Thursday, December 15, 2011

Herbalist stops in for a visit, such a nice treat.

Herbalist stopped by to ok a project I am working on for her. She liked all of the choices I made on the items she order so that was nice, but the best part was that she came for a visit. Due to our truck problems and that her truck had been in the shop for awhile we were both stranded for awhile this fall, it is so funny to use the term fall this late in the year here in Montana.  It is and has been winter since October, fall is still on the calendar but long since gone.  I digress. We had a great visit. We got to talk about our moms and the influences they have on our lives.  Herbalist is not old enough to be my mom but she is a little closer in age to my mom than me.  My mom after all is only 18 years older than me.  It is funny the similarities our mom's have to each other.  Maybe its that Herbalist and I are a great deal alike and that we made our moms like they are or they made us like we are interesting concept... hmmm.  We got to talk about our knitting we both love to knit, but I do so want to teach her to continental knit and how to long tail cast on, both will increase her speed on knitting.  I know she doesn't have a speed issue now as she enjoys the process, but speed increases fluidity. I will get to her eventually, so won't quit bugging her.  My whole CAKLS group knows I am pushy on continental knitting so why should I be any different with her.  I am taking her to CAKLS soon I think she would love it and they would get to know her. She is relatively new to the community, that is so funny to say as she has lived her for several years but like me she is a bit of hermit, on many levels, so the process of getting to know people is slower.  I showed her a bunch of the wool yarn deals I got and get on Ebay because I have patience to look for the good deal.  I hope to help her find some, yarn can be outrageous to buy and a deal is a deal. We compared mukluk patterns, I thought she made a sock on a leather foot from the bottom up but it turns our that hers are made the same ways as all the patterns I found on line and in books.  I have been working on a pattern in my head to do it from the bottom up, encouraged by the imaginary ones I thought she was making so will finish figuring it our in my head and put it to paper.  I can try one right after I finish Poppies socks. He is still wear the first pair I made and won't stop wearing them until I can give him a new pair to wear.  He is a funny man, but he does love them and that is nice.

Herbalist went over to see Mokie, Son and the kids, after she left here.  She got to hug up on the baby.  She tried to trade one of her puppies to the kids for their new sister and they wouldn't make a deal with her. Odd they usually like puppies. Can't wait to spend more time with my dear friend and need to make time to do so. I have several friends I have to find time to spend time with this coming year.  I am thinking I will make that my new years resolution.  I don't usually make a new years resolution, I don't usually have all that many changes I feel the need for in my life.  I think I will try to do a better job at being open to my friends and joining in more.  I have neglected my CAKLS friends of late, no vehicle to go, the summer was so full of kids no time to escape, right now I have pseudo grand kids for the month.. see how I am already making excuses.... tomorrow.

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