancellations to the dentist.  We didn't get to go to the dentist, but more importantly we didn't get to go see Bubbie on her first day.  She was scheduled to be born at 8:30ish but due to a little complication, she was side ways and they had to use the vacuum she came in just before 9.  Momma and baby doing fine.  She is beautiful, her momma thinks she looks like Cubbie, this momma and Nannie, thinks she looks more like her momma than Cubbie, if that is possible, she actually has her momma's nose which Cubbie doesn't.  Regardless she is a beautiful baby.  Mom and Dad could not be prouder. Though Boy told me his dad wants a baby brother next time. Oh, what a child will repeat.  Mokie sent me pictures in the afternoon to share her beauty. 

We can't wait to see the new baby, tomorrow, many will have seen her before  us but we will get to see the cherished moment when Cubbie and Boy meet Bubbie.  They both slept well and to what, I'm sure will be their momma's dismay, have not once asked about momma, all their questions are of the "new baby sister".  Cubbie slept with me, it was like having a cyclone in bed, I had to take her heel out of my ear more than once, I put her on the outside as I knew she would hurt Poppie if I didn't.  Between that and her two dogs, and Poppie's dogs it was a full bed.  Mokie called first thing this morning to share more tidbits of her baby with me, such a nice daughter, suck a lovely momma and a beautiful soul.  I do so love and am very proud of my daughter.  She is such a kindred spirit and friend.

Tomorrow a new baby, a new peacock and a bully goat named Princess come to nannyland a marvelous day to be sure... tomorrow is only a day away...... tomorrow.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Your so vain you probably think this (blog) is about you....., gotta love Carlie Simon!

Most people who know me, long term, have probably heard me give my theory on Montanans before but for those of you that haven't heard it, it is as follows.  I love Montana and Montanans, we say what we want, we like our freedoms, like our guns and lack of overbearing rules.  You push us and we push back, we are honest and in your face.  We are some of the nicest people to meet and some of the hardest people to become long terms friends with.  We are genuinely friendly to strangers but to go from stranger to friend is a cautious process.  I was born, and for the most part raised here, 3 generations deep.  My kids are fourth and grandkids fifth generation and proud of it to the bottom of our souls.  We love people that move into our state and communities that are just as wild and freedom loving as we are,  you make yourself a Montana in every sense of the word by the week after next, can't tell you from the Montana's that were here all their lives, you are a kindred spirits and a just plain Montanans.  Love ya.

The rest of you that come here and 30 years later are still the product of where ever it is you came from don't try and push your agenda on us.  You are the reason out of stater's, out of towner's and out of countyer's get such a bad rap.  You didn't like where ever it was you came from so you found our little piece of heaven and wanted to come here because it was so calling to you.  The problem was that you brought all of your ill conceived thoughts with you.  No we don't want your new laws and your regulations, no we don't want your new restrictions and your philosophy shoved down our throats.  If you wanted to buy land that had covenants, home associations, building codes and a gated community mentality, why didn't you just move there or better yet stay where you came from.  No you can't come into our communities and change them to make yourself feel at home.  If you wanted that life style you came to the wrong state, county and town.

Thank the Lord, Mineral County is still free in the sense that we can still say what we like, build what we like, have the animals we like, own the vehicles we like and our neighbors can't force us to do his bidding.  If you wanted a zoned, covenanted piece of property with a homeowners association you should have paid for it, and moved into one.  I myself can not imagine my neighbors letting someone establish a homeowners association on the land they have lived on the way they wanted to for years.  They shouldn't have to, the land they bought didn't have one and that is why they bought it.  I am not, and have never been part of any subdivision, so am not subject to the rules that might or might not have gone with a subdivision; but you can bet I will never voluntarily give up the right to make the decisions on my property for anyone, it would be like you having to pry my gun from my cold dead fingers, good luck.... tomorrow.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silence can be such a blessing and such a tool of evil, It's all in the way it is used.

