Monday, January 16, 2012

Do we even know who we are? Do we know our spouses? Does God know us?

I read an articles the other day, so ok, with me the other day could be months ago as my mind rolls things around and spits it out in to my contemplative mind.  Anyway, I read this article, it was about people in general having different selves they showed others.  The author of the article contended that we had three selves, the self we show the public in general, the self we show our friends and the then there is the self we show our most intimate family.  Could that really be true?  I wondered and thought, I do think that people in general have a public persona, we have a certain way we maintain ourselves to the general public, or our neighbors as God sees our neighbors, humanity in general.  So the people we see, and we don't know well, is that  their public character or persona?  Interesting, so do we really know anyone on that level well, probably not so much.  That would mean that in general most people we meet or pass daily are characters of themselves?  I do believe that in general we know little about our fellow man so maybe that is something to think about.  Secondly we have a self we share with our closest friends and extended family.  This is a self that is more open and sharing than our public self.  I do know that when I think about it that I do share things more closely with these people in my life but is that enough to say I am a different self?   Does my philosophy change? am I really a different self?  Are my morals and ethics different?  Is my belief in God different?  I can't say that it is on any level, I just think that I am a little more open and sharing with these people.  Do I hide less of me from these people? Does that make it a more open self I show or a different self?  The third self is supposedly the self I share with my spouse and children.  I do know that they know me at my worst, my best and they still love me but am I really a truly different personality with them.  I don't think so.  I think that they know the most I can share with other people.  They are subject to the most real me and the unguarded me.  I am thinking the more I think on this subject that the author of the article is either a little to compartmentalizing or missed the point.  I don't think we have different selves but we share our self with others on a level equal to the love and trust that we have in that person.  If it was really that we were three selves, he missed a fourth that he didn't even count.  There was no self in his philosophy that was shared with God.  I, myself, find that the most open and honest I ever am is when I am praying to the Lord.  I share things with him that I share with no one.  I in the end have decided I don't agree with the author of the article, and maybe that is why it kept picking at me enough for me to remember the essence of it so long.  I think that God intended us to share ourselves in direct correlation with the people we love.  We are to love God, self, spouse, family, friends, our neighbor and our enemies.  I would say that I give and share my self with others in just that order so therefore in that order people would have the most accurate knowledge of my self not in the end many selves.

I know, I really need a hobby, well maybe not, I have alot of those.  I do so love to watch people and maybe I over thought the article but maybe it was just a tutorial in people and self watching.  I do so love to have a question to contemplate and debate.  Are we really who we think we are?  Are we really who people think we are?  Does it matter who others think we are?  Doesn't it matter more that God knows who we are?  Is what God knows about us and what we think of ourselves the same view?  Are we anymore honest with ourselves about our selves than we are with others?  I guess I have more thinking and contemplating to do, maybe it is a life long endeavor to know ourselves as God knows us.... tomorrow.

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