Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toooo much time with Cubbie, upcycled, Cakled, and Church.

I had Cubbie and Bubbles all day, and the word all is not said lightly.  Cubbie is naughtier than ever lately, I ended up giving her a few swats and it didn't phase her.  I have discovered that like her mother you would have to beat her to death for a spanking to work so it is a futile endeavor.  Poppie put her in the corner and I left her to her mother to deal with, not that that helps.  I told her she could not come back to Nannie's today as Nannie has no patience left for her and I desire to have a day of rest that does not include the presence of any Cubbies in it.  Boy graciously picked up all the dog food Cubbie threw all over my kitchen so he was on good terms with Nannie for sure. Bubbles was just in tow and of course along for the ride on Cubbie coat tails, though there is still hope for her.

I spent the day upcycling, I made a poncho that fits both Cubbie and Bubbles so has a great range for sizing.  I love that I currently have two little models. so am concentrating pieces to their sizes to know the fit of the pieces. I may even take photos of them wearing the items for Etsy.  Most will be Bubble size as Cubbie is actually bigger than I like to make.  I made a little dress/sweater that was a bit too little for Bubbles so probably a good 6 months size, it is an open necked piece with fashionable straps in the neck line, both the poncho and dress made from a mulit colored pink, purple, blue and red strips totally cute, I think, I also got one pair of longies too.  The second projects I worked on was a cute green with embroider flowers on it, I got a sweater, that fits Bubbles perfectly and a set of longies, with the last of it I made a beautiful dress, the top is the green embroider with a red skirt and belt, again it fit our Bubbles.  I am glad to have the model of a year old to 18 months size, Bubbles in 98 percentile for size so in not a typical 11 month size.  I will have to get as many created as I can before she grows out of toddler size, by them I should have some nice patterns to work from.

I escaped to go to CAKLS, Lady and Shorts were there so had a nice visit with them, they liked my upcycled pieces or it is that they are my friends and are very supportive of my endeavors.  I was truly nice to be away from Cubbie, for one, and just get to have a nice visit with my friends.  I only got to stay about and hour then had to go to the Extension office to correct Booboo's name for 4H. and off to the store for a few items and home in time for Poppie to pick up the kids, some one had to spell him from Cubbie and Bubbles. 

I went to Church with the girls, on the way Bug waved us over and he came along.  The message was nice and rather comforting.  It was about brotherly love and how to love the many personalities in a Church.  It was a refreshing and enlightening message.  I had to leave right after, Bug stayed, we had only a few minutes to get to the store and pick up crackers for Booboo for her contribution for the Halloween party in her class.  Today will be their first time to wear their costumes.  There was a Halloween party at the school on Sunday but they didn't get to go, we, Poppie and I, explained to them had it been on Saturday or Monday they could have gone, but even though the connotations of the past about Halloween are not really apart of the current culture of the day we felt that it was not something we could support on the Lord's day, they both understood our reasoning and gave up the party.  I have great girls.

Today I plan to peacefully upcycle, a day with out Cubbie, what a thought, not likely to happen but since her mom will be here or at her house I have the option of sending her little bum packing if she is naugthy.  How wonderful that will be, sometimes it doe the little mite good to think Nannie truly doesn't want or require her presence in my day.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grace, something I have know all my life but maybe now only just understand a bit more.

I was raised up in the Lord, I can't remember ever not going to Church though there were some years or some places that we lived that there wasn't a Church where we could go.  I remember traveling miles to go to Church and sometimes having Church in our home.  I was raised up in the Church.  When my parents left to move on with their lives, I no longer had an option to go to the Church I was raised up in.  I could have traveled to Zootown to go but as I have aged it has come to me that my community needs me to participate in a local Church.  I was truly at a crossroad in my life.  A dilemma that I didn't take lightly. I decided that God would lead me to the new Church he would want me to be at and much more importantly the Church my girls would be raised up in.  I, about the same time in my life meant Belle, she and I clicked right from the beginning.  We both have a life time of faith as a meeting point for our friendship.  I got to know her and the more I got to know her the more I learned about her faith, how she worshiped the Lord and that it was a possibility for my search.  She however does not go to Church locally, she goes to the Zoo.  I actually went to an event with her and still felt that I could go there but if I was going to go out of the community I could just go to the Church I was brought up in.  I therefore didn't seek to go with her.  My girls asked to go to Awana's and for a short while we thought maybe we could go there, but the Lord in no uncertain terms told us NO, don't go there.  I am so glad that the Lord guided our search. I thought for a short time about going to another Church in town, the interim preacher was the same preacher that married my brother to his lovely wife, but they were not going to be the long term preaching here.  I  love my brother but they believe in a way that is different from what I do and probably could.  I thought again of Belle, and that I and she believed, very similarly.  I know I felt the way, because the similarity far out way the differences in my mind, I am sure that they would think that I didn't believe in the true light.  I decided to see if we could go to the local church here that is her faith.  I contacted Violinist, as she went to that church.  We as a family decided to go.

We found that we were welcomed. and the Church was a good fit for Poppie and the girls.  The Lord called to Poppie and he was baptised after about 6 months.  Bug saw the Lord in his father, more so than ever before, and he decided of his own accord to go.  Mokie and family come and go, Son, being forced, forcibly, to go to Church his whole life doesn't like to go at all. We had tried to go with Grandpa but it too was out of the community and a lot different than what we could believe, but I digress.  The kids and Poppie love the Church.  I too love the Church but have been having a hard time assimilating to the differences.  I have learned about Grace in a whole different light, which sings to my heart. 

I have always known that salvation was through Grace, and Grace alone, but knowing something and knowing it down in your soul is different.  The Preacher has taught me Grace in a whole different light, or maybe it was that the Lord really wanted me to know Grace in a better way and he spoke to me,  maybe it was the Preaching I know not which but Grace is now at the core of who I am.  I know that Grace is a gift, never earned, you have no eternal life with out it, you can not judge who has it, or doesn't, and Grace is not and never is works.  Works are a whole different part of faith, Grace is the love of God to and for you. 

I am still struggling with the difference is my old Church and beliefs of 50 years and the new Church I am going to, the Church that is the Church of my daughters, my husband and hopefully my other kids and grandkids in time.  I have talked to the Preachers, I was apprehensive to do so because I believed he would find all my beliefs wrong and try to amend mine to his.  He assured me he wouldn't and was very good with me in studying but at his heart he wants me to believe what he believes, that is what Preachers do.  I offended him and he offended me, that is what people do as well.  He always says if I haven't offended you or you haven't offended me stick around and we will.  I did alteast get his views on the scriptures that are the bases for  his beliefs in the differences.  I didn't have a change in my beliefs and different opinion of how or what I read in the bible.  I was still at an impasse with my soul.  I prayed and prayed, I asked the Lord to guide me, I opened my bible as I often do when I have prayed this and know that God will send me an answer.  I opened up to Romans 14, there was God's answer for me.  His answer is that if I praise the Lord and worship him with love and faith in one way and if the Preacher teaches to praise the Lord and worship him with love and faith, they are both loving, worshipping and praising the Lord with all our hearts.  In Romans 14 the Jews and the Gentiles were not admonished but allowed to love and worship the Lord with all their hearts to the best of their ability.  The Lord accepted both of their worship.  I now have my answer.  God isn't as worried about what I don't do or what the Church doesn't do but that we love God and worship him to the best of our ability, with all our hearts and souls.  God's Grace is big enough for both..... tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Compromise is always an option in life, sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes who knows.

Do you ever find that life is about compromise?  I think that I have spent a great deal of my life learning to compromise and teaching my children the art of compromise.  I think that both are skills that are worth having and mastering. I do think that compromise can bring so much peace to a person that it is worth knowing and doing.  I also think that some things are not open to compromise.  You do have to know when to take a stand and never back down.  Is it worth the cost?  Is it to high a price to pay for what you will receive?  Do you compromise your beliefs to compromise? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and live with the compromise you will or have made? So, obviously when I talk about compromise I am not talking about whether we are having meatloaf or roast for dinner. Compromise is a simple thing and can be such a daily endeavor that you never even think of it, so your momma taught you right as well, but the compromise that I am speaking is the kind that has lasting life time consequences. Did you or have you ever compromised something that meant something so large in your life that effected you for your life time? Did you rush in with both feet and not count the cost?  Sometimes compromise is never an options and sometimes it is the only option, the trick, or maybe its the Divine hand of God, tells us which is which, if only we listen.

Today it is raining cats and dogs, so I don't plan on stepping in any poodles.... they bite.  Poppie has to go help Professor, he hasn't been out there except once in a couple of weeks so Professor has a list of needs that need doing.  It is raining though so though he may string some wire he won't be making it hot.  Poppie is no ones idea of stupid.  I have some upcycling to do, I have had a run on toddler items so happily I have to make more.  I do so love to cut, snip and sew new little creations.  Can't wait to see what I make, the best part is not having any preconceived ideas of what I should make but letting the wool call to me to find what is hiding in there.