Silent Night has always been one of my favorite songs of Christmas, I love the story they tell about the writing of this simple song or hymn.  A silent night can be a blessing, to just sit in the snow and listen. Silence at the end of the day in the sunset is truly golden. The silence and awe we share at the birth of a baby, the awe of something new or the surprise of a new revelation.  Silence can be such a wondrous lovely thing.  The silence of a secret shared with a special someone.  The silence as we teach our child how to play hid and go seek, how not to wake up a new baby, how to settle for a nap as a toddler learns to rest.  The silence of sneaking up on a covey of birds in a field, a deer at the park side of a stream, the silence of the morning sunrise.  Oh, how many silences the Lord blesses our life with, the numbers are as many as the stars and a glory to be hold.  Silence is truly a blessing untold.

Silence of the victimized is in contrast a tool of the abusive, the oppressive and a true machination of evil; the contrasting twin portraits of good and evil on this earth in our lives.  This  year we have seen the voice of the Arab Spring, the people of the oppressed nations have said "no more, even if I die I want to be heard", they have stepped forward and have decided that they will no longer be silent and have taken up their causes to let the world see their plight loudly.  The victimized children of Sandusky have this year stepped forward and said "no more, you haven't the right to abuse me and take away my childhood. My silence, the silence of the football program and the silence of the university itself allowed me to be abused long term, and with each year new victims were betrayed by the people we should have been able to trust. No more." Loudly we are hearing their voices, and the sorrow of the ones who let their voices past fall on deaf ears.

  Silence can be such an abusive destructive thing.  We have to remember that when anyone says, "don't tell it will be our little secret, Don't tell Momma and Daddy this is our secret, Don't tell grandma or grandpa, or your friends, or the cops don't need to know, " your child should know to run screaming for help.  I have not always taught my children that, I learned the hard way that is was a mistake, I have never made the same mistake twice in my life.  I have taught my ladies the importance of voice.  I proudly am a loud mouth, and now a loud blogger, when some one says "you can't say that" I by example teach my children, unless I am breaking the law or harming people, no one has the right to say I can't say anything I like.  I do love that in our country we have the right of freedom of speak, but more than that we have the inalienable right to freedom.  That freedom was not cheap and we should never cheapen the cost it was bought at.  Willingly standing silent, or being forced by the will of others, for nefarious purposes, to stand silent is spitting in the faces of the ones that gave us the right to stand up and be heard... tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The day that will live in infamy, my Grandmother Gladys once saw the Arizona.

I don't recall my grandmother being a really political person, maybe she was and maybe she wasn't I do not recall. My father always has been as he loves history in general, and he gave me the love of it so maybe she was, I just don't know.  She went to Samoa when I was 9 and 3/4 and had occasion to go to Hawaii many times.  She told me that on one of those trips, and lay overs, she had made time to go see the Arizona and the memorial there.  She was awe inspired.  She told me about it once and she relayed to me that it was the most inspirational places she had ever been.  She described the ominous feeling of God when she stood at the memorial in the harbor.  She said she never felt the power of God any more clearly than in the moment she stood there.  She had been diagnosed with her cancer at the time but I don't think that is what she felt.  I think she felt the spirit of God in a place where only God could make a difference to the loss of so many souls.  She felt the self sacrifice and heroism of those long past men and women.  She said she knew that heaven existed beyond a doubt because she could feel the essence of it there.  I, myself, have never got to go to any war memorials, I would love to go to a battle field and have since the moment she told me of the Arizona.  I would so like to feel the power of heaven on earth.  Today I am thankful for the souls that were lost that day, and the days that followed.  Freedom is never free and we in this country have so many past hero's that have given so much for our country and all that we enjoy here. We were given the rights we have, on the back of all of the fallen, and the war hardened ones that fought and died for us and our way of life.  Today I remember my grandmother, Gladys, and the Arizona.... tomorrow.

God's blessing can be many things and at blessed times, to assist the things he allows.

