Saturday, December 17, 2011

Developing my online stores is a marketing conquest I don't do well but trying.

I have actually started to get clients on my Etsy site, I list all of my upcycled items and soaps there so it is exciting to see it beginning to take off even if slowly.  I sold soap this week and it was cool as it went to a "local" well a Montanan anyway. I am beginning to sell shorties somewhat regularly and am developing new styles and sizes to accommodate different size babies and toddlers.  I haven't really sold any of the toddler items but that will come in time or I will aim more at a niche of shorties. I am actually getting excited because now I have two different personalities on the Internet, as far as selling goes, Etsy and Ebay are so different and I sell such different items on therm.  I know that developing a persona is important so am going to spend more time in the community of Etsy to develop mine more.   Plan on doing some treasuries and some PIF's to get my stuff out there more.  I have been listing a few items every few days which I know on Etsy is key.  Ebay, you can just list and walk away so that is great, funny my clients on Ebay are mostly men.  Etsy I am having to develop Lady clients so it is a different process.

I spent the evening knitting on some shorties for a special orders so that is a win win, no nail biting and making money.  I am close to finishing Poppies socks as well so that is great.  I spent time on Ebay getting great deals on wool yarn yesterday, I have decided to give all my non wool to my daughters, Mokie will have to fight it out with the two up and coming fiber artists.  I think that if I only keep wool on hand I will concentrate on making wool items and the clientele on Etsy seem to prefer it so no more fake yarn only the real fibers.  I still hope to make my own in the future.  I am hoping to learn to use my White Studio lk- 150 I don't have a manual so it has been a hard process, I found a manual on the Internet but it is hit and miss how successful I am. I did find a dvd for it but it is 40 dollars and I am too cheap to buy it.  I did get a video of a similar machine but not the exact model so am trying to struggle through.  I do wish I knew someone with a knitting machine so I could watch it in action, that would help immensely, I know in the end I will figure it out at my own, stumbling bumbling pace, like I do everything else...... tomorrow.

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