Saturday, January 14, 2012

Princess gets a home, Raisin Bread comes to Nannyland and Mokie's first fiber goat.

Poppie and I got up early to start our day.  Poppie got Princess out of his pen and loaded him in to the big dog kennel.  He was supposed to let me help him load the kennel in to Thor's truck, that he borrowed,  but you know Poppie he loaded the kennel himself, with much pain to himself, that is why he is in such bad shape and needs a babysitter, i.e., part of the reason I am an at home Momma and Nannie....  I digress.  We took the kids to school put diesel in the truck, as it is a one ton it will take considerable more than our dear truck that is still on the fritz.   We drove into Zootown and made good time.  We pulled into the parking lot at about 9:15 looking for a truck,  we saw a red one with a wooden crate in it so proceeded to it.  There was no one around it, and the crate was actually a dog hunters box.  We continued on and in the shadow of the red truck sat this little station wagon car, there were a couple of ladies getting out of it and one was waving at us.  I presumed my new crazy goat lady in the flesh.  She had a great big smile on her face and look totally happy to see us.  I got out of the pickup, we made a short introduction and with very little words I pulled the kennel to the back of the truck so she could see Princess.  She opened the back of her car and there were the two little goats, they were not very little, actually great big full sized goats that dwarfed Princess.  The ladies got the two out of the back of the station wagon and I got Princess out of the kennel, I walked him over and we loaded him in to the back of her car.  She had put hay or straw on the floor of the hatch and there was a roll of chicken wire keeping the hatch compartment separate from the back seat.  We put the la mancha in the kennel and put the cashmere in the back of the truck.  I turned to talk to the ladies but the crazy goat lady had to run as she needed to pee.  They got in the vehicle, she said she wanted to keep in touch via email and they were gone as quick as they had come;  sort of a wam bam thank you ma'am moment.  I watched them drive away in to the sunset, so to speak, and they were gone by 9:30.  I didn't get a real sense of her but as it all happened so quick I am think my new crazy goat lady does ever think by the seat of her pants.   She later emailed me that at Murdock's she made a deal for a couple more pygmy goats so that sort of confirmed it for me.  I am going to call her Seat Of Her Pants, enough said.

Poppie had a great visit at the Dr.  He had gained about 10 pounds and that is good as Poppie could stand to weigh up to 35 lbs more per his Dr.  He came out of the Dr's office and found me standing by the cashmere.  I had tied him to one of the tie downs but thought maybe he could jump out.  The two goats were way to big to put them both in the kennel.  I finally tied the other lead to his collar as well and tied it across the pick up to secure him so he could not jump out.  He had a nice warm coat so he wasn't going to get cold.  He had a large set of horns and licked his own pee so I thought "well maybe he is a buck"  I went around and check no jewels and the la mancha hadn't any either.  The la mancha didn't have big horns so was most likely a wither from just after birth.  The cashmere was a different story, my guess is that he was a breeding animal that the breeder culled but didn't want to give away his genes so had him castrated by a vet before he was let go from their herd.  He has a great personality.  He loves being petted.  I stood by the truck and kept him calm until Poppie returned.  While I was stand there a couple of gentleman came by, other people had stopped unremittingly but only to ask what he was, the one man knew what he was said the musky smell reminded him of the little goat farm he was raised on.  He said they raised chickens, turkeys, piglets and market pigs, goats and a few cows.  I told him we had the same less the cows.  We both had made cheese and used the milk, he hadn't made soap.  I told him the two goats were not where the musk came from.  I told him that I had traded a little Nigerian buck for the two withers and that a couple ladies in a little station wagon had loaded him, uncrated, into the hatch area and off they went.  I advised him they were going to Conner, which is about 90 miles from Zootown.  He was as shocked as I was, though he thought the little station wagon may not survive the trip as the smell of Princess once he peed on things would not come out easily and may linger for quite some time.  We were both amazed at Seat Of Her Pants, but I can sympathize with some one wanting a goat herd so bad they would haul them in anything.  I brought one of my first goats, Mr. Stinky, who could have been Princess twin, home in the back seat of Poppie beloved truck, thank goodness that in my stupidity I only took him a couple of miles and he didn't have time to pee on anything or ruin Poppies truck.  I can say that I am glad I didn't have to clean out the little station wagon when they got home.  We live and learn, for sure.

We stopped by Murdocks got some bunny food, a couple of mineral blocks one for the chickens and one for the goats and some pig wormer.  We stopped at McDonald's had burgers and were home by noon.  Mokie was awaiting our arrival, she herded her little band of kids across the yard as we came in the drive.  She walked over dropped Bubbie in my arms and proceed to meet the cashmere goat.  She loves him as much as Poppie and I did.  We put the la mancha in the goat pen, he is bigger than we thought.  The goat all had to us their pecking order on him but he will fit in fine with my goats until he and the other withers have their final day.   Poppie told the girls later, when they were trying to think of a name for him, he though he should be Raisin Bread.  Poppie has never named a goat or even put forth a name before, so it surprised us one and all. Poppie said "well, he is white and black and kinda looks like raisin bread to me."   We thought that that was a good name for him and a great closure to a wonderful day, one Poppie doesn't want to take again anytime soon, but a wonderful day none the less.... tomorrow.

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