I have said before that I have struggled with anger off and on in my adult life.  I don't remember being an angry child but alot of my anger was from different childhood situations that came out in my adulthood. I began to really get a handle on my anger in my early 40's, I loved my 40's, I didn't like my 30's at all.  My forties were very uplifting, so much of my life just seemed to become more clear, I had gotten a handle on my depression and anger was becoming a thing of my past.  I did have bouts of it when I was frustrated with not being able to be home with my two little girls.  I finally took a leap of faith, and with the Grace of God, I quit my job at the sheriff's office and became the at home mom I needed to be.  The Lord provided for us and we got through to a better place.  We struggle and have to walk a pretty tight line to make it in our lives but God allows us what we need.  Sometimes we are given trials and sometimes we know not what we will do but God always provides in the end.

This last year, the first of my 50's, God began to give me patience in a whole new way. I have always had patience to do things like untangle yarn or thread, my mother taught me that, no she can't do it.  She would get her embroidery thread all tangled up and when I was really little she would hand it to my dad and he would fix it.  Once I got older, and dad would be at work, she would hand it to me,  I don't think she ever thought of it as a patience trainer, she just wanted her yarn or thread unknotted, and back then there was a dye lot on everything so new yarn wouldn't have helped.  The end result was that I have patience for little things, but it didn't always translate to people, IE I had anger problems occasionally.  My fifties has brought the end of my anger in a way I never expected.  I have learned that trials are blessing the Lord sends us.  We get to be challenged and learn so much from the trail and the end result can and is a blessing.  This year we have lost hundreds of dollar worth of our animal friends,  the cougar took so many of our favorite friends, but God provided us with a new path in our goat herd.  The well broke, and due to good Internet buying, God had given me the knowledge to find the pump at a good cost, and with Bug and Son's help Poppie got it fixed and we got through.  The Lord had provided us with such a blessing.   The Lord has given me new friends this year, helped me connect with old friends and given me CAKLS, such blessings have come our way.  The girls are doing well in Awana's and we are talking of go to Church, as we want that in our lives, and as my Parents have joined a new church for the first time in my life I feel that I won't be betraying my up bringing to try a new church.  The Lord sent me an enemy as a learning method in my life and that has truly been a bless that many would not understand.

This last month we have been blessed with the truck being broken.  Poppie was so upset at first,  he truly didn't understand how you go from the truck being in perfect shape to over night being broken.  He ended up getting our Jeep working which was a blessing in and of itself.  Poppie and I have gotten a manual for our truck and spent many an hour learning all the ends and outs of our truck.  Poppie was a certified mechanic, as a young man, but didn't pursue it as a profession so only did it on the side all these years.  His back injury really took away his ability to do the work the mechanicing requires so the new vehicles had become a mystery.  I have always been Poppie's right hand man with his mechanicing.  I took small engines in school so understand the concepts and machinations of the motor.  We read our manual, through trial and error we have ruled out many a problem on the truck.  We had finally narrowed the problem down to moisture.  Poppie, with the help of his friend Thor and Bug, cleaned out the whole fuel system.  What they found was amazing and not accidental.  The fuel system had over a quarter of water in it.  Moisture can be incidental in a fuel system but not a water bottle full of water.  The Lord blessed us that the water was put in the tank in November and not August, the cold kept the water from doing major damage to the truck,  in the end it will cost us several hundred dollars to fix, alot of down time, and my opportunity to do the MADE Fair but it is a blessing as well.  We have learn about the workings of our truck, many of Poppies logger friends, mechanic friends and family members assured Poppie that he had not damaged his truck he had done the right thing in his maintenance of his dear truck, this did not happen on it's own.  Poppie and I had the opportunity to share in our mechanicing, something we had thought was long past with the new vehicles, but we learned that we can learn.  We got to share our old hobby once again.  Blessing come in so many ways, the Lord has truly blessed me this year, trials, patience and the true dissolving of my anger... tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick trip in to Zootown, groceries and CUBBIE, she is too old for her age.

