Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do our tradtions makes us who we are and are our traditions society's will or God's will?

I shared a link yesterday on facebook, it included one of my pet peeves the acronym OMG,  the acronym has always made me mad because I thought it took the name of the Lord in vain, but after studying I have found that it doesn't take the name of the Lord it vain but it is profanity.  So the people who use it are not taking the name of the Lord in vain they are guilty of the sin of profanity.  I read many sites, and my friend Twin gave me a link to a site she found helpful on the subject,

I read it and it was interesting but I don't think I found the answers I was looking for in the authors words. I began to look to see what taking the Lords name if vain was, and not just take it as the truth that it was because good Christians thought it was..  I began to look and I found a much more gritty site, but to my amazement a site that may be worth spend alot more time reading.  It is a site that seems to call me to at least read about the whole of the Christian life so I have down loaded the study materials and will see what the man has to say about the bible, or many what the Lord has to say about the bible.  The site and what it had to say about taking the Lord's name in vain, very interesting...

I think that any subject can have lots of points of view, and what we think we know may not be the end all be all of any subject.  I don't think we ever get to old to learn, and if we do it is a sign that God may be calling us home soon.  I learned in art class that if I draw something from my mind it is not as accurate as looking at what I want to draw and drawing what I actually see.  I think that we take our family traditions, the morality from society and the ethics that we are made to follow and think we know about our God.  Do we actually study and read what the Lord has to say to us? or do wet take the opinion of our parents, our preacher or our church and let those voices cloud what the Lord is saying to us.  I think maybe we need to look to the Lord's word and let it speak to us,  draw the picture that the Lord is showing you and not the picture our mind has been given to draw.  What does the bible say, what does it actually say, is it what you thought or were lead to believe?  I am not sure, so I am going to take a long look at this bible study, it was a little frightening at first but all of his words were backed up by reference from the bible for me to read on my own.  The bible does say we are to be frightened of the power of God so I am going to read and see for myself why God sent me to this bible study, maybe God is speaking to me and it started from a simple shared link... tomorrow.

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