Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trial and Persecution, both blessing from God.

Yesterday I got into an "argument" with a couple of Poppie's cousins on facebook, they in the end basically condemned me for saying that the Bible says that homosexuality and abortionists are sins plain and simply.  Funny though Poppie's uncle, theirs as well, did end up supporting me which was nice, well maybe more like he supported the King James Bible, one of them had said they believed in it and then called it a work of man's fiction. It can't be both.  Either way I am not sorry I stood up to them.  I am too old to play games about what I believe and what I don't.  I don't believe in same sex marriage, marriage is a holy institution set up by God.  I also don't believe in a Christian Marriage for non-believers.  I think that civil union is an acceptable alternative for both, neither want to live under the rules of a Christian Marriage so why would they want one anyway.  I also categorically believe that abortion is wrong, under all circumstances.  If God sent a child, even in the condition of rape, that child has a purpose, either to heal the mother or to be someone elses child of adoption.  Abortion is murder,  I don't think that anyone who knows me finds this out of character, Poppie's cousins don't know me at all, I have actually never meant them.  One said she was an abortionists but a Christian.  I told her that they were not mutually compatible.  So many abortionist can't defend their argument and end up saying "well, I am a Christian too."  Really how so?  Did they get saved and then knowingly begin to support and promote abortion?  Or did they forget to repent when they got saved?  They could be saved and just not get the bible I suppose.  I think basically the same about homosexuality, did you think that God wouldn't know or that you could believe and God would over look your sin?  I am not judge or jury but I find it would really be hard to have actually believed in God's word and still hold with abortion or homosexuality.  I suppose only God knows what is in a man's heart and soul so I will leave their souls to God... it is really not my concern.

I did find that that is one of two instances that I was persecuted this week for my beliefs in God.  Funny how at first it was rather distressing to me, especially