Friday, December 30, 2011

Meat to grind today, and maybe just maybe sewing machine lessons.

The hog has hung long enough it was really cool that the weather has co-operated with us and been cool but not freezing hard. The meat has cooled and aged great and is ready to be cut up, ground wrapped and brined.  I hope to get it all done up this afternoon.  I have a brisket brinning in the studio, it is in liquid spicy brine, we are going to cook it up and eat some of it for New Years Eve.  Poppie loves it and I hope to keep a brisket in brine so I just have to cook them up to use them.  My friend, Spicey, (she has wonderful red firey hair),  has a great little spice and tea shop and I get the greatest spices from her.  How often can you get juniper right off the shelf a must to make good corned beef.  Reuben's and Reuben swirls for every one. I am going to make another cheesecake, as the one we made at Christmas time, had something wrong with it.  I think the cream cheese I got on sale was bad so we didn't chance it and I threw it out. 

Poppie is going to pick up freezer wrapping paper and plastic coating.  I think we will borrow the neighbors meat band saw.  We are hopping to buy one ourselves soon.  Poppie spent the evening reading more info on the truck on line.  It still is not running but we are getting closer to getting the last bugs out of the system.  When all the diesel was settled and drained off there was almost two quarts of water in the system, definitely not incidental.  Life goes on and you deal with the issues God allows in your life.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  I never really thought about it in realistic terms but I am today.  I am getting better but the constant tinseling of my steel is taking its toll. I do believe beyond a doubt that God has a plan and I am in the middle of it so I need to be patient and see this out to it's end results. 

The girls and I hope to get to try out their sewing machines today.  They each got a dolly making panel with their machine but I think that we will start with 4x4 or 2x2 squares.  They are both so excited to see that they can do with their machines, they haven't ever gotten to use mine.  I managed to knit two sets of Upluks in newborn size yesterday,  the pattern is definitely getting to a successful completion.  I am going to try a larger pair and see if it is true in the bigger sizes.  Probably a pair each for the girls.  The best part of the design is that the hardest part of the Upluk, the foot, is made from upcycled wool, so they are fitted well and quick to make.  I think I have captured the best part of both a knitted mukluk and upcycled wool slippers. 

Well off to start my day, Curious and Cartoons will be here soon.  Mokie and the kids, I am sure, will be here this morning all still so sad about their Kitty.  Coffee to drink and a Booboo to snuggle with, priceless.... tomorrow.

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