Monday, January 9, 2012

Mishka is growing like the giant she is, Ham gets a friend for company, nice weekend.

I can't believe how fast my puppy is growing she was big when she came home but as she will be three months on Wednesday and I still am amazed at how big she is.  She is bigger than alot of full grown big dogs, not just small dog but big dogs.  She is the softest cuddliest most gentle dog I have ever owned.  My Sadie Sue is so jealous of her, she loves my Sadie Sue sort of a Mutt and Jeff duo, but when she has had enough of her she just puts her paw down on her and holds her there.  No growling or meanness just as if to say, I am done with you.  Mishka is on good terms with our old dog Lady Jay (the 4th) who doesn't like Sadie Sue much and has just come to terms with her at all.  Sadie is now 10 months so it was a long progress for Lady Jay to accept her antics.  Lady Jay seemed to know from the first moment that she and Mishka would be friends, she has never once growled at her or been really upset with her.  They go outside in the night together and make their rounds of the place.  We are going to move the parking area farther back in the driveway and put up a new fence to keep them in the yard and pastures.  We are going to go from one of the big goat pens across the driveway to the garden,  then fence the garden separately so the goat and dogs can come and go in the yard.  It will give them all more room and keep them more confined.  We will have to put in three gates, two vehicle ones and one people one but it will be a blessing in the end.

I put photos of my Upluks on facebook and got a wave of great feedback on them.  I did get a question I had never even thought of, mostly because I am a barefooter and don't ware slippers or sock in the house.  I got the question of how I was going to approach the traction issue.  I love my friends and their feedback.  I got on the Internet and have come up with three really good options.  Super Grip, Regia ABS or Plasti Grip,  the options of puffy paint or caulk were contemplated but the general consensuses was that the puffy paint wouldn't last through any wear and the the caulk was messy and may need to be reapplied so I am think that the spray on or the paint on products is my choice.  I think that I am going to try, at least with the little pairs to put on stencils of the product,  I think that will work well with either spray or paint on.  I am going to order some this morning.  I may order a couple different kinds,  two I know wash well unsure on the third product.  I love a new craft project with problems to solve, I think that is why I keep creating different things got to keep my mind from rotting.  I do enjoy making the Upluks, I can just watch TV or listen to the girls read as I make them.  I also don't chew my nails if I have something to occupy my hands, win win..

Poppie and I check out Little Ham when we were feeding the animals.  She seems to be doing much better, not sure if it was that she was just a little under the weather, they are alot like people and get sick like we do, or if she was under the weather because she is being runted out.  We decided that we would grab the other small piglet, and just house them separately either permanently or until they fatten up and are more able to compete.  We never house them alone as they get lonely and they have no incentive to eat as their in no competition for food.  So the two little ladies are as happy as clams in their new digs.  The new Crazy Goat Lady advised me that she had gotten a couple bucks, that aren't as as it turns out, and since they don't eat them wondered if I would like them when we make the exchange for Princess.  One is a la mancha and one is a Cashmere,  I was excited to get them, Mokie was looking for a cashmere so that is great and on the off chance that they are  still bucklings and they just aren't acting like bucks, she had been told they were, which would be potentially very useful for our herds for breeding this fall if they are, a little different input for the does.   Also a win win, so we will see on the 13th what they are...... tomorrow.

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