Monday, October 15, 2012

Murphy was visiting us yesterday, but a nice day as had by all.

We got home from Church, Poppie and Bug went on first to the woods.  The girls and I were to change and follow.  Booboo felt it necessary to drag her feet and be as obtuse as possible.  I had to make her change out of school shoes twice, explain that little nicker pj bottoms was not the ideal getting wood clothes, I finally made her put on work pants and boots.  We stopped and bought a giant sub sandwich, chicken, tea and water and were off to the woods.  We got to the woods and the tree Poppie and Bug cuts was too big for them to pull so we had to in the end abandon it.  We will go back for it in the next few weeks. We could not pull it up the hill without 4 wheel drive, for some reason the 4 wheel drive is not kicking in our Old Green. They may have to see if it is a vacuum problem.  We ate some chicken and sandwiches and went to the next tree.  It fell into a tree.  Poppie, the girls and I, with great predisposition for hung trees being a major scary thing, were for going on. Bug just cut in to it to knock it off it's stump still wouldn't fall, there was a small, well a couple of small dead lodgepole by it so he tried to hit them into it to dislodge it from the tree, no such luck, it did move a little, more solidly into a fur with a big branch, though a dead one.  Bug said he was going to saw it down as well.  The girls and I were really scared as the last time we saw that it done it didn't turn out well.  He said that is what he did as a tree faller and he did it all the time, didn't make us feel any better.  He did get the tree down and it was scary but he did do it with some expertise.  The tree managed to fall a little more down hill than expected, due to the trees it was hung in.  Bug cut it about 3/4 of the way down it's length and the put a cable on it to pull it.  It took a lot of work pulling it and during the pulling the truck went dead, no nothing, it took them the better part of an hour to figure out why.  The jerking of the truck while pulling with out 4 wheel drive unplugged the computer plug. Problem found they finished pulling the log and we cut, chopped and stacked it into the truck.  We went down about 1/4 of a mile and got a couple more to finish filling the high wracked truck. due to all the foibles we knew we couldn't fill the trailer and make it down before dark.  We talked Poppie into allowing us to leave the trailer there at the top of the mountain, if we went back up first thing this morning, pouring rain here hope it is snowing up there, snowing so much better than raining when getting firewood.  We started down the hill and about half way down, the 23 mile jaunt, they ran out of gas in the truck, the jerking on the trees had taken a heavy toll on the gas tank.  The girls and I went home got two gas can and returned, took about an hour and a quarter to get back, they had coasted to the bottom of the hill and were in the valley awaiting us in the dark.  We put the gas in the truck and an hour later we were home.  Long day, good family time and the joy of time spent in the woods with the Lord, you know tribulations just let you know the good that the Lord can bring you in the future.  Poppie and Bug had time to talk and are starting to mend past offenses.  Bug is opening up more than he has in years and is working on removing some of the demons that have plagued his life, so much needed dad time was a blessing. God does provide, even if what you need is a captured audience in a coasting truck....

Today we are off to retrieve a lost, empty trailer, it likes to be full when it come home so a long morning of work to accomplish that before we make it home this afternoon.  I hope you have a great day and remember nothing happens without a reason and sometimes the most irritating of situations provides for the best of times.... tomorrow.

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