Monday, January 2, 2012

Trip for grain is the plan, and a day aways with the ladies priceless.

Our dear friend Thor is lending us his truck and trailer this morning so we can go get 2 ton of grain.  The piggies do like to eat so that is a blessing.  It will be really nice to get away, me to actually get away from the house; being stuck at the house for so long has started to feel like I have been marooned on an island.  A nice island with lovely animals, lots and lots of kids but with no adults that actually want to have conversations except for Poppie and he is about had his fill of quality time with me some days.  The girls are starting to feel the need to go back to school,  they miss their friends, have had enough of so much together time with their cousins.  We are going to go  this morning and just have a nice trip in the outdoors, enjoy the road along the river, and the joy of being in our own little world as we travel along.  Stopping for subway so will have a little picnic of sorts.

The ladies finally got to sew on their little sewing machines yesterday.  Yogie took to it like a duck to water,  she sewed up her little squares I had given her to practice with and went on to sculpting her own version of something fantastic for her doll.  I am not sure it was practical but the joy she had making it was a joy to behold.  She was caught later in the afternoon, scoping out my machine and ready to advance beyond her little machine.  I am thinking she will be on to bigger and better things in no time.  I have doll panels for them to sew next so she will get  practice on that later, maybe today.  Booboo was a whole other tale.  She was actually very afraid of the machine, won't put her finger near the foot, as she thought it would hurt her.  She tried the let in sew through by itself technique with no great success.  She seems to have alot of triangular shaped seams, the closer to her finger comes to the foot the wider the seam becomes.  I have assured her numerous times it does not have the power to sew her finger. My bigger machine would but not her little machine.  It brought back memories of when Goofy was little, a little younger than the girls, and wanted to sew.  I taught her on my big machine, i.e., the reason for the little machines.  She was doing well so I left her to it at the kitchen table.  A short time after beginning with such joy and eagerness she simply got up from the table and went to her room.  I notice her leaving and thought it odd so followed her to her room, there she sat her finger nail bleeding, little tears streaming down her face as she quietly sobbed.  I ask her if she was ok, she hid her finger.  I asked her to let me see it, she had sewn right through the finger.  I asked her why she hadn't shown it to me, she said she wanted to sew and didn't think I would let her.  So darling, so funny and so encouraging that she still wanted to learn.  A few hugs later, a bandage and she was off and running again.  Booboo will  get it she hasn't sew her finger, and  I am sure won't, but the caution she is showing is very refreshing, she usually is so self assured and sometimes needs a little caution.

Coffee is coming, such a lovely man,  and a day of escape and joy to come.... tomorrow.

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