Poppie spent the day working on his truck, his friends helped him,  they made a great deal of progress figured out some interesting things about why the truck is not running.  He is narrowing it down and should have it done soon.  He did drive it around town but when you go up hill it can't take the pressure and stops running.  But progress was made and that is a blessing.  Such a great blessing to have neighbors like Shinny and New Mamma, they graveled the road and then helped tow Poppie up the hill, I guess the good and the bad always balance out.

We left for the Zoo around 12, we dropped Boy off with Poppie so he could help with the fixing of the truck. I hear he was a trooper but eventually got scared when Thor turned on the diesel heater in the shop, it made a large scary rumbling, Boy ran for his life, Poppie teased him that it would get him and that only made him run faster.  Eventually all was well with him but he was ready to go home when it came time.  Nice bonding day for Boy and Poppie, not some much with the heater.

Cubbie was in rare form, she has gotten her voice in spades.  She was mouthy, opinionated, and said the most outrageous things.  You had to sheild your face so as not to let her know you were laughing at her antic.  She was so naughty and uncontrollable I had to resort to threats.  She found out Nannie was to take her to the dentist on Friday.  I told her is she didn't set nicely in the dentist office I would take her little bum home and she would not get to go see the "new baby sister".  She thinks Nannie means business so has assured me she will set nice and open her mouth.  I am very sure she will as I am not taking her to see the baby sister if she doesn't.  I am also just as sure if she doesn't her Momma would never speak to me again, or anyway not for a long time, if I didn't take her to the hospital to see the new baby sister.  I am very glad her smart little mouth and brain haven't figured that out yet, it will be next week before she does at the rate her little brain is advancing.  Poor Boy he doesn't have a chance she already runs circles around him and it isn't going to get any better having a second one for him to figure out how to deal with.  On the bright side, he may just have little women figured out by the time he has to start figuring out the big ones. 

Hoping to go get grain tomorrow, Poppie may go with Thor or maybe we will just borrow his truck and trailer.  Lots to do this week and so little time.  The "new baby sister" still doesn't have a name.  Cubbie said I could name her, Mokie said "no she can't",   I wished Cubbie got to be in charge on this one, I could think of a wonderful name and Cubbie would agree with me.  Isn't it funny how Grandmas and Grandchildren seem to agree more than Mothers and Daughters.... tomorrow.

Monday, December 5, 2011

God tells us to treat others as we would like to be treat, maybe not literally but the implication is there.

I am by all accounts, and for the most part, a very private person.  Blogging in this open manner, in such an open forum has been a real stretch for me and has been a bit of a learning and teaching experience.  I am sure that there are some of you that don't know me, and think I am nuts, in my meanderings and that's ok.  I am sure there are others of you thinking what is she thinking? or how did she get to there from here? I find blogging truly a soul cleansing journey.  I try to be true to myself and those around me, I try to give some ambiguity to those I know, that didn't ask to be in my blog, but due to there interactions with me they are apart of my life.  I won't say I have a relationship with all of them as there are clearly people I blog about that I have no relationship with, and don't want one, actually never did but since my momma taught be to be polite I have had to put up with some of the people I have come across. I, on the whole, try to live a pretty invisible life, I don't see the purpose in speaking out or objecting about things, if the outcome is not changeable or if the endeavor serves no purpose.  I think that being mean, to just be mean, is a thoughtless and a useless waste of time.  I think that complaining about some one just because they are going out of there way to treat you bad is like tattling. Eventually the person you tattle to gets so sick of you, then you become worse than the person treating you badly, the person whom you tattled on. I generally try to treat others with respect, and when confronted by an idiot, who sets their goals just to harass me, I try to take the high road and walk away. People will see that person for who they are in the end and given enough rope, most people hang themselves, especially in a small community. Being above the nastiness is always the path God would ask us to take, sometimes it is a hard thing to do but sometimes it is sort of like watching a slow motion train wreck, it can be such fun to see what happens especially when the person in the train wreck asks for everything they get and deserve it.