I am watching the people on the east coast batting down as Sandy is coming down on them.  I hope that they make the right compromise, to stay or not to stay that is the question.  I hope they make the right one, oh, to have to wonder for years if staying was really the right answer.  The Lord be with those in the path of the storm and may his glory and love prevail..... tomorrow.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trial and Persecution, both blessing from God.

Yesterday I got into an "argument" with a couple of Poppie's cousins on facebook, they in the end basically condemned me for saying that the Bible says that homosexuality and abortionists are sins plain and simply.  Funny though Poppie's uncle, theirs as well, did end up supporting me which was nice, well maybe more like he supported the King James Bible, one of them had said they believed in it and then called it a work of man's fiction. It can't be both.  Either way I am not sorry I stood up to them.  I am too old to play games about what I believe and what I don't.  I don't believe in same sex marriage, marriage is a holy institution set up by God.  I also don't believe in a Christian Marriage for non-believers.  I think that civil union is an acceptable alternative for both, neither want to live under the rules of a Christian Marriage so why would they want one anyway.  I also categorically believe that abortion is wrong, under all circumstances.  If God sent a child, even in the condition of rape, that child has a purpose, either to heal the mother or to be someone elses child of adoption.  Abortion is murder,  I don't think that anyone who knows me finds this out of character, Poppie's cousins don't know me at all, I have actually never meant them.  One said she was an abortionists but a Christian.  I told her that they were not mutually compatible.  So many abortionist can't defend their argument and end up saying "well, I am a Christian too."  Really how so?  Did they get saved and then knowingly begin to support and promote abortion?  Or did they forget to repent when they got saved?  They could be saved and just not get the bible I suppose.  I think basically the same about homosexuality, did you think that God wouldn't know or that you could believe and God would over look your sin?  I am not judge or jury but I find it would really be hard to have actually believed in God's word and still hold with abortion or homosexuality.  I suppose only God knows what is in a man's heart and soul so I will leave their souls to God... it is really not my concern.

I did find that that is one of two instances that I was persecuted this week for my beliefs in God.  Funny how at first it was rather distressing to me, especially in one of the incidents.  I was told that what I believed was wrong and made to feel stupid, unintentionally, for my beliefs. I studied and restudied my belief, prayed and though I respect the persons opinion of my belief I don't actually believe I was wrong and I don't think I read my bible wrong either. I also think that God helps me to my beliefs so if God is with me no man can be against me...  It gave me a great deal of distress at first but in the end I realized that it was a form of persecution, though the person who disagreed with me meant well, it was still persecution for my belief.  I finally realized I was being blessed, I have had lots of tribulations and trials but the two this week were actually persecutions for God...  I am truly blessed by God.  I think that that would be considered works toward a crown wouldn't it.... tomorrow.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

BO the Geppetto boy......

I have come to the decision that I think the mainstream democrats are truly clueless to the things that Obama does and they allow the "stars" and the liberal machine to influence all of their voting decisions.  How else could some one as inept as Obama, BO, have become our president in the first place and still be holding on to a possible reelection, maybe he is a creation of Geppetto.  I don't allow my children to blame their problems on someone, anyone else, and get away with it, and most people I know with children  don't but are voting for someone who uses those tactics everyday and threw out his presidency.  They haven't a clue that we are on the verge bankruptcy and the "new" plan BO just put out accelerates the path to it. They don't know that that big cliff called taxmagedon is not a joke.  They don't know that because of his actions 4 people, he was supposed to protect were murdered,  those same people will look back at Watergate, with their smug better than thou attitude, that the Gop had a man that was such a liar,  the day of Benghazi has not come and when it does maybe just maybe those liberals will get their heads our of their butts and awaken to the horror of the reality of BO as their president.  I for one don't want the socialism that Europe enjoys here in America.  I don't want Sharia Law as part of America.  I don't want a man that can't even say Bible, says scriptures instead, but knows the exact genuflect for the Quran as my leader, doesn't that in and of itself tell you which one he adheres to, I know how to say Bible, and do daily, but have no idea how to pronounce Quran right.  I really want to know that the disillusioned kids that were singing the praises for the "facebook, social media peaceful revolution of the Arab spring" have to say know.  One of them was so offensive to me, and my thoughts on it, back then, I actually blocked her ability to "scream" at me, wonder what she thinks of Benghazi.  Do you really want four more years of the apologizer and chief, the spender and chief, the comedian and chief, the if I stick my head of my ass maybe they really won't die and chief, tax 'em more and chief, the I really haven't a clue with out my telleprompter and chief leading you?  I am, as a woman, offended that it is okay for womens wages to have gone down, woman's employment down and more woman are unemployed under BO than men in proportion, woman's median income is down as well and BO, and his machine, want you to worry, be sidetracked, more about birth control than the economy.  Really if your wages weren't worse than under Bush you could buy your own and not have to depend on the government.  Do you really want to teach your child that socialism is the way and they can just skip working for a better life.  Well maybe that is just it, Liberals do really want that as the life for their kids, they want socialism, they want a Liar and Chief leading them.  Dear Liberal do get out and vote because just maybe your man has finally shown his true colors to the point where he is going to get kicked out of his house and be in need of a job himself, I don't think even Eva will look his way once he is out on the street.  Maybe that is why he is spending so much time with the "stars"  he knows they won't let him hang with them anymore once hes' out, they will be on to their next puppet and man of the moment.....

I really really wish that more voters were actually informed voters.  I am still shocked that so many people actually haven't a clue of what or who they are voting for.  I am also glad that God is so patient with people and allows us so much time to try and figure out our reality, to try and get it right.... unfortunately this nation is running full force toward the enticements of Satan and his minions, some of them is high places.... tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Does God call to anyone the same? Is the celebration of sameness or difference more important, or does it matter?

I have always maintained that God has an individual relationship with each person, no two are alike anymore than two snow flakes are alike. I know that is heresy to some and you probably don't want to hear my opinion, or maybe someone who believes that would never have stopped by to read my humble blog anyway, so not a problem...  But seriously do you really think anyone has the exact same relationship with God as anyone else?  I know that God has a baseline of the things that he wants from us and he told us that foundation in the bible.  He also tells us in the bible that you can't hear what you are not ready to hear or understand what you are not ready to understand from the bible.  It always amazes me that each time you read it, the bible gives you something new, something cutting edge that you have never heard or understood before. Can you imagine how wondrous that in and of itself is?  I recently read that the bible is the number one biggest selling book of all time, as it should be, but number two is Don Quixote, can you imagine reading Don Quixote a hundred times and finding something new and cutting edge each time.  No, not that I have read it more than once but do you really think any other "work of fiction" could do that.  Well, that is to those of you who believe the bible is a work of fiction.  No, it is not it is a living breathing book, no other exists.  A living book that speaks to the needs of the individual reading it and we can seek to talk to God through it.  I have numerous friends who only read the King James, some only the AV1611, they are hardcore devotees to the King James.  I am not of that accord.  I think that a God so wondrous that his word is ever comforting and ever able to speak to you anew would have no problem speaking to you through newer translations.  I don't think that he can be stymied by any thing in getting his word to those who seek it.  I personally like to read the King James, but I do find it tedious to have to explain to the Ladies all the old style language. My older kids like their New King James translations.  The girls learn all of their memory verses in King James, as I think the process of memorizing should be a little more stately and the King James is definitely a more stately language.  We read several different translation in our daily reading and we compare them and discern the difference in language, I think that helps them understand to look deeper into the Word and to know that God wants to speak to them and he will allow nothing to interfere with that.  I do find that some translations do not appeal to me and therefore I do not read them but that is not to say that other people might not find their voice from God in them.

 I think that differences in theology or doctrine good food for thought.  Why do you believe what you believe?  What is your theology?  Is theology the same as doctrine?  I think that those are all answers that you need to find and look for with God in the bible.

I had opportunity to spend a couple hours last night speaking to Preacher and Pianists.  I think the reason I, or we, were called to go to the Lighthouse Baptist Church had to do with praying to God to guide us and the calling of my soul to find a place in our community where he might send us.  I know that there are many a difference in my being brought up in a Church of Christ and the Lighthouse Baptist church.  My aunt would have heart failure to think I had gone so astray as to go to a baptist church but I am the one that God has guided to do such so should her opinion matter as long as God shew us the way?  I had opportunity to confirm the things that we believe in, that are the same, and most assuredly biblical.  I have questions about the things that are not the same, what the bible says about them and can both of us be right in our beliefs and yet be of different belief?  Can I find common ground in the difference, do the difference really make a difference or are they but superficial idiosyncrasies?  Does it really matter if an instrument is used to praise the Lord or is the praise the most important part?  Can I be comfortable not doing some of the things the others do and am I complying with the Lord to not believe in what they believe in?  I think that there will always be differences in my beliefs and theirs but does that make my faith and theirs at insurmountable difference?  I don't think so when it boils down to the concentration of what God's want from any of us the details are irrelevant, I know some of you just gasp and think that that is not true, but really all God wants of us is our faith, our love and praise.  He tells us each how he wants us to do it and my faith is not the same as anyone elses anyway, my love of God is not the same as anyone elses and the way I praise God is not the same as anyone elses. I think that that is how God is able to know us all individually we are all like a different color of a great an wondrous rainbow, God sees us each as a special unique color, a glorious addition to his creation, he loves us all because we, the I in each of us, are his special being and he loves us each that way, a one of a kind favored child..... tomorrow.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I forgot, first time, Cubbie is now fuzzy was he.

