Saturday, October 13, 2012

Libya, Crosses, Bush, a Crazy old man, and facts.

I watched the VP debate that happened to fall on my birthday.  I like everyone else saw an old man totally shame and degrade the office he holds.  He was no doubt sent out there, by his handlers, to do that, no I don't think that the makes the gaffes he is so notorious for without design.  We all pass it off as Joe being Joe, but really can anyone have been in the senate for 36 years and be that much of a bumbling idiot?  No.  We excuse him because we are told that he is a lovable man and that is just his way so in our stupidity we accept that.  We have been conditioned to believe that politicians want the best for us.  But in the last four years we have been taken over by a political machine that in no way are playing on the accepted terms of our past.  We are now being played by a team that is in no way looking out for the country, it's just that we as a country as still under the misinterpretation that this president and his machine care about anything of real substance.  Really, would Cater have been allowed to say his failure as a president was Ford or Nixon's faults?  So why after almost four years of his agenda is BO being allowed to blame his short comings and failures, yes failures, on Bush?  Biden say to check his fact well most democrats that swallow all their demigods spew at them won't, don't or are afraid of coming out of their smoke filled rooms and removing their rose color glasses to even consider it.  Thank goodness for the cottage industry of fact checkers that took Biden at his word.  Yes, the President and VP did know with in 24 hours that Libya was never, never about some half assed movie,  though that Hopey Changy guy was still trying to sell that lie 2 weeks later the murders in front of the world at the UN.  Does BO think that lying doesn't make him look like a fool on the world stage?  Does his lies take away the reality that terrorists attacked our embassy and killed four men on the anniversary of 9/11? Does it take away from the fact that he looked the other way? Does he think somehow that not acknowledge it will make it not have happened?  Will those followers wearing the rose colored glasses, that still have to vote in a month, really not get it that Al qaeda is still out there even if Biden is out there saying "Osama is dead and GM is alive"  really? Osama was replaced and the terrorists didn't miss a beat. 

Biden bad mouths Romney about Romney wanting GM to go in bankruptcy restructuring.  Well, guess what? BO did put them in to bankruptcy restructuring, he just made us pay for it, and not the private companies that should have.  One is a better option for the taxpayer and it wasn't the option that we are still paying for.  So, our economy is bad and there is no plan being put forth by the current administration because in their delusion theirs is working, there is no leadership in foreign affairs but the "its Romney's fault what happened in Libya" plan.  So lets hope the real leader with a plan gets elected by the people of this country that are no longer enthralled by the lies of a man who said he was going to be the first non-partisan president, amazing a poll just came out that he is the most partisan president that ever lived.  90 percent to 8 percent, even Clinton in his first four years only came in at 80 percent.  Oh, for the good old days of Clinton, he in his second four years stepped up and did become a non partisan president to a great degree.

Biden told us that they only wanted millionaires to have their taxes raised but that is not true they want to raise everyone over 200 thousand.  He went on to tell us that the Catholics were happy with Obamacare but then why are the Catholics suing the government for their right of separation of church and state in the health care plan?  The laughing smirking crazy old man, that went out and did it on purpose, to set it up so that BO can come out and do the same in a milder manner, and will not look like a crazy man in comparison next week.  Just wait and see he will disgrace the office in the same manner, so he doesn't look like he is still asleep, well I guess that won't be anything new, he has done that for years.  Good news though his golf game is much better than when he took office. 

Last week in our country a team of Catholic kids had to put tape over their helmets to play football. Their helmets had a cross on it and it offended one of the players on the other team. Our schools are bleeding children to homeschooling because the kids are offended by having to learn evolution in schools, not being allowed to pray and bullied about their faith but no one cares about their rights. No one put tape over the monkey in their science book so they weren't offended but the atheist child didn't have to endure that cross. Total double standard is being promoted and allowed in our society everyday. This week Stacy Dash, the actress from clueless who is African American, came out for Romney and she is being harassed.  Why is it not acceptable for young African American woman to have the right to be conservative?  Why is it not acceptable for her to support Romney, did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a republican, bet you didn't did you? Would he be harassed if he wanted to vote for Romney?  Or would the BO machine belittle him as well?

I hope you watched the debates, both of them and the two to come, watch, make a fair choice, even if it is not the one you thought you were going to make.  Read and study the facts, not the spin and rhetoric that the liberal media wants you to hear, oh, yeah they are almost totally unaware that anything even happened in Libya and hope it goes away before their man gets caught in anymore lies about movies. But seriously listen, really listen, would you run your house budget like the current admin runs it and still have it?  Did you find Biden the man you want one heart beat from the presidency?  If so go out and vote for him and pray he isn't who we end up with, well on second thought he couldn't be any worse could he.... tomorrow.

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