Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One last day with the Ladies, knitting to finish up, life wants us back on track.

We had a real nice drive, saw lots of snow geese or swans, I can never actually remember which they are on the Flathead river where we drove.  I am almost sure they were snow geese but looked likes swans to me.  The girls were fascinated with the lovely white flocks setting on the blue green muddy water.  We stopped and they got their subways but we waited until after we picked up all the grain to eat them.  We sat in a pull out along the river to enjoy the beauty of the world God has given us.  Yogie was soon doing the pee pee dance so we had to drive a little further down to a the boat dock pullout so got to enjoy two different lovely views. The amount of grain has gone up a little so lets hope it holds at this price for a little while or the 5000 lbs of grain we got lasts a little while. It was great to get out and just be at peace, no place to be, no one to hold or settle an argument for.  The ladies were as at peace as Poppie and I were.  We returned home and packed 700 lbs of grain, fed the piggies, sow, goats, and various birds.  We were then ready for coffee, then Brother came down and off loaded the 1000 lb bags, three to our barn and one to Son's.  A nice day all in all I finished off the evening working on an order of Upluks.  Two pairs down and two pairs to go.  they look big to me but I did do a preliminary fit on Cubbie for one of the pairs, her foot is the same length, but unsure if it is the same width, she actually has really thin feet so they are wide on her but slipper should be roomy and comfy so may be just about right.  Off to bed by 9ish.

Today I am going to finish up a couple orders of pen and ink antler handles, two more Upluks to knit, I may get to go to CAKLS so will be doing the happy dance if I actually get to go.  Bug and Daughter are supposed to come up and finish cutting their pig. They did one quarter the other day, but have more to finish up, I am tired of the bandsaw in my kitchen.  Shinny lent it to us to make the process go quicker, very nice of him.  I actually didn't do really much of it, I showed them what to do, pig is not the same process as cutting a deer.  Much easier but they had to have directions as they had never done it before.  More of the meat is specifically cut than they do their deer.  I will help them brine or probably have to do it, and Poppie is going to smoke the meat.  Bug wants it very smokey so it will probably take at couple weeks.  It will be nice to try the wet brine this time, last time we did dry brine and the meat is alot different depending upon which process you use.

 It is unseasonally warm here so the kids have gotten out their bikes and have been riding up and down the drive.  They are really lamenting that they don't have any snow to sled on.  Today I am going to let them cut out their dolly's.  Yogie anyway, she is more than ready, Booboo thinks she may need more practice before she is ready to sew her dolly up.  She is making progress and will eventually get it and be a more precise sewer, her sister may just be a fly by the seat of her pants sewer, a good think and a bad thing.  The creations she will make.  They will be as different in their approaches as I have ever seen them be, but that is good.  They balance one another and will have a different prospective to share. ...... tomorrow.

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