I had to take Yogie to the ortho yesterday.  She went to school until 11:15, so that she didn't miss all of the day after being off all week last week, all be it a short week of only three days.  Mokie, Cubbie and Bubbles went along as well. We shopped a little, I picked up boots, hats and mitts for the Ladies.  Mokie got boots for Boy, Bug had given her nice hand me downs for the little girls so they didn't need any. We stopped and got lunch at Costco, Bubble had part of my chicken bake and she loved it she chewed on it for about 45 minutes before she finished it but she never lost interest in it so it was a winner in her book. 

I took Cubbie and Yogie into Yogie's appointment, they laid in the chair together.  Yogie shared her appointment, we are hoping that Cubbie gets comfortable in the chair with all the goings on as she will more than likely have to have ortho as well.  She laid with her little face looking into Yogie's mouth as they changed out her rubber bands.  They had chosen black and orange as the new colors for Halloween.  We picked up pumpkins for carving, Poppie only managed to grow one giant eating pumpkin and no carving pumpkins, funny one year he had 50 but just the one this year.  Next year is always his mantra...

Dr. Tiedee noticed that Cubbie had been at her hair with scissors.  She thought it was cute, all people seem to think it's cute, especially when it is not their child that looks like the lawn mower got away.  I think maybe it brings to mind when their little one chopped all their own hair of, a fond memory not a fond experience... Cubbie, with Boy's help, has chopped all of her bangs, some of the side hair, well mostly just one half of her side hair.  I think it is sort of fixable, well if mullets were in again, any way.. I think if I feather it I could fix it up a little.  I told her she is no longer my Cubbie bear she will have to be "Fuzzy was he" until her hair grows back.  I promptly sang to her about Fuzzy, I am not sure she wants to embrace Fuzzy with his no hair.  I hope she has no more bouts with the scissors.

I was on my way home from the Zoo yesterday when I was trying to think of what I had blogged and I for the life of my couldn't remember.  Well, when I got home I took a minute to check of what I had blogged and I found that I hadn't.  It is not that I haven't missed a day of blogging before because there are days that I don't, well after that first 365 days, but since then I don't someday because I have other obligations but I always remember that I didn't I have never actually forgot before.  I, in my defense, was studying memory parables with the Ladies and then was studying on a couple of questions I am working through for myself in the bible.  So, if the Lord is the reason I forgot to blog I am sure you will all forgive me, not that anyone really cares whether I miss a day or two anyway, but it did matter to me.  I kind of like that the Lord had me so busy, talking to me that I forgot, he must surely have had something of importance to say to me.  I hope the Lord speaks to you today and you forget to do something while in his company.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snow, snow go away I am not ready for you today, or yesterday.

Poppie and I got alot of the outside burning done.  Moved the stanchion and the refrigerators that will be smoke houses.  Poppie has a cold smoke house that is actually a building and his grill/smoker but we have two old refrigerator specifically gotten for smokers.  One is one of the wonderful ones with the motor on top from the 30's, the other from the 50's both will make ideal smokers.  One for hot smoking and one maybe for cheese or who knows what.  I made my first goat corned beef this week and it turned out really good, I guess it did, no one could tell it wasn't regular corned beef and had no idea it was goat.  I am making one of pork with the extra brine to see if we like the pork as well as the goat and beef.  The sauerkraut is coming along well too, it is still not to full fermentation but I used it and the corned beef to make Reuben's for potluck. 

We are hoping to get the goat pens situated for winter.  We have two in the barn/shop.  One will be smaller and one bigger, I think we are going to put the older does and the two youngest one, and maybe the three sisters, in the big one and the others in the smaller one.  I am not sure we will let the older ones and the little ones out daily they may just be stalled up for the winter.  The others benefit from being out and about, but the olders and the youngers might just be better off in the confinement.  The angora, Cinnamon, that we got earlier in the year is showing signs of being really really old and I am not sure he will make it throw the winter, when Poppie was burning yesterday he kept getting close to the fire, seemingly for heat.  I may put him in the with the old does but they are not all that fond of him or maybe they know he is weak and will take advantage of him.  I do know that goat really don't abide the weak, they will protect a small goat sometimes, that isn't their but not the weak, small is not always weak.  We will see how it works out.  I have to help Poppie make gates for them this morning.  Well after Cubbie's pre-school time, she didn't get to have it last week with us all being sick didn't want to spread it needlessly. 

The burning was going well when the first little flakes started to float down around us, before the evening was out there was no visibility to the barn, and the old does had hid themselves under a tarp.  The snow came down in a mass of white for hours upon hours, the winter wonderland is everywhere this morning.  It is supposed to snow again today, it was like this a couple years ago early snow and then a black thanksgiving and Christmas, so I hope it is the same this year.  Though that year we had heavy snow in the woods so a win win, snow to quench the draught and for people to play in if they sought it out but none, to speak of, in the valleys or to have to drive in.  I like when the snow is not on the roads, it can be in the lawns, woods or fields but not on the road.  It always amazes me that Montana's seem to forget how to drive in the snow until they navigate the first new snow of the year, invariable the first snow brings a plethora of cars in the ditch, that won't be there a few short weeks later with much more snow on the roads.... so silly.  Well, maybe it isn't the Montanans in the ditch but just the Washingtonians that forget we actually have a speed limit here and they should adhere to it... I digress.  Snow, snow go away I have to much to do today.... tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Is Santa really satan, does a carved pumpkin really do a disservice to our childern? Is culture, as is language to be caught up in the past?

This time of year we often hear some controversy about the celebration of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas, are they Christian? are the pagan? are they harmful to our children? Are they really what we think they are or do we assume we know that one is pagan and one is Christian? Could it be that like our culture they are the accumulation of the secular, the Christian and the pagan? They, like we, are the results of the melting pot society we are. The only holidays that we have that aren't an accumulation of past cultures are the ones that are purely American. That would be the simple ones and 4th of July, you know Presidents day, MLK, Columbus and Labor days. They are purely celebrations of our history but the bigger holidays are complicated.

You can spend many an hours studying the pagan and Christian aspects of Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, yes Thanksgiving, no it is not the holiday we believe it to be about just Pilgrims and the kindly Native Americans, it has as much past history as the others. Is it really important why we celebrate them, yes and no, is the simple answer. Should we over think them? You can and are more than welcome to, but you should be fair to the holiday and really study it if you are going to pick it apart to that degree. Is there a purpose for looking for the evil in a holiday? Are you so little of faith that God can't make the good in any event the focal point, can't Halloween be just about kids having fun in a costume collecting candy? Can't Santa just be about the Christmas spirit and not be about Satan? Yes, I read the other day that Santa is Satan. I think that people have to much time on their hands, or have so little love in their lives that they look for the evil in the innocent. I am not saying that any of these holiday are without possible evil overtones from the past but why cling to the negative and the evil? why not shed it and see the child's wonder and fun in them. I am not copping out and allowing the devil to infiltrate my life. I have a choice to be overburdened with Satan or to allow God's glory to protect me from his evil. Besides nowhere in the bible did anyone show reverence for the birth of Christ once he was born, the bible is all about the celebration of his death and his rising from the dead, so is any observance for Christ's birth even biblical? 

You say but lying to your child is wrong, in the case of Santa. Yes, lying to my child would be wrong if it was a personal lie but it is not, it is a cultural lie. I know lying is lying. Okay, is Mickey Mouse a lie? Is Betsy Ross a lie, no she didn't really make the first flag? Is Big Bird a lie? Does Tinker Bell really fly and does Charlotte really spin webs to save piglets? George didn't chop down the cherry tree with such honesty. If you start to take out all the cultural lies of this life, where to begin?

I think that life is what you make of it, God has allowed us choice and has gifted us with salvation, if we but ask, and all the other stuff is just stuff.  You can spend precious time looking for the evil where none exists and you can separate your life to seclusion or you can live life in the time era God put you in.  Do I teach my child that Satan is drinking milk and cookies as he fills her stocking by allowing her to belief in Santa?  NO, I give her a moment of fantasy much like when I take her to see Tinker Bell in a theater and is either going to condemn her to hell, no.  Our lives are so warp speed in this day and age that a little fantasy in a child's life is not a bad thing.  I think teaching your child  some frivolity is not a sin, but not teaching them the reality of God and the evils of Satan at work in our lives is.  I think that gossip, drugs and immoral living is a much greater worry in a child's life. So if people have nothing better to do than condemning trick or treating, Santa and the Easter Bunny they must have conquered the evils of true sin in their lives so I am glad they are so right with God, and their salvation, that they have time to judge us that are just struggling to wake up daily and try to live for the Lord. ...... tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eva Longoria, Liberals are bullies that claim to be for the betterment of "everyone".

