Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poppie brings Mishka to Nannyland. She couldn't wait under the tree for me.

Poppie came home from his friends house yesterday with a great big white bundle under his arm.  He struggled to carry it as he walked along.  The bundle was still and not moving but looked like a great white furry coat.  He opened the door. His bundle had a beautiful yellow bow and the prettiest black eyes.  She was a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy.  Poppie quickly set her on the floor and she spread out like a little bear rug.  She calmly laid there as Cubbie, Boy and Curious checked her out, all the other dogs came to see what she was, so Nannie had to wait in line to see her Christmas present.  She never moved she just lay there not all the interested in any of us.  She is almost 10 weeks old she was born on my birthday so that makes her a little more special.  I named her Mishka, which means bear, she looks like a little polar bear cub, all white, not a spot of any other color.  I named her after her father that just passed away.  Mishla was a great wondrous dog.  He was the first Great Pyrenees I was ever around.  We had taken care of him when his masters were gone, it was his job to take care of my friends Herbalist and Professor's goats.  He did a wonderful job in his slow lumbering manner.  I never saw him aggressive or mean but I know full well that the predators he projected his goats from would have seen it differently.  Mishka momma is a new dog to their home, she was abused a little at her old home, she is around 4 and can be a bit aggressive or maybe could be as since she has had her puppies she has mellowed at bit from all accounts.  I have never had a problem with her, when ever I have been around her she just comes up and puts her head under my hand as I walk along, kind of saying pet me.  When she was ready to have her puppies she climbed under the shed.  The girls had had to go out and climb under it and drag them out when the pups were about two weeks old.  Momma had been locked up at the time so they weren't in any danger encase she got mad.  She took the moving of her puppies well and adapted. Poppie general has never had in trouble with her but one day after he hadn't been out there for a couple weeks she growled and him and he told her to "knock it off" she remembered him and came over for a pet.  She did give Belle a bit of trouble when she was pregnant right before her puppies were born Professor had to walk her in from her car and Sierra bit at her tires when Belle came up the drive.

I know that she is a little puppy, well by Great Pyrenees standards, she weighs about 60ish lbs, but she will be here in the future to safe keep my family and animals.  We have always had dogs, sometime more than we need, as people think we are a rescue and have just one more to add to our dog herd for all sorts of reasons; but other than the hounds we had when I was a kid I have never owned a working dog.  I got to spend time with the police dog when I worked at the Sheriff's office and I know that unlike pet they have a purpose.  Mishka will be a working dog, but in our family I am sure that also means loved pet.  I hope she will help to keep the cougars, bears and wolves away from my goats, but more importantly my kids and grandkids.  I am told she will give her life for any of them and unfortunately in my little sections of the world it has come to that with the predators.  She will be loved and cared for as an added member of our "very large people animal family"...... tomorrow.

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