Sunday, January 15, 2012

Son give the cashmere a name. I got to share special time with my Ladies, something of lasting importance maybe.

I don't know if Poppie's naming Raisin Bread spurred Son to act, or it if just came to him, but he has named the cashmere goat, he named him Cinnamon, I thought Cinnamon Toast would be more appropriate, but no it is just Cinnamon.  He really does look like a bit of cinnamon colored fluff, so a good name from either perspective. We had a busy day, sort of, I suppose.  We watched Soul Surfer in the morning a very uplifting movie, with moments of such faith and family love.  Cubbie has been telling me about her shark movie for weeks and when I told her I had recorded it overnight, so she could watch it at my house, she immediately demanded I watch it with her.  It is so funny that something can capture a little child's attention, I am thinking most 3 year olds aren't sitting through it once, little own watching it over and over, and sharing with with others.  She does like the shark aspect but I can't imagine that is her whole fascination for the movie, since is is such a little part of the movie.  We had managed to do the chores before Cubbie's need for seeing the movie changed our plans.  Raisin Bread does seem to be fitting it well, we wormed pigs and gave the different animals their new mineral blocks.  We meant Cubbie and Mom by their pen where they were still deciding on Cinnamon's name, the great naming came later in the day. Yogie spent the night with Boy, and Booboo had a friend over so there was lots of giggling to come.  But that was all to come in the late afternoon and really an aside to our day.

Poppie went out to do the chores for his friend before Booboos friend came, he wore his yak traks and took his cell so he got to go by himself.  I was in the middle of teaching the Ladies to knit.  I was amazed, they both took to it like ducks to water.  Booboo who struggles, with her crocheting and her sewing, longtail cast the first try.  She got the concept right out of the gate.  She has always been the best little puzzler I was ever around, even as a really little child she was remarkable at it, she could look at a piece and put it where it went, she still looks at the world in that perspective I would say.  I think very similar to what I call working out a design or art piece in my head before I can do it or put it on paper.  I digress... She struggles a little more with getting the concept that you had to drop the back part of the stitch so ended up with extra stitches that were pieces of another stitch but she soon got that as well.  Yogie got the longtail right away, she is the better crocheter.  She whipped right through that row, I showed her about the part of the stitch that needed to be dropped and she whipped right through that first row,  they were both done by then, not sure that it was that I was making them learn as I would teach an adult, so they had wrapped yarn around their finger to learn tension and it made their hands sore, or if it made their little brains tired, either way great beginnings for my little knitters.  I am thinking that since they both find knitting easier, as I do, well not easier just more of a balanced productive art, they will perfect the knitting before they go back to the crocheting.  Later Mokie came over and was playing with my knitting needles, doing a cast on, I told her I couldn't stand it she was going to learn longtail, if the girls could do it I couldn't stand to watch her do simple casting on.  I showed her and away she went on it, so maybe she will learn to like knitting after all, she is my master crocheter. Goofy loves to crochet as well.

I do love the time I can share with my daughters and teach them their crafts.  I as an adult am often asked if I can knit, crochet, embroidery, sew, cook, etc.... I for years as an older child was often aghast that they couldn't.  I still find it interesting that so many people can't, in my family it was part of growing up like learning to do the laundry, darning or washing the dishes.  How is it that mothers don't teach these arts to their children, boys in our families learn along side the girls.  I wonder when those families lost their arts, I know a hundred years ago all families were more like mine so where did the art go?  Was life more important?  What was more important in their families?  Was it more important to teach?  I hope it was something good, as the loss of the fiber arts is sad, oh, I am glad of the reawakening that some people are having but still sad at the family arts that are no longer with us.  I am proud to say it is alive and well in my family and that includes my greater extended family.  I guess when I think about it, even in my family it is a matter of what you choose to do with your time.  Is work more important in your family, sometimes yes, and a tired mom can't always afford to share her special time on fiber art.  Is it travel?  Is it recreation? Or the time it takes to be book educated would cut into fiber art time, or your house being clean enough to eat off the floor would put a crimp into the cutting of sewing or the time to make an intricately crocheted table cloth, so maybe it is about choices.  Maybe...... tomorrow

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