Amazing how Eva Longoria can say things, or get hacked, like Wiener, and retweet something that not one Republican could get away with and still have her following.  Poor Stacey Dash said something nice and simply, not foul like Eva, and was ostracized by the left wing liberals.  They like to make you think that they are the party of inclusion but the are the ones that cut you to pieces for voicing your opinion while they shove theirs down you throat.  That is what is really wrong with our country right now, the total unabashed bullying of the liberals, their whining and saying they are the victims while stomping on any conservative opinion.  Ever see a little boy on a play ground with tears streaming down his face as we pulls a little girls hair and throws mud on her dress as he says she called me mean.... boo hoo..  sound familiar.  Liberal act the same way, mud throwing and all.

I am excited to see how Mr. Liberal BO, I actually like the way his name give us a sense of his policies, they stink, handles the repercussions of how the Libya mess will play out.  I hope that people are paying attention, even though the Liberal Media has tried to stomp it down it is trickling out at just the right time, people need to see and hear the truth before they are hoodwinked into voting the wrong way, again.  I used to have respect for Hillary, and that is saying something for me to like a democrat but when she laid down like a doormat for the "man" I lost all my respect for her.  I did like that "her man" got his little dig with the "he didn't fix it" comment,  Bill never says anything he doesn't mean.  He is doing the stumping he is supposed to, but a man of his elegant words is no fool... I did see a little bit of the president I actually liked peaking through, a man with a pair for sure, unlike the one leading us now.  Lord guide the hands of those who go to the voting booths in the near future and let the real truth about BO's failed foreign policy come to the light in time to let all the voters know that not only can't he help our economy that his foreign policy is destroying this country and allowing the terrorists to take hold in this world in a very dangerous way.... tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Still in bed, no bountiful baskets today, so sad. Studying my bible is comforting.

I am sad to say my friends husband died, sad for her, for him the glory of God is now his and he is in everlasting glory.  How wondrous for him.  I am sad my friend will be without him in the days and years to come.  I think of all the fears I have ever had in my life that is the worst and my most distressing.  I can't imagine life with out Poppie and hope that life eternal is not without him. I know God will have a wondrous surprise for me on that account but my failure in faith makes me worry sometimes. 

I am not able to go to Bountiful Baskets to volunteer today, so sad. Lady is going to go pick up our baskets today, such a lovely person to do that. We shall be there together in two short weeks.  I can't wait to get the process further down the road and feel like I have let people down not going today, but no one wants to get the crud I would give them. So, alas I am here studying my bible.

It was nice to have the morning with nothing to do, and feeling enough better to open my bible.  I usually spend the 6 o'clock hour with my ladies but the days off have gotten us off track.  They spent the night, one night, and have had a quest for two nights.  So, off track.

I spent the morning studying various scripture and readying different philosophies on scriptures.  I like to read what others think about a subject and that makes the Internet a good study ground for bible study.  I do always take note of the author and their theology I am not completely without thought on what I read.  I mostly read thoughts by members of the Church of Christ, Baptists or other fundamental Preachers, there I said it, for those who don't know I am pretty much a fundamentalist and a Conservative, and wouldn't you know it a Republican. Oh, I forgot you have read my ramblings haven't you. Okay, I digress. 

I have studied weekly communion, and the scriptures that support it, faith by grace and the purpose of works in a grace driven live.  I have also touched on what God wants us to wear to church. What constitutes a carbon/14 dating and how it has falsely read fresh fish out of the sea as being 10,000 years extinct.  Okay so I have being studying for a long time this morning but then my mind seldom slows down even when I sleep, a problem I have used to a wondrous benefit at times and at other times have despaired at.  This morning I learned so much about the Lord, I like when he takes me to wondrous places to explain things to me and spends time just talking to my soul.  Well I hope that the Lord takes time today to talk to you and you take time to commune with and listen to him. Today is a wondrous day to ask the Lord into your life and accept his grace into you life... tomorrow.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sick, in bed and not feeling up to anything.

I finally got what all of the family seemed to be sharing so freely.  I spent most of the night up and down, back and forth to the bathroom so have no energy for anything today.  I am just saying hi, hope I feel better tomorrow and going back to bed.  My dear friend from Plains's husband had a heart attack this morning and if you have time could you please pray for him and keep his outcome in your heart.  Hope to be feeling up and ready to go tomorrow, maybe even a little fiesty.  ... tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A day with the Ladies, yay, no sick kids, new piggies

Poppie is getting ready to go out to visit the Professor's and fix a couple of lights for him. It was long week for Poppie but they got the wood out of the woods so that is a blessing. I have a little laundry and mopping, hopefully the girls will be able to get their rooms clean and we can scrub the carpets before winter sets in.

NO sickies today yay, we didn't go to the pumpkin decorating, the kids were disappointed, for a minute, they don't stay sad long with so many things to do but I didn't want other kids to get sick with any residue sick. I didn't want anyone else to have to share in the joy of it.

We got three new piggies to raise up, either for our pantry in the future or to sell but it is nice to have the little guys in the pen. One is a dark red male, on a silver and pink male, and the last a black spotty white and pink female. The girls will surely have them named sometime today. We have one sow that is, or we think bred and one that will be in the next week or so, for piglets in the spring. I am getting the Berkshires next month sometime. They should be close to the size of the three we got so we will put them together. I managed to get a breeding pair so that will be exciting when they get all growed up. My dad says that they will have shorter noses than I am used to having. We really can't wait until they come. Okay, so I get excited about silly things sometime, or maybe it is just simple things. Poppie is going to help Son move his big boar, Brut, who weighs about 1200 lbs and his sow that weigh about 400 or 500 lbs.  They are going to put them in their house and slide the house over with the backhoe to its new spot.  They will have a much bigger pen.  Once the move is made, Swiss Miss Chops is going to go over to be bred so a busy evening planned.

The ladies spent the night with their cousins.  They should be home later this morning, not to much later, as we have a whole list of things to do, earlier stated.  We are going to make bread tomorrow and foccacias for Sunday potluck.  I am not sure if we are going to make things for Saturday so that the girls can do the Helpline craft show or not.  Mokie may want to sell soap, or not, so we are going to talk about it today to make a decision.  I will be volunteering with Lady at the  Bountiful Baskets so won't be able to help them.  Mokie hasn't had a Saturday off in a while, with her family, so we will see how it ends up.  Maybe we will go get wood and I will join them after the baskets, some many possibilities to ponder.  Maybe we could go mushroom hunting before the snow sets in.... okay I will stop that isn't helping.

I hope that you have a good day and the Lord brings blessings into your life.  So many people in this day and age don't seek out the Lord and think that he is old news or something that their grandparents believed in but the Lord is alive and well and wants to be in your life.   He is patient and awaiting your seeking him out, today just might be the dad to seek..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sick in the round, wood, rain and today is the pumpkin decorating day.

Yogie has been home with me yesterday and will be today as well. She is alot like her dad, hard to get sick but stays puny a while once she is.  She is no longer throwing up but is weak and needs some down time.  Poppie and Bug finally got the trailer out of the woods, couldn't the day before but it is home with wood in it now. Mokie and Bug are off to the Zoo today so I will have Bubbles and Cubbie.  They are both a little off as well, the one thing about big families is that we get to share, and share and reshare the bugs that are going around, why couldn't we all get it at once, well I suppose no one would be able to help the others through their misery that way could we?  The rain is supposed to let up and taper off, Saturday is to be rainy again but some clearing for next week, well if they looked far enough out their windows that is. 

Yogie is going to work on her memory verses.  They have picked their next parables so that gives them incentive to finish the ones they are working on, and be on to new adventures in memorizing.  I am proud of their ability to memorize their parables, it is a bit more challenging than single verses but I think that it makes it a bigger goal and they can compete but share at the same time.  We are doing the parables that have at least two different version in the Gospels,  I think they will be doing the wise man and the foolish man next but for now they are working on the sower of the word. 

I have had a lot of orders lately for upcycled items, a dress, a sweater, longies and lots of diaper covers.  I actually had to order more wool, that was fun and I can't wait for it to come.  One is a sweater with embroidery on it so can't wait to make a little dress or a little girlie girl item from it.  I am hoping to be able to get to spin some this winter and the cool of the days says it is getting closer to the time to batten down sew, spin and knit.  I do love to have a toasty fire going and just work along to the crackling sound of it burning. 

