Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am glad school is back on but it is not because of my girls, I need a break.

Today the girls go back to school, I do need a break from kids but not the Ladies.  I am sorry to say that I need a break from grandkids, pseudo grandkids and not having Poppie's truck.  The winter just seems to keep coming and we don't even have any snow.  I am for all purposes stranded on my property.  I can or could use the jeep to go somewhere but I have never driven it and don't really want to drive down our icy hill on my maiden voyage.  It also cost a lot to drive as it was and is not made for short day trips.  It was made to get you to your destination if it can be gotten there by 4 wheel drive.  So is dependable but at a cost.  I sort of feel like a woman from the pioneering times.  I have my kids, my animals and my hubs to spend time with.  Work to do, day in and day out, lots of obligations but no time to get to go to a social.  The wind hasn't started to blow so I haven't yet gotten the melancholy of the pioneer women on the prairies, but sometimes I think I just might; but then I wonder when I would have the time and who would give me five minutes to actually have it. 

I am a little saddened that the girls and I didn't have any really alone time over the break.  They are as tired at the comings and going of all the others as I am sometimes.  It is not that we don't love all the kids that come and go but sometimes we would have liked a break for just ourselves.  It will actually be better with school going we will just have to make time in the evenings.  I think snow would have helped, there wasn't all that much for the kids to do so they just felt the need to spend  time in the house with Nannie.  I am glad it was such a nice day yesterday, I put them all to work helping with the last of the wood splitting.  Boy brought his sled, he, Eldest, M, Booboo and Buga filled it up and then they pulled it across the dry ground to the wood pile.  I helped them stack wood. Poppie let them run the controls on the wood splitter, each in their own turn.  All had fun and we chopped a row of wood, we always stop when Poppie has had more than enough on his back.  Bug and Daughter later finished cutting and wrapping their pig.  They just have a little grinding to do and I have to brine the hams and hocks for Poppie to smoke.  That process will take a couple weeks to a month depending upon how I do it. 

Just one more, set of Upluks to make for the order, may make a second options just encase.  I am still working on a variation for a woven wool set with embroidered uppers; but my mind hasn't quite figured out how to make one seam so my mind works as I knit.  A little pen and inking to do this morning, and I have to finish a book picture frame for an order,  I will be able to carve again next week as I will be giving back my pseudo grandkid duties to Mokie.  I am glad she is taking their care back, she got her month of being with her baby but it did remind me why I don't hire out myself to watch kids regularly.  I have too many coming and going now so the stress of daily doing more is overwhelming.  I am done whining now. 

Good news some one responded to my add about Princess he may be on to a new home and the person might want some diary babies in the spring. God is so good to us here on our little plot..... tomorrow.

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