Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye to the year we have had and Hello to the year to come.

I can not say with all honesty that I will miss the year that is to pass. It has been a year of lean times, loss and sadness on many levels but it has also been a year of joy, reawakening's and explorations.  My girls have blossomed on levels that have been amazing.  I have gotten two new granddaughters. I have praised the Lord and studied God more than I had in a long time.  I have reawakened my love of God on a stronger level than I may have had in my whole life of loving the Lord.  I have lost so many of my goaties, I no longer find the cougar or the wolf a majestic animal of nature but an animal that's management needs are not taken on honestly and are romanticized to the point that they are allowed to be dangerous in our communities. I have learned that enemies are in fact real and the they are unfortunately a part of our lives.  They are physical and the tools of Satan. I have had the fortune to find that I have many more caring friends than I had previously imagined.  Some I spend time with physically, and need to alot more of my time to them, to honor their being in my life.  Some I enjoy Internet relationships with with the future potential of true friendship. I have learned that I can not change what life has in store for anyone so I need to be at peace with that. I have learned to pray more and be more honoring and praising of the Lord. I have learned that I can't protect my children from strangers, or strangers that posed as friends, when I am not there so I have to teach my children the skills to protect themselves.  I have learned to fight for the protection of my family even when people think what is happening to me in to ludicrous to be really happening, if only they knew all that we have endured.  I have learned that what you see in people is sometimes an illusion that they show to the world and what they are really like can be terrifying and not to walk away from you gut feelings, ever.

I see hope in the New Year,  I see the Ladies becoming stronger young woman.  I hope to show Yogie that yes, she can be safe at Awanas, and that the bad can not hurt her at the Church.  I am so proud of Booboo she just looks down her nose and walks away so she is on her way to her strength and will help Yogie, as she always has.  I hope Bug gets back to a good place in his life with his family and the kids are at peace.  I hope to see Goofy and her babies in the months to come. I hope that we work out a deal to make the pigs totally self sufficient.  I hope the goats, chickens, turkeys and Peacocks do well. I hope my giant loving Mishka comes into her own and becomes the protector that this family needs.  I hope that the new rabbits, that the Professor is helping the girls get, New Zealands with pedigrees and phenomenal breeding credentials, are a joy to have.  I couldn't have dreamed of getting the girls such nice rabbits and as good of quality animals with out the kindness of our dear friends.  It is nice to have loving honest friends and I am blessed with having so many.  Happy New Years to one and all... until the new year and tomorrow.

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