Today is pumpkin decorating at the Library I am hoping to get to take the girls.  I think that Yogie will be up to it by then,  I just didn't want her wore down by the whole day at school.  They get the next two days off from school so that will give her time to mend. I hope the Lord blesses your life and your day today, ALL thing are possible in the Lord, odd how so many people don't hear or see that ALL in the statement.  Truly any and all things are possible in the Lord you just have to belief and asked the Lord to provide your needs, all such a tiny misunderstood word.... tomorrow.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Murphy was visiting us yesterday, but a nice day as had by all.

We got home from Church, Poppie and Bug went on first to the woods.  The girls and I were to change and follow.  Booboo felt it necessary to drag her feet and be as obtuse as possible.  I had to make her change out of school shoes twice, explain that little nicker pj bottoms was not the ideal getting wood clothes, I finally made her put on work pants and boots.  We stopped and bought a giant sub sandwich, chicken, tea and water and were off to the woods.  We got to the woods and the tree Poppie and Bug cuts was too big for them to pull so we had to in the end abandon it.  We will go back for it in the next few weeks. We could not pull it up the hill without 4 wheel drive, for some reason the 4 wheel drive is not kicking in our Old Green. They may have to see if it is a vacuum problem.  We ate some chicken and sandwiches and went to the next tree.  It fell into a tree.  Poppie, the girls and I, with great predisposition for hung trees being a major scary thing, were for going on. Bug just cut in to it to knock it off it's stump still wouldn't fall, there was a small, well a couple of small dead lodgepole by it so he tried to hit them into it to dislodge it from the tree, no such luck, it did move a little, more solidly into a fur with a big branch, though a dead one.  Bug said he was going to saw it down as well.  The girls and I were really scared as the last time we saw that it done it didn't turn out well.  He said that is what he did as a tree faller and he did it all the time, didn't make us feel any better.  He did get the tree down and it was scary but he did do it with some expertise.  The tree managed to fall a little more down hill than expected, due to the trees it was hung in.  Bug cut it about 3/4 of the way down it's length and the put a cable on it to pull it.  It took a lot of work pulling it and during the pulling the truck went dead, no nothing, it took them the better part of an hour to figure out why.  The jerking of the truck while pulling with out 4 wheel drive unplugged the computer plug. Problem found they finished pulling the log and we cut, chopped and stacked it into the truck.  We went down about 1/4 of a mile and got a couple more to finish filling the high wracked truck. due to all the foibles we knew we couldn't fill the trailer and make it down before dark.  We talked Poppie into allowing us to leave the trailer there at the top of the mountain, if we went back up first thing this morning, pouring rain here hope it is snowing up there, snowing so much better than raining when getting firewood.  We started down the hill and about half way down, the 23 mile jaunt, they ran out of gas in the truck, the jerking on the trees had taken a heavy toll on the gas tank.  The girls and I went home got two gas can and returned, took about an hour and a quarter to get back, they had coasted to the bottom of the hill and were in the valley awaiting us in the dark.  We put the gas in the truck and an hour later we were home.  Long day, good family time and the joy of time spent in the woods with the Lord, you know tribulations just let you know the good that the Lord can bring you in the future.  Poppie and Bug had time to talk and are starting to mend past offenses.  Bug is opening up more than he has in years and is working on removing some of the demons that have plagued his life, so much needed dad time was a blessing. God does provide, even if what you need is a captured audience in a coasting truck....

Today we are off to retrieve a lost, empty trailer, it likes to be full when it come home so a long morning of work to accomplish that before we make it home this afternoon.  I hope you have a great day and remember nothing happens without a reason and sometimes the most irritating of situations provides for the best of times.... tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Opposites, ever stop to think how many are in our lives?

I think as a mother one of the first things you teach your infant/toddler, well not the small infants but the ones that are almost toddler, is yes and no.  How many baby's learn no and get stuck on it.  Rarely do you see one that say yes, our Bubbles does and it always makes me look twice to make sure she is the one saying it.  You say no and she nods and says yes.  Most babies think it but they most always chirp no, no, no, while shaking their head, seemingly mimicking momma.  We then teach our children about being good, and the bad seems to sneak out in them.  Hopefully most are soon teaching their children the love of God and sorrows of evil.  We really do get our basic personality and beliefs in our first five years so hopefully you are instilling a the Love of God in your babes. 

Really from the beginning we are either introduced to the Love of God and the evil persecution and tribulations of Satan.  So we are introduced to faith, religion is the afterthought of faith as far as I am concerned, faith in God is the most important thing in your life, or should be.  So many people say oh they are religious, being religious in and of itself is not faith.  You can go to a church a life time and not have faith in God.  You can be spiritual and have never had a conversation in faith with God. Faith is the acceptance of God gift of everlasting life by believing, you can't earn or work your way in to faith you have to truly believe in God to have it.  What others see doesn't always convey what God knows about your faith. 

We are now a country divided Liberal and Conservative, Democrat and Republican, you do know that being one doesn't always make you the other?  We are a country of Pro-choice or Pro-life, socialist or capitalist, I don't think you can be both of those at the same time, hmmm?  What are the opposites you endure or embrace daily?  Do you ever try and look at things from the opposite side of the coin?  Have you become your beliefs of your own accord or were you raised to be your belief?  Have you ever thought of the different choices you have to be who you are?  Most of us never look past who we are brought up to be, should we?  Are you a racist, a bigot, a product of generational welfarism?  Do you work for all you have because that is the right thing to do and the way you were brought up?  What makes you the opposite of the opposite of your beliefs?  Do you ever wonder why any one would think that their point of view is every bit as valid as yours but the complete antithesis of yours? How is it that we have become the partisan opposite country that we now are?  Ever just try and understand any belief but your own?....... No, probably not but think of the possibilities of doing just that.... tomorrow.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Libya, Crosses, Bush, a Crazy old man, and facts.

I watched the VP debate that happened to fall on my birthday.  I like everyone else saw an old man totally shame and degrade the office he holds.  He was no doubt sent out there, by his handlers, to do that, no I don't think that the makes the gaffes he is so notorious for without design.  We all pass it off as Joe being Joe, but really can anyone have been in the senate for 36 years and be that much of a bumbling idiot?  No.  We excuse him because we are told that he is a lovable man and that is just his way so in our stupidity we accept that.  We have been conditioned to believe that politicians want the best for us.  But in the last four years we have been taken over by a political machine that in no way are playing on the accepted terms of our past.  We are now being played by a team that is in no way looking out for the country, it's just that we as a country as still under the misinterpretation that this president and his machine care about anything of real substance.  Really, would Cater have been allowed to say his failure as a president was Ford or Nixon's faults?  So why after almost four years of his agenda is BO being allowed to blame his short comings and failures, yes failures, on Bush?  Biden say to check his fact well most democrats that swallow all their demigods spew at them won't, don't or are afraid of coming out of their smoke filled rooms and removing their rose color glasses to even consider it.  Thank goodness for the cottage industry of fact checkers that took Biden at his word.  Yes, the President and VP did know with in 24 hours that Libya was never, never about some half assed movie,  though that Hopey Changy guy was still trying to sell that lie 2 weeks later the murders in front of the world at the UN.  Does BO think that lying doesn't make him look like a fool on the world stage?  Does his lies take away the reality that terrorists attacked our embassy and killed four men on the anniversary of 9/11? Does it take away from the fact that he looked the other way? Does he think somehow that not acknowledge it will make it not have happened?  Will those followers wearing the rose colored glasses, that still have to vote in a month, really not get it that Al qaeda is still out there even if Biden is out there saying "Osama is dead and GM is alive"  really? Osama was replaced and the terrorists didn't miss a beat. 

Biden bad mouths Romney about Romney wanting GM to go in bankruptcy restructuring.  Well, guess what? BO did put them in to bankruptcy restructuring, he just made us pay for it, and not the private companies that should have.  One is a better option for the taxpayer and it wasn't the option that we are still paying for.  So, our economy is bad and there is no plan being put forth by the current administration because in their delusion theirs is working, there is no leadership in foreign affairs but the "its Romney's fault what happened in Libya" plan.  So lets hope the real leader with a plan gets elected by the people of this country that are no longer enthralled by the lies of a man who said he was going to be the first non-partisan president, amazing a poll just came out that he is the most partisan president that ever lived.  90 percent to 8 percent, even Clinton in his first four years only came in at 80 percent.  Oh, for the good old days of Clinton, he in his second four years stepped up and did become a non partisan president to a great degree.

Biden told us that they only wanted millionaires to have their taxes raised but that is not true they want to raise everyone over 200 thousand.  He went on to tell us that the Catholics were happy with Obamacare but then why are the Catholics suing the government for their right of separation of church and state in the health care plan?  The laughing smirking crazy old man, that went out and did it on purpose, to set it up so that BO can come out and do the same in a milder manner, and will not look like a crazy man in comparison next week.  Just wait and see he will disgrace the office in the same manner, so he doesn't look like he is still asleep, well I guess that won't be anything new, he has done that for years.  Good news though his golf game is much better than when he took office. 

