Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sick in the round, wood, rain and today is the pumpkin decorating day.

Yogie has been home with me yesterday and will be today as well. She is alot like her dad, hard to get sick but stays puny a while once she is.  She is no longer throwing up but is weak and needs some down time.  Poppie and Bug finally got the trailer out of the woods, couldn't the day before but it is home with wood in it now. Mokie and Bug are off to the Zoo today so I will have Bubbles and Cubbie.  They are both a little off as well, the one thing about big families is that we get to share, and share and reshare the bugs that are going around, why couldn't we all get it at once, well I suppose no one would be able to help the others through their misery that way could we?  The rain is supposed to let up and taper off, Saturday is to be rainy again but some clearing for next week, well if they looked far enough out their windows that is. 

Yogie is going to work on her memory verses.  They have picked their next parables so that gives them incentive to finish the ones they are working on, and be on to new adventures in memorizing.  I am proud of their ability to memorize their parables, it is a bit more challenging than single verses but I think that it makes it a bigger goal and they can compete but share at the same time.  We are doing the parables that have at least two different version in the Gospels,  I think they will be doing the wise man and the foolish man next but for now they are working on the sower of the word. 

I have had a lot of orders lately for upcycled items, a dress, a sweater, longies and lots of diaper covers.  I actually had to order more wool, that was fun and I can't wait for it to come.  One is a sweater with embroidery on it so can't wait to make a little dress or a little girlie girl item from it.  I am hoping to be able to get to spin some this winter and the cool of the days says it is getting closer to the time to batten down sew, spin and knit.  I do love to have a toasty fire going and just work along to the crackling sound of it burning. 

Today is pumpkin decorating at the Library I am hoping to get to take the girls.  I think that Yogie will be up to it by then,  I just didn't want her wore down by the whole day at school.  They get the next two days off from school so that will give her time to mend. I hope the Lord blesses your life and your day today, ALL thing are possible in the Lord, odd how so many people don't hear or see that ALL in the statement.  Truly any and all things are possible in the Lord you just have to belief and asked the Lord to provide your needs, all such a tiny misunderstood word.... tomorrow.

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