Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ruby comes to Nannyland, and the other piglets put her throught the gauntlet.

Poppie and I carried one of Mokie's little sows over to be our new Momma Sow to be.  She is a little older than our piglets, a little bigger and she is bright red and white. We only have pink or black and white piglets.  We wanted to have a different colored one and the kids were excited to get her.  Poppie and I went over to carry her home, she weighed about 60 lbs and we were glad to get her over to our place and put her down.  She got heavy on the trip.  Poppie was sore the rest of the afternoon.  We put her in and the other piglets mobbed her.  She was more interested in the food than them,  they wanted to bite her ears and nudge at her.  The nine of them chased her around the pen, as long as she would run, when she stopped and ate they bit at her some more.  It took a while for them to find that she was ok and leave her alone.  She looked like a red streak running around among the black and white hoard.  I decided she looked like a Ruby amongst them. I decided her name should be Ruby.  Caesar and Cleo couldn't decide exactly what she was as they looked on from the outside of the piglet pen.  She apparently looked as different to them as she did to me. She was in very little pen with no exercising room at Mokie's so is a little fatter than normal but she will thin out in no time with the exercise she will get here.

The two tom turkeys, Thanksgiving and Lurkey, are really coming into their own in their new pen.  They are strutting and gobbling at one another deciding who is the top dog, or top turkey so to speak.  The lady turkeys, Boggle and Gobble, aren't sure they are impressed yet, but the boys are trying their best. The new goats are settling down and letting us get closer to them, they weren't handle much before we got them so are leery of us handling them.  I try to get closer to them everyday.  I can now pat them as I walk by if I don't dwell on them.  I have to worm some of the smaller ones today, that will be interesting but atleast I don't have to worm the two that were quads, Glenda and Gladys, they are still very skittish.  I did manage, with Mokie's help, to get the collar that was getting to small off of Glenda last week, she isn't anymore cautious of us now than she was so she is beginning to trust us a little.

Yogie is throwing up so is at home with mom today.  She had a "sick" day earlier in the week but it was from an upset more than anything.  She is still having anxiety issues but they are abating so that is good.  I will be ironing wool upcycled items, photographing them and listing them on ETSY, it was exciting to see them and get them out of the box.  I hadn't seen them since June so some of them were a real surprise I almost didn't remember making them.  I made all of them in such a short time.  Now to get them listed and sold.  Most of them are nice wools and a lot of them are boy's top and bottoms sets.  Busy day ahead, chores to do shortly and coffee to enjoy for now.... tomorrow.

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