Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve day, a time for Santa Claus and gift giving in our home.

This morning, the girls and I will make cheesecake and pies for tomorrow, We will take the ham out and get it ready to cook in preparation for tomorrows family dinner when we celebrate the Lords birth. Poppie is going to smoke a turkey.  We always have made the holiday a two day event.  We make Christmas eve about the gifts and the fun of the Christmas season.  We make Christmas day about family and praising the Lord, and the joy of his coming to earth for our salvation. 

We are going to make up some candies, frost more cookies, make trays of snacks and fry up chicken, Poppie wants beans and wienies as well. There will be enough food to make all more than happy. Sometimes we light a flare for Rudolph's nose, one year my brother actually fell of the roof making sure the kids couldn't see him in the light of the flare.  The little kids are always so excited to see the bright red nose and hear the jungle of Santa's bells.  Other years we have gone to look at the lights around town and the sly old elf has come and gone while we are away.  This year will probably be the last year of that "magical" believing for my Ladies, I am sad to see that pass once again from our home, but the next stage of giving and loving will replace the innocent childhood belief and that is something to look forward to.  I will truly enjoy their last year of believing this evening.

Off to start the day of fun, I know this was short and sweet but I have lots to do.... tomorrow.

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