Friday, December 9, 2011

Your so vain you probably think this (blog) is about you....., gotta love Carlie Simon!

Most people who know me, long term, have probably heard me give my theory on Montanans before but for those of you that haven't heard it, it is as follows.  I love Montana and Montanans, we say what we want, we like our freedoms, like our guns and lack of overbearing rules.  You push us and we push back, we are honest and in your face.  We are some of the nicest people to meet and some of the hardest people to become long terms friends with.  We are genuinely friendly to strangers but to go from stranger to friend is a cautious process.  I was born, and for the most part raised here, 3 generations deep.  My kids are fourth and grandkids fifth generation and proud of it to the bottom of our souls.  We love people that move into our state and communities that are just as wild and freedom loving as we are,  you make yourself a Montana in every sense of the word by the week after next, can't tell you from the Montana's that were here all their lives, you are a kindred spirits and a just plain Montanans.  Love ya.

The rest of you that come here and 30 years later are still the product of where ever it is you came from don't try and push your agenda on us.  You are the reason out of stater's, out of towner's and out of countyer's get such a bad rap.  You didn't like where ever it was you came from so you found our little piece of heaven and wanted to come here because it was so calling to you.  The problem was that you brought all of your ill conceived thoughts with you.  No we don't want your new laws and your regulations, no we don't want your new restrictions and your philosophy shoved down our throats.  If you wanted to buy land that had covenants, home associations, building codes and a gated community mentality, why didn't you just move there or better yet stay where you came from.  No you can't come into our communities and change them to make yourself feel at home.  If you wanted that life style you came to the wrong state, county and town.

Thank the Lord, Mineral County is still free in the sense that we can still say what we like, build what we like, have the animals we like, own the vehicles we like and our neighbors can't force us to do his bidding.  If you wanted a zoned, covenanted piece of property with a homeowners association you should have paid for it, and moved into one.  I myself can not imagine my neighbors letting someone establish a homeowners association on the land they have lived on the way they wanted to for years.  They shouldn't have to, the land they bought didn't have one and that is why they bought it.  I am not, and have never been part of any subdivision, so am not subject to the rules that might or might not have gone with a subdivision; but you can bet I will never voluntarily give up the right to make the decisions on my property for anyone, it would be like you having to pry my gun from my cold dead fingers, good luck.... tomorrow.

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