Sunday, January 1, 2012

A clean new page today and as only comes once a year a clean new year.

As I have said before I don't usually make resolutions but the ladies and I decided we would make resolutions yesterday while were making cookies.  I decided to reaffirm, with the Ladies present, that I would make greater efforts with my friends.  I would avow to be more consistent with my daily maintenance chores.  The girls both thought they should try to maintain their rooms, be better friends and Yogie decided she would return to Awanas and be brave, Booboo said she would be a better reader, Yogie got on board with that one as well. I am not sure they were lacking in most of their resolutions to begin with but cleaning and maintaining their rooms will be nice so I am going to try to hold them to that one.  We decided maintenance was a much better options than whorl wind marathon cleanings once a week. I have quoted the philosophy for years but we are going to be more consistent with it hopefully.

Poppie and I managed to make it to a little after 9ish.  We had a nice family evening.  Mokie, Son and the kids were here.  Lady and her Gent were here, I got to show her my new designs and little Upluks.  She liked my design and gave me some much needed input to changes I might make, so that was great to have another view point to add in.  Bug came later.  The grandkids all had fun playing games and enjoying each others company. 

Since we didn't get the pig cut and wrapped as planned we are going to do it today.  We are going to enjoy a no fuss day, no one to have over, no one to cook for or entertain and as much as we love having one and all of the people who have blessed us with visits today we hope to have a greedy day.  Just the 4 of us our own little family doing our own little things.  Feeding our animals, enjoying the talks we will have with each.  Being mauled by our herds of dogs, goats, turkeys, pigs, peacocks and chickens.  They love us even if others don't understand our need for them.  I have laundry to get caught up again as I had it caught up until the Ladies did a marathon cleaning yesterday.  I hope to work on Upluks as we have a family day, may watch a movie which happens here about 5 or 6 times a year.  Never can quite commit a whole 2 to 3 hour block of time to doing one thing.  May watch the Ladies compete against one and another for the glory of winning a game of Kinect, but my favorite part is the little handshakes they have created to show support for each other at the end of the game regardless of who wins,  they are each others best friends and best supporters, maybe I am doing something right after all.  I love all my kids and see the good in one and all, maybe I am just a momma with pink colored glass but in my heart I know I am not they are  one and all great kids.... tomorrow.

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