Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bountiful Baskets, Another crazy goat lady, we just seem to find each other.

Another wondrous day at the Bountiful Baskets volunteer day.  We got great baskets lots of fun fruits and veggies.  My girls had never tried tomatillos before and since they are gooseberries we tried them raw to get a since of what they are, Booboo and I both liked them, Yogie not so much.  We are going to make some salsa in the morrow with them and the other veggies, tomatoes, jalapenos, limes, red peppers, onions, garlic, (gifting both of my cilantro bunches, I have tried and tried but it tastes like soap to me).  Booboo is enjoying the plums, grapes and strawberries, as is Bug.  I had a nice salad for dinner, Bug and Poppie got home before me and had had brisket for dinner.  The Ladies ate at their aunt Drama's.  We learned more of the ins and out of having a Bountiful Basket site here.  He need to find a place, and possible a back up space, for the deliverys and distribution.  We have a couple of ideas to see about.  We have to talk to the fire department. We need to see how many people are interested in participating we think it maybe in the 30 to 40 range that have shown interest.  We are really getting excited about the prospect of having a site here.  We went into Zootown after and didn't get home until after 4 so I didn't go to the woods as Poppie and Bug were home.  The hitch put the trailer to low to the ground so they could not put alot on the trailer once the truck was loaded, we are going out again after Church. 

I found out my case goods were in when I got home so went down to the store and picked it all up.  The cupboards are all full and we are ready for the winter.  I meant a new crazy goat lady at the Bountiful Basket site.  She is looking for a alpine buck and she would be a perfect fit for Buckwheat the buck the Herbalist wants to give me. She might be looking for some does as well.  She had already called by time I got home so will wait for her to call back.  It would be nice to sell some of the does to make up for the ones I got from Herbalist, I can't feed as many as I got so do need to sell or harvest some of the young ones.  We will see how it turns out.

It was a great day away, good company, and just a plain nice day away with a dear friend doing something so worth while and the veggies and fruit were a bonus... tomorrow.

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