Last week in our country a team of Catholic kids had to put tape over their helmets to play football. Their helmets had a cross on it and it offended one of the players on the other team. Our schools are bleeding children to homeschooling because the kids are offended by having to learn evolution in schools, not being allowed to pray and bullied about their faith but no one cares about their rights. No one put tape over the monkey in their science book so they weren't offended but the atheist child didn't have to endure that cross. Total double standard is being promoted and allowed in our society everyday. This week Stacy Dash, the actress from clueless who is African American, came out for Romney and she is being harassed.  Why is it not acceptable for young African American woman to have the right to be conservative?  Why is it not acceptable for her to support Romney, did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a republican, bet you didn't did you? Would he be harassed if he wanted to vote for Romney?  Or would the BO machine belittle him as well?

I hope you watched the debates, both of them and the two to come, watch, make a fair choice, even if it is not the one you thought you were going to make.  Read and study the facts, not the spin and rhetoric that the liberal media wants you to hear, oh, yeah they are almost totally unaware that anything even happened in Libya and hope it goes away before their man gets caught in anymore lies about movies. But seriously listen, really listen, would you run your house budget like the current admin runs it and still have it?  Did you find Biden the man you want one heart beat from the presidency?  If so go out and vote for him and pray he isn't who we end up with, well on second thought he couldn't be any worse could he.... tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday wishes, Zootown, hay hook, and offended.

Poppie and I went in to the Zoo yesterday, we had to pull a trailer so had limited ability to maneuver in town.  Poppie had a little high blood pressure so has a few options that he is whining about but has a few months to make his choices.  I am going to be poking him until he makes a choice for his life and sticks with it.  We were late getting there and he got right in.  A lady that was in the waiting room was very anger that Poppie got in.  She was there for a first appointment and had been late as well, they would not let her in but rescheduled a later appointment.  She had a bunch of angry words to say to her husband about the unfairness.  She had no idea I was with Poppie and that being late for a status check appointment, which takes about 15 minutes and her initial appointment was probably an hours slot were greatly different offenses.  Poppie had offended her unintentionally.  Her husband finally said he didn't want to hear anymore about it.  I am glad I didn't have to hear anymore of her spiel and got to leave. 

We went over and picked up some items at Costco and Poppie bought me lunch.  He refused to take me anywhere else as he couldn't get parking for the trailer almost anywhere else.  So Poppie is sometimes totally clueless about birthdays but in the end it makes no difference.  We stopped and picked up the lumber we brought the trailer for.  Bug and Poppie are going to fix a roof problem for Belle and had to get the supplies.  We were soon on our way home. Yogie made me dinner later, she fried up burgers and made sweet potato fries, all by herself, so that was a wonderful treat to end my day. 

Poppie and Bug took the hay trailer over to Mokies so that Son could unload the hay into his barn.  Son was gone and Poppie ran over a hay hook with the trailer.  Cubbie and Boy had been playing with it again, which they are not supposed to, so now there is a tire that needs fixed.  Poppie was not happy at all with the flat tire. 

The girls are diligently studying there second parables.  They did very well on their first ones.  They got their bibles for further study.  The bibles are very nice quality.  They are smaller than I thought but they seem to fit their hands so well I think that they were meant to be smaller.  They have gotten to highlight all of the verses they have memorized at this point. They actually know quite a few and they were so proud to see their highlighted pages.  The little bibles are wedding bibles.  I just wrote in the covers my note of giving the bibles to them.  I left the pages for a wedding all open, I think that someday they both will be very proud to use them as real wedding bibles they will have so many loving memories then to bring to their weddings. 

The parables that they are working on this week are the explanation parables of the sower parables they worked on last week.  There are lots of words that are more work than the last parables, bigger unknown words that they struggle with and we gave to talk about their meanings, so they are going to need more time for these 6 and 7 verse memories they are working on.  Booboo is doing Mark this time and Yogies is working on Matthew.  They had done the opposite on the first parables.

Matthew 13:18-23

King James Version (KJV)
18 Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.
19 When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.
20 But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it;
21 Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.
22 He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.
23 But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

Mark 4:14-20

King James Version (KJV)
14 The sower soweth the word.
15 And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.
16 And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness;
17 And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, immediately they are offended.
18 And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word,
19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.
20 And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.


While we were reading and studying the parables it kept coming to my mind that offended is used in a way that seems odd to me.  I was probably more sensitive to the word because one of the first times I went to Church the Preacher had said, in one of his sermons, "Have I offended you?  Well stick around and I will.  I will offend you and you will offend me. It is what you do with and how you respond to being offended that matters."  He was referring to

Matthew 18:15-17

King James Version (KJV)
15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.
17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

I understand that kind of offending but I am not sure that that is the offended referred to in the parables the girls are working on.  I finally looked up offend in the dictionary thinking that I must surely be missing something.  Alas I was. 
 of·fend (-fnd)
v. of·fend·ed, of·fend·ing, of·fends
1. To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in.
2. To be displeasing or disagreeable to: Onions offend my sense of smell.
a. To transgress; violate: offend all laws of humanity.
b. To cause to sin.

1. To result in displeasure: Bad manners may offend.
a. To violate a moral or divine law; sin.
b. To violate a rule or law: offended against the curfew
I guess I never thought of offend as; to cause to sin to violate a moral or divine law; sin.  That gave me lots to contemplate.  Now I have to think, and think, about the times that I have read offend in the bible and not just think about it as to hurt some ones feelings...... I guess I will leave you with that maybe you would like to contemplate as well..  tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffee with Tucky, pumpkin, hay, harvests and rain to come.

Lady, Tucky and I had plans to meet for coffee yesterday.  Unfortunately Lady didn't get to come due to unforeseen circumstances.  Tucky and I meant and had a great time.  Today is Tucky's birthday and tomorrow is mine so we were there to acknowledge each others turning a new year older.  I find it funny how as we age some embrace their age with joy and others hide from it.  I am an embracer, as is Tucky I think.  I earned all of my gray hair and each of the years I have spent on this earth so I celebrate my accomplishment with fervor.  Tucky gifted me with the nicest little pouch she had made that included all the animals in my life in the material she had chosen.  There is also the nicest dream catcher in the print, it pays homage to the love of native American culture that I have had for more than half of my life.  It was a lovely gift made with love and accepted with love.  I gifted her with one of my handmade journals.  I think she liked it and I hope she enjoys it.  We talked for about 3 hours and finally had to go home to our lives.  I stopped by the Library on the way home and gifted Lady with the banana squash I had gotten her for my dad.  I also picked up three smaller squash that a gentleman had gifted the library with.  Funny how so much of the abundance of the harvest gets gifted and regifted in a small community.  Gifting is alive and well here.

Poppie and Bug finished chopping and delivering the wood we got to Professor and Herbalist.  They used to get wood from a man who unexpectedly died this year so were at a loss to where to get some for the winter.  Poppie and Bug hooked them up, much to their son's relief, he didn't have a clue where to get any.  We have to go get hay this evening, we are going to borrow Thor's truck so that we can get all 4 ton on one trailer and not have to take two vehicles and two trailers.  Fuel is to expensive so we will combine the fuel with Son and Mokie and share the load.

 I was out with the goats yesterday getting a list of which to harvest and which not to.  We are going to harvest the turkeys as well.  The chicken's were to be harvested as well but while we were feeding the goats we found over a dozen eggs so they must have heard my threats to harvest them.  We really do need to harvest most of them as some of them have started eating eggs and it is all but impossible to stop them once they start.  I would really like reprieve 6 from harvest.  So we will see if we can pick 6 likely candidates but knowing me it will surely be the wrong 6. 

It is to rain on Saturday, we still have fire wood to harvest for the winter but Poppie is very sore from working so hard the last few days so we won't be going until Saturday.  If it is a nice soft rain we can still go, it is only a 40% chance.  If is it s hard rain we will just have to go next week.  We do still need more for us, Bug and Professor.

 I roasted pumpkin again yesterday, I have half of Poppie great pumpkin roasted and bagged.  I like to bag it in 2 cup measures as it is easier to unthaw for cakes, pies and pancakes.  I am going to make up some pumpkin butter, I hear it can be very good, so will have to get out to Flower Child's to get some spices.  She really does have a quality supply. My sauerkraut is coming along great.  I love the fall and all the harvesting.  The harvest is the most rewarding time of the year or process.  I often wonder about the Lord's harvest.  Does he look forward to it as we do?  It is so wonderful that the Lord allowed the good seed to grow with the bad and that he is going to take the time at harvest to separate the two.  To think the good could have been destroyed with the bad, but our wondrous Lord tell us that he will separate the chaff from the good at harvest and then burn it.  Won't his harvest be a glorious time to see, I do so look forward to the Lord's harvest more so than my own...... tomorrow.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wooding, Church, Bug and lessons for a little sister.

