Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bubbie has an opinion and her momma lets her have her way.... too fun!

I breast feed all of my older children for about a year, give or take depending upon the circumstances around their weaning time. I enjoyed every minute of it and am a strong supporter of anyone that can to do it for their child.  My younger girls were not breastfeed, Goofy tried but for different reasons neither continued to be breast feed after a couple days and were bottle babies.  Maybe that helped me to bond with them so may have been God's blessing I don't know and second guessing is not what this is about. They were also binkie babies.  I worried about that a little at the time but read several articles that change my mind in a profound way.  Binkies help babies brains to grow, the sucking action is very good for the growth of their brains.  I was never worried again.  They both had their binkies until they were two.  The binkie was a little hard on Yogie's teeth, but in hindsight her teeth had genetic issues that were not going to be damaged by her binkie. Both talked early, one walked eary and both are exemplary students so I am a binkie supporter.

Mokie tried a little to breast feed Boy but due more to her nervousness with a new baby than anything, I think, he didn't want it and wouldn't really try.  She put him on the bottle right away and never looked back.  Cubbie didn't even get to try, Mokie felt more comfortable with the bottle.  Cubbie soon after it was too late to try would root on anyone.  She would have been a great breastfeed baby, she really did want too.  Bubbie cried for 4 hours Monday night, her tummy was upset and she was letting the world know she didn't like it.  She refused to take her bottle and screamed the house down.  Out of shear desperation Mokie tried to breastfeed her, she was like a hog to slop.  She latched on and she liked it.  Momma called Nannie the next day to try and figure out some of the questions she never carried about before about breastfeeding.  Why is it harder to get to breast feed on one side?  Etc..... Nannie, and Poppie, an old hat at this himself, said "they always have a favorite side, you have to feed them on the side they don't like first when they are the most hungry".... Bubbie is obvious more demanding than Cubbie, Lord help us. I think that is a foreboding of things to come... tomorrow.

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