Monday, January 30, 2012

Cottontail, PinkyPie, Marshmallow and Whitey, come to Nannyland.

Professor called us when he was in Dillon to make arrangements for us to pick up the rabbits when they arrived home.  We ended up getting all new bunnies, he will be keeping his older stock, he picked up ours and 6 additional rabbits for himself.  They were born in October, the male, and in November, all three females.  They all have wonderful pedigrees, not that that was important to me but it was to the Professor.  He wanted us to have good stock.  I will keep track of their breeding and makes sure not to take away from the work he went to to make sure we have good rabbits.  I will be able to breed any second generation rabbits, we decide to keep, with his males, so that is good.  None of my rabbits are related so that is good.  They are all beautiful white bunnies, that is the best kind to have for meat rabbits.  I am reading up on the ins and outs of raising rabbits.  We are close to deciding to not raise chickens, I can't seem to make them lay eggs consistently all year, they do wonderful in the spring, summer and then in the fall they molt and stop laying until spring.  It's not a real problem but the cost of keeping them with out getting eggs to off set the cost of the feed is hard to justify.  We never actually break even on the food when they are laying so when they aren't it is costly. I am thinking we are going to focus on putting the same money in the goats and rabbits.  We can justify the cost with the meat we will get.  Both are low fat and low cholesterol, very healthy meat.  We get to decide what is in our diets, oh and the pigs as well.  They are not as healthy but we still get to know what we are eating.

The girls got to name their bunnies, officially they all have tattoos in their ears so they will not be mixed up.  Booboo chose Marshmallow, and Yogie wanted PinkyPie.  I named mine Cottontail, I just love that story from my childhood, and Whitey a no brainer nickname from my childhood.  We are really excited about having them.  We will get to have them a little while before they are old enough to breed.  From what I read a good female rabbit, on average, can produce 36 good fryers a year.  Professor went out of his way to make sure that these bunnies had above average litters, I think it will be fun to have them.  We may sell a few bunnies but we are going to focus on the meat.  Son raised bunnies as a kid and he particularly likes the burger made from them, I am thinking I may be able to to time butchering right with the withers and have mixed burgers and summer sausages.  It will be fun to experiment. I am glad to start a new learning experience with the Ladies but still give them  new friends to love.  All the bunnies are very friendly and love to be handled, that was one advantage over the older ones that Professor had.  He thought in the long run that the girls would like to hold and cuddle the rabbits which the older ones didn't like.  Poppie is taking the bunnies off of my kitchen table, where they spent the night, and putting them in her new digs.  He finished their cages up after the Professor called him from Dillon.  Have a great day, take time to enjoy you life if  you don't who will..... tomorrow.

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