We had a nice day at Church, we were late as the car didn't not want to start until Poppie cleaned the battery cable.  We stopped by Bugs to pick him up but nothing stirred at this house.  Poppie thought maybe he had walked over and to our surprise he had.  It was so wonderful to see that he had gone on ahead not dependent upon us being there such a good thing for him in his life.  His life had been so bi-polar for years.  Not meaning that he is bi-polar but it has had such highs and such lows that has brought such sorrow and joy that I would think that it would be hard for anyone to endure the scope of his life over that last fifteen years and be able to go on.  He has battled being in jail, having drug problems, illegal and then prescription, depression, marriage, divorce, the adoption of his much adored children, foster care from both sides and the list goes on.  There have been times I was so ashamed, so afraid for him, so proud of him and so sorrowful at his apparent non acceptance of salvation in the Lord.  I can say I have always loved him but there have been times I just wasn't sure I liked him or wanted to be around him.  I suppose he was at the rock bottom in the last year.  It finally came to a head when people who supposedly loved him framed him for something he didn't do to "teach" him a lesson.  He finally began to see that he loved in the wrong place and it has taken him a year of torture to get it from his head to his heart.  He has not been nice to many people in his life in the last few years much of the time encouraged by bad people using him for their purposes.  He is a smart young man but the heart can cloud you to reality and use you against yourself.  I am not excusing him for the bad things that he has done to so many people that did not deserve his anger and he has now come to realize it but has no idea how to fix some of the wrongs he had perpetrated on some people who didn't deserve his wrath.  He has always had so many good qualities that were hidden to so many and so many people just didn't get what I saw in him, I know a mother always loves but he is his fathers son and some where way down deep he wants to be the man he can be. 

He has been working hard for the last few months to begin again.  So many people have given up on him and it may take him a life time to make up for some of the wrongs he has committed but that he is trying, in a meaningful way, is the only thing he can do.  He is getting his life right with God, he is trying to get his fines paid up and all that type of things fixed in his life.  He is trying to over come the anger that the last years have brought him to,  he is making great strides in therapy, he has actively done AA and NA of his own accord, he is clean and has been for awhile.  He is actively working on rebuilding his life with his kids and finishing his divorce.  He is working on getting a job that can be worked around all the commitments to getting his kids back.  Maybe an apprenticeship which would be such a wonderful thing for them all.  He, by no means, is perfect but that he is actively working on becoming the man that I know he can be is heartwarming and only time will tell but with God him who can succeed against him.

We went and got wood after Church yesterday, about 3 cords.  We didn't get home until well after dark about 8.  The girls helped out but at first Booboo was grudging about having to work and stomped off, in doing so she came to close to the chain saw that Bug was wielding.  He was not happy and yelled at her. I went down to talk to him and he said "when I was little you would have spanked me for that"  I said "yes, some of the time I would have but sometimes I would have not, it would have depended on whether he had been mad at me when he did it"  He conceded that that was true, and that he would have disobeyed in anger and that she hadn't.  I talked with Booboo about what she had done and that she owed her brother an apology for her behavior.  She eventually told him she was sorry.  She told me later that I was aright that he had yelled at her because she had scared him and that he was worried about her safety.  I was glad for both of them, they both learned something about one another.  She that he loved her and cared about her even if he yelled when he told her so.  He that he could care about a child and not have to be angry to get his point across that anger management did make sense in the greater scope of life.  Being anger was not that healthy and life has so much more to give when you let the anger go and live without it.  I think the Lord is working hard in his life and that is such a blessing that has been a long time coming.  The Lord responds to our needs, all we have to do is to step forward to him and ask him to.... tomorrow.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bountiful Baskets, Another crazy goat lady, we just seem to find each other.

Another wondrous day at the Bountiful Baskets volunteer day.  We got great baskets lots of fun fruits and veggies.  My girls had never tried tomatillos before and since they are gooseberries we tried them raw to get a since of what they are, Booboo and I both liked them, Yogie not so much.  We are going to make some salsa in the morrow with them and the other veggies, tomatoes, jalapenos, limes, red peppers, onions, garlic, (gifting both of my cilantro bunches, I have tried and tried but it tastes like soap to me).  Booboo is enjoying the plums, grapes and strawberries, as is Bug.  I had a nice salad for dinner, Bug and Poppie got home before me and had had brisket for dinner.  The Ladies ate at their aunt Drama's.  We learned more of the ins and out of having a Bountiful Basket site here.  He need to find a place, and possible a back up space, for the deliverys and distribution.  We have a couple of ideas to see about.  We have to talk to the fire department. We need to see how many people are interested in participating we think it maybe in the 30 to 40 range that have shown interest.  We are really getting excited about the prospect of having a site here.  We went into Zootown after and didn't get home until after 4 so I didn't go to the woods as Poppie and Bug were home.  The hitch put the trailer to low to the ground so they could not put alot on the trailer once the truck was loaded, we are going out again after Church. 

I found out my case goods were in when I got home so went down to the store and picked it all up.  The cupboards are all full and we are ready for the winter.  I meant a new crazy goat lady at the Bountiful Basket site.  She is looking for a alpine buck and she would be a perfect fit for Buckwheat the buck the Herbalist wants to give me. She might be looking for some does as well.  She had already called by time I got home so will wait for her to call back.  It would be nice to sell some of the does to make up for the ones I got from Herbalist, I can't feed as many as I got so do need to sell or harvest some of the young ones.  We will see how it turns out.

It was a great day away, good company, and just a plain nice day away with a dear friend doing something so worth while and the veggies and fruit were a bonus... tomorrow.

Debate, Jobs, Volunteering, Wood getting, busy saturday.

The Ladies spent the night with Drama and family.  They didn't want to go with Poppie and Bug to go get firewood this morning.  I am not sure it is just that they didn't want to go period or if they just didn't want to go without mom.  I will pick them up after I come back from volunteering and take them to the woods with me when I go up so they won't completely get out of it so that will be a surprise, pleasant or not will be determined later.  I am sure they will have an opinion at this unknown kink in their plans.  Drama and family are off on a weeks vacation starting tomorrow.  The girls will have gotten to have a nice visit before they go. 

Lady and I are off this morning to volunteer, Lady is a bit under the weather so we are not going to go for the unloading part but the working part.  It will be exciting to find out more of what the process entails and of course the veggies, I got two of the extra Mexican veggie packs, hope it is a fun add on, well in that regard I hope it is all fun.  I have pumpkin to roast this morning before I go, I don't actually have to leave here until about 10:40.  I made laundry soap yesterday so we will see how it melts out this morning.  It was golden and not white this time, funny how each batch is unique unto itself. I did add the same ingredients in at different times so that may have been the color difference.  It really is funny that simple things make such a difference.  Well it will be a nice morning and early afternoon of volunteering and regular fall stuff.  Then off, with the ladies, to the woods.

I know that some of you have found it funny that I have not commented on the debates, I probably would have already had it not be such a landslide in it's out come.  Who really thought that BO would show up so truly unprepared.  I felt that it would be  nice to give  my Liberal friends a break and not gloat.  I am still not going to gloat with any details but I hope for those of you that watched, that you really took note of the man you give your support to.  I know I took note of the one I give mine to and I was very hopeful for our futures.  I know that I am backing the stronger candidate and it was very apparent to any one who watched that that was true.  Do any of you really believe Al Gores altitude defense.  That was truly a hoot.  Now we know why those hanging chads didn't go his way in the end.  The next debate is at 58 feet so maybe by Al's figuring BO will be on his game again but wasn't BO wondrous acceptance speech of 4 years ago in Denver, like this debate was, so maybe altitude is something that comes and goes with BO.  Go figure.  Okay, I am done. 

The jobs report came out to save BO's butt from some of the scrutiny of his failed debate, the admin is running around patting themselves on the back at the big success.  Okay, so why is it success when by his own words he took the office at the point where we were are the worst this country has ever been since the great depression and we are just now getting back down to that worst point ever?  What did he call the last four years where is was 44 straight months worse than the worst ever point where he started?  Why did his wondrous plan take so long to get us to where he started?  Is that even a plan?  If I worked my budget like he works his, none put forth in 3 and half years, I wouldn't have a house to call my own, well maybe he won't have one to call his own soon...... tomorrow.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dinner, Zootown, Cubbie is terrible.

Mokie, Cubbie, Bubbles and I flew into Zootown early yesterday, we hit the meat sale, the Costco, Walmart and home.  Still were late didn't get home until 2.  Not sure I got half of my lists right but had guests coming at 6:30.  Poppie, the dearest man, had cleaned the carpets in the master bedroom, I still have to do the girls rooms but it was so nice that he helped out so much.  He had spent the day smoking a brisket for dinner.  We had the Preacher and Pianist over as well as Mokie, Son and kids and Bug too.  I had bought a cheesecake for Mokie for her birthday, which we were celebrating.  We also had huckleberry pie.  We had a very nice visit and all got to know each other better.  We had only had the Preacher and Pianist over once before and that was at the 4th of July party so not the best atmosphere for individual visiting.  Shortly before I they arrived Herbalist dropped in and put me more off schedule getting the kitchen floor mopped but at least it was swept.  I never seem to plan anything that every goes off with out a hitch but I have wonderfully understand friends that know I am crazy so they never seem to mind.  Our dinner was a success, I guess the most important things in life are not about the cleaning, the planning or the doing, they are about the sharing, the companionship and the loving. 

