Saturday, October 20, 2012

Still in bed, no bountiful baskets today, so sad. Studying my bible is comforting.

I am sad to say my friends husband died, sad for her, for him the glory of God is now his and he is in everlasting glory.  How wondrous for him.  I am sad my friend will be without him in the days and years to come.  I think of all the fears I have ever had in my life that is the worst and my most distressing.  I can't imagine life with out Poppie and hope that life eternal is not without him. I know God will have a wondrous surprise for me on that account but my failure in faith makes me worry sometimes. 

I am not able to go to Bountiful Baskets to volunteer today, so sad. Lady is going to go pick up our baskets today, such a lovely person to do that. We shall be there together in two short weeks.  I can't wait to get the process further down the road and feel like I have let people down not going today, but no one wants to get the crud I would give them. So, alas I am here studying my bible.

It was nice to have the morning with nothing to do, and feeling enough better to open my bible.  I usually spend the 6 o'clock hour with my ladies but the days off have gotten us off track.  They spent the night, one night, and have had a quest for two nights.  So, off track.

I spent the morning studying various scripture and readying different philosophies on scriptures.  I like to read what others think about a subject and that makes the Internet a good study ground for bible study.  I do always take note of the author and their theology I am not completely without thought on what I read.  I mostly read thoughts by members of the Church of Christ, Baptists or other fundamental Preachers, there I said it, for those who don't know I am pretty much a fundamentalist and a Conservative, and wouldn't you know it a Republican. Oh, I forgot you have read my ramblings haven't you. Okay, I digress. 

I have studied weekly communion, and the scriptures that support it, faith by grace and the purpose of works in a grace driven live.  I have also touched on what God wants us to wear to church. What constitutes a carbon/14 dating and how it has falsely read fresh fish out of the sea as being 10,000 years extinct.  Okay so I have being studying for a long time this morning but then my mind seldom slows down even when I sleep, a problem I have used to a wondrous benefit at times and at other times have despaired at.  This morning I learned so much about the Lord, I like when he takes me to wondrous places to explain things to me and spends time just talking to my soul.  Well I hope that the Lord takes time today to talk to you and you take time to commune with and listen to him. Today is a wondrous day to ask the Lord into your life and accept his grace into you life... tomorrow.

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