I do know that turning the other cheek is God's way for mankind, and as I get older, I find it easier and easier to see why God asks it of us. Sparring with an imbecile  makes you worse than they are, walking in light and going forward is so much easier.  I do so love the neighborhood I live in.  I have so many family members that I care deeply for here. I have good neighbors that I share with and enjoy in a manner like we are to in, Proverbs 27:10, (Do not forsake your friend and the friend of your father, and do not go to your brother's house when disaster strikes you--better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away.)  I have neighbors I don't know, and have no desire to know, and that is ok. God doesn't ask me to be a busy body running around making an ass of myself, he leaves that to  people who's goal in life is to be an ass, there are those who fill that need in any community or neighborhood.  I live in a good neighborhood, where all these niches are filled, like in any neighborhood anywhere.

I often find it funny that people who complain and harp about indiscretions are general the most guilty of the act they harp about.  They see in others the crime or fault that is most prevalent in themselves.  Maybe it is because they are so aware of their short coming, on a daily bases, that they see it in others sort of like a reflection in a mirror. I think when you see a publican standing on the street screaming theft, you should probably check his pockets.  When you see someone yelling fraud, they probably just cheated the widow down the street out of her life savings.  The child who called wolf in the very basic child's tale is someone we should take heed of and we should remember the moral of the story. Some one that makes way to much noise just to get attention, all the time, has issues and should be watched.  Sadly they will eventually scream for help and no one will come because we will all be to numbed by their past misbehavior.  Remember in the grand scope of life you get to choose your path and only God should have input into what you do with your time on earth, and maybe your loved ones but never people of no consequence in your life, their opinion matters not.... tomorrow.

Great weekend, Kids and Grandkids sled down the garden wall. Snow!

The grand kids were here on Saturday during the afternoon and all night. Their mom dropped them off  early in the afternoon so they played with the girls outside, It was nice and sunny on Saturday so they played on the slide, and in the grass in the backyard.  We had tacos for dinner then they had ice cream for dessert.  They played Kinect the rest of the evening until they began a fight which left out on the kids so all got to lay down and go to sleep.  They were actually all out in a short time, they were all wore out from the outside play.  The night brought a good layer of snow.  They all woke up excited for the day.  I made them waffles and then we all went out to do the chores.  I left them pulling each other on their sleds in the goat pen.  They then went to slide down the tire wall and "hill" by the garden. I knew the hill was a manure pile but they didn't seem to remember or mind.  It was frozen over so what difference did it really make.  They were picked up mid afternoon.  It was a nice visit for all the kids.  The grand kids have been coming regularly on Saturdays so it is a nice distraction and treat to have them. 

The road was slick from the snow.  The neighbor woman and her kids were sledding on the road,  We have never in 30 plus years allowed the kids to sled on the road.  Number one it makes the road too slick for the neighbors above us to get up the road and eventually some one drives off the road.  One year it was so slick the garbage truck slide off and took out 8 eight of the fence we had along the road.  Number two at the top and bottom of the hill there are blind corners and someone could come down and kill the kids.  It is truly not safe to sled on the hill and only someone who didn't care about their children's safety would sled there to begin with.  The cops were called and the one that answered the call is not sure who is liable if some one gets hurt and he suggested we contact to the county attorney or a lawyer as he thinks maybe the landowner would be.  The easement, which is why she is sliding on the road, allows them to use the road, not sure it allows endangering your self on private property at other people's liable.

Off to Zootown later to go shopping, groceries, and maybe a little Christmas shopping, though I will have to go again just before Christmas for a Dr appointment for Poppie, oh and the dentist and Bubbie's birth on Friday so will have other opportunities for last minute Christmas shopping. Poppie thinks he has figured out what is wrong with the truck, we have determined that we don't believe it is the injectors.  He will be working on it today but if it is what he thinks it is it is truly outrageous. Happy days, happy weekend, great morning and day to come....  tomorrow.