Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bubbie came and she has a name, not a middle name yet but a first name. Beautiful baby.

Mokie and Son were sick early in the week, this week, and they felt the need to share their sickness with me.  I woke up thrusday night in pain, spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor praying to the porcelain god.  Mokie and Son dropped the kids off and advised me that this lasted just short of two days so Poppie called in cancellations to the dentist.  We didn't get to go to the dentist, but more importantly we didn't get to go see Bubbie on her first day.  She was scheduled to be born at 8:30ish but due to a little complication, she was side ways and they had to use the vacuum she came in just before 9.  Momma and baby doing fine.  She is beautiful, her momma thinks she looks like Cubbie, this momma and Nannie, thinks she looks more like her momma than Cubbie, if that is possible, she actually has her momma's nose which Cubbie doesn't.  Regardless she is a beautiful baby.  Mom and Dad could not be prouder. Though Boy told me his dad wants a baby brother next time. Oh, what a child will repeat.  Mokie sent me pictures in the afternoon to share her beauty. 

We can't wait to see the new baby, tomorrow, many will have seen her before  us but we will get to see the cherished moment when Cubbie and Boy meet Bubbie.  They both slept well and to what, I'm sure will be their momma's dismay, have not once asked about momma, all their questions are of the "new baby sister".  Cubbie slept with me, it was like having a cyclone in bed, I had to take her heel out of my ear more than once, I put her on the outside as I knew she would hurt Poppie if I didn't.  Between that and her two dogs, and Poppie's dogs it was a full bed.  Mokie called first thing this morning to share more tidbits of her baby with me, such a nice daughter, suck a lovely momma and a beautiful soul.  I do so love and am very proud of my daughter.  She is such a kindred spirit and friend.

Tomorrow a new baby, a new peacock and a bully goat named Princess come to nannyland a marvelous day to be sure... tomorrow is only a day away...... tomorrow.

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