Cubbie had been a living terror for about three days.  She was naughty all day in Zootown, mischievous at dinner, she has well and truly gotten over her shyness with Preacher and Pianist.  She tickled Pianists feet under the table, untied Preachers shoes and chattered like a chipmunk to both.  She is really blossoming and I am not sure she needed much blossoming to begin with.  She is definitely in need of some discipline and her mom has not quite gotten a hold of that.  I will have Bubbles and Cubbie today and she is definitely not getting away with any naughtiness as I am tired this morning and will not be as apt to look the other way as her mom.  I will actually have just Bubbles until 1 but both after. 

The crisp of fall is in the air this morning.  I picked up winter coats for the girls yesterday, good thing they for sure needed them.  I will be going to another volunteer day with Lady tomorrow for Bountiful Baskets.  I can't wait to spend the morning doing something so rewarding.  It is nice to get away with Lady and just be able to spend time talking and no one to worry about.  We have one more after tomorrow before we can have a conference call to see if we can start the process here.

 We are hoping to got get fire wood after I get home so that will mean a nice full day tomorrow. So definitely going to just be today.  I do have to ship a package of longies and a wool dress to a young mother in Canada this morning.  I do love to make the upcycled items for the babies and their mommas.  I will have more time to do it as the summer speed slows down to the ease of fall. Well if you call getting firewood and easy pace but it really is, though we do have quite a bit of wood to get.  I have soap to make this morning and in the next week list upluks and maybe finally get to actually carve, I haven't gotten to do it in so long it will be a truly fun endeavor.  I think with my carving sometimes I just have to walk away to come back to it with joy.  I will get to start working on spinning in earnest soon,  I love the fall and all the time it can bring to do new things..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rain, Snow, Fall is well and truly here. Parables said.

The rain came down for hours in the night, in some areas they had snow.  The record breaking span of no rain is over, yay.  A nice cleansing rain will help with the fire fighting effort.  I hope we have a long Indian summer, we have firewood to get and a yard to put straight.  Some goat harvesting to do and fall to enjoy before the nasty cold of winter sets in.  Poppie is on the mend but since he usually drops about 20lbs when he is sick he is as weak as a kitten, funny thing though he has finally figured it out, on his own, so it trying to eat and drink enough to get his strength back.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. 

The Ladies went to Church last night and shared their parables with the congregation.  They were all well and truly proud of their self imposed memorization and reciting of the parable of the sower.  Their Miss Texas wasn't there so they are hoping to share the reciting of their parables again on Sunday for her.  The Preacher was so impressed he wants to pay for their bibles and have their names put on them, I had told them last night that that was what the girls were to receive from me for all of their hard work.  I ordered their bibles yesterday and they should be here soon.  They were proud to tell him that they couldn't wait to highlight all the verses they learned and were to learn and not ruin their bibles with the to thin pages.  Either way they are excited to have the living word of God to share with others. 

I have to finish cleaning the house today and I think have the girls, Bubbles and Cubbie, this morning.  It is picture day for the Ladies so they are in primping and preening.  Booboo is trying to figure out how to hide the chopped hair she has from her cutting episode.  I bought them nice 3 inch bands so they both look nice, somehow very 60ish.  No ratting or bouffants but that Twiggy look is definitely peaking back at me when I look at them.  Well as I have nothing more to say I shall go, I know that is an surprise, somehow I always have something to say don't I?  It does get me in trouble on occasion but then you don't have to wonder what I am thinking do you?  Remember to Love the Lord in your daily life, accepting him in to your life can bring changes you can not imagine, and to think it starts with something so little, the acceptance of his gift... tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot sauce done, kraut too, now the fall cleaning... Mokie has a bday.

I spent the morning making up my hot sauce, I started with a basic recipe, that had a lot of vinegar in it, I would not add that much again, the other recipes all had much less so vinegar was not a canning must in the recipe but a taste factor for the author.  I now have a new recipe that only took 4 or 5 hours to come upon.  It is hot in the nice way that hot sauce it supposed to be. Cubbie and Yogie both think that it needed to be washed down with cold water right away, a good thing I would think in hot sauce.  I ended up with 22 jars of it, so will have some to gift for sure.  I finished up the sauerkraut as the hot sauce simmered and bubbled away, I have about 8 and 1/2 gallons in the crock.  I can't wait until it is fermented and ready to eat.  I have to seriously get cleaning, I do want to get the carpets I have left cleaned, just the three bedrooms so to speak.  Well and one bathroom, really who puts carpet in the bathroom? 

Today Mokie is another year old.  We will celebrate her birthday on Thursday, Poppie is going to smoke a brisket and today we will be at Church so he won't have time to get it done.  So she has no problem with us doing the celebrating on another day.  She is no longer a little girl and that will not bother her any.  She probably never was a little girl in many respects, she is an old soul.  She of all my kids, well maybe about the same as Booboo unless Booboo changes dramatically, has never caused us a moment of strife.  She and Booboo are really so alike I call Booboo her name all the time.  They are both my babies by age, the youngest of my two little separate families.  Today she turns another year older and I remember the moment of her birth as it was yesterday.  Her first cuddle in my arms.  The years of her cuddling and then one day, in a heart beat it seems she didn't want hugs, to this day she is the least hug able of all my kids and since that includes Bug, who in his manliness isn't a hugger, that is saying something.   She is my closest child as an adult, well so far, I think my two littles will be of similar relationships with me as adults.  She shares my need for the simple, and wants little out of life that we don't already have.  No grand dreams to chase or places to go.  I love her, as I love all of my kids, for the special things that make her her.  Happy birthday dear one...

Tonight the girls will say the memory verses they have been practicing to the church.  We call them the zucchini verses.  They gave the church a tease on Sunday but wouldn't tell them what the zucchini verses were.  The Preacher thought it was a good idea to name them something as we did, he said they would remember them the rest of their lives, I said that was the idea... He like the others won't know what the zucchini verses are until tonight, well unless he accidental read my blog which he doesn't ever know where is, so no danger there.  The girls have worked hard and are so excited, they still miss a word here and there.  I have ordered them new Precious Moments King James bibles so that they can highlight the verses in their bibles as the learn them.  This will be their first parables, we plan to learn them all.  They have learned single verses before and they will have to highlight backwards but from henceforth they will do them as they learn them. Have a great day and remember to save to memory the Lord's love for you... tomorrow.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hot sauce, and sauerkraut, cleaning, isn't Fall the best!

Yesterday, Booboo helped me peel garlic as I sliced tomatoes in half and put them on roasting pans, I added a heap of the hottest pepper Poppie and Grandpa grew. Today I will blend it, add spices and vinegar and make up a killer hot sauce to can. I am going to make it as hot as I can as Poppie won't eat it any way so the sky is the limit, well dependent upon my access to hot peppers. I didn't get the sauerkraut topper sliced but will try and get all of the cabbage sliced and stomped so it can all get fermented. I am going to can off a few jars so I can add hot pepper flakes to some, juniper berry to some and maybe dill to others but for the most part I will leave it in the crock so we can eat it fresh which is the best. I may can some off to gift as well. I gifted some veggies at church and they were soon all going home to new homes. I should have taken more yellow squash as I had requests for more so will make sure they get to new homes. We are going to hold off on cutting the great pumpkin until after Thursday as the Preacher, Pianist and their daughter, Texas, want to come out to see it so they are coming for dinner on Thursday. The pumpkin will get chopped, roasted and bagged for all sorts of future good meals. I will probably gift some as well, my try to make pumpkin soup as I have never and the idea has played in my mind for the last couple of years.

I am hoping to make so dark chocolate and some white chocolate, I have found that I have all the making on hand so am going to give it a try with my extra virgin coconut oil and the coco butter I have. It will be a new adventure and I never dreamed I would have the ingredients on hand so never looked for the recipes, actually came across them on accident. I will see how they turn out may be not so good but it is work a try and I may surprise myself and they could be great.

Tomorrow the weather is to become cold or more seasonal. Fall will well and truly be on us. I love love love fall almost as much as spring, not so fond of summer as it is too hot. Winter is the worst because my old bones just can't take the cold so I don't spend much time out in it. Long winters can be so long, I get lots of arts and crafts done so that is a blessing but it can be so cold. Have a great day, hope you do some special and fun, I know the Lord will bless your day; if you ask him into your life he will bless it eternally as well..... tomorrow.