Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God's blessing can be many things and at blessed times, to assist the things he allows.

I have said before that I have struggled with anger off and on in my adult life.  I don't remember being an angry child but alot of my anger was from different childhood situations that came out in my adulthood. I began to really get a handle on my anger in my early 40's, I loved my 40's, I didn't like my 30's at all.  My forties were very uplifting, so much of my life just seemed to become more clear, I had gotten a handle on my depression and anger was becoming a thing of my past.  I did have bouts of it when I was frustrated with not being able to be home with my two little girls.  I finally took a leap of faith, and with the Grace of God, I quit my job at the sheriff's office and became the at home mom I needed to be.  The Lord provided for us and we got through to a better place.  We struggle and have to walk a pretty tight line to make it in our lives but God allows us what we need.  Sometimes we are given trials and sometimes we know not what we will do but God always provides in the end.

This last year, the first of my 50's, God began to give me patience in a whole new way. I have always had patience to do things like untangle yarn or thread, my mother taught me that, no she can't do it.  She would get her embroidery thread all tangled up and when I was really little she would hand it to my dad and he would fix it.  Once I got older, and dad would be at work, she would hand it to me,  I don't think she ever thought of it as a patience trainer, she just wanted her yarn or thread unknotted, and back then there was a dye lot on everything so new yarn wouldn't have helped.  The end result was that I have patience for little things, but it didn't always translate to people, IE I had anger problems occasionally.  My fifties has brought the end of my anger in a way I never expected.  I have learned that trials are blessing the Lord sends us.  We get to be challenged and learn so much from the trail and the end result can and is a blessing.  This year we have lost hundreds of dollar worth of our animal friends,  the cougar took so many of our favorite friends, but God provided us with a new path in our goat herd.  The well broke, and due to good Internet buying, God had given me the knowledge to find the pump at a good cost, and with Bug and Son's help Poppie got it fixed and we got through.  The Lord had provided us with such a blessing.   The Lord has given me new friends this year, helped me connect with old friends and given me CAKLS, such blessings have come our way.  The girls are doing well in Awana's and we are talking of go to Church, as we want that in our lives, and as my Parents have joined a new church for the first time in my life I feel that I won't be betraying my up bringing to try a new church.  The Lord sent me an enemy as a learning method in my life and that has truly been a bless that many would not understand.

This last month we have been blessed with the truck being broken.  Poppie was so upset at first,  he truly didn't understand how you go from the truck being in perfect shape to over night being broken.  He ended up getting our Jeep working which was a blessing in and of itself.  Poppie and I have gotten a manual for our truck and spent many an hour learning all the ends and outs of our truck.  Poppie was a certified mechanic, as a young man, but didn't pursue it as a profession so only did it on the side all these years.  His back injury really took away his ability to do the work the mechanicing requires so the new vehicles had become a mystery.  I have always been Poppie's right hand man with his mechanicing.  I took small engines in school so understand the concepts and machinations of the motor.  We read our manual, through trial and error we have ruled out many a problem on the truck.  We had finally narrowed the problem down to moisture.  Poppie, with the help of his friend Thor and Bug, cleaned out the whole fuel system.  What they found was amazing and not accidental.  The fuel system had over a quarter of water in it.  Moisture can be incidental in a fuel system but not a water bottle full of water.  The Lord blessed us that the water was put in the tank in November and not August, the cold kept the water from doing major damage to the truck,  in the end it will cost us several hundred dollars to fix, alot of down time, and my opportunity to do the MADE Fair but it is a blessing as well.  We have learn about the workings of our truck, many of Poppies logger friends, mechanic friends and family members assured Poppie that he had not damaged his truck he had done the right thing in his maintenance of his dear truck, this did not happen on it's own.  Poppie and I had the opportunity to share in our mechanicing, something we had thought was long past with the new vehicles, but we learned that we can learn.  We got to share our old hobby once again.  Blessing come in so many ways, the Lord has truly blessed me this year, trials, patience and the true dissolving of my anger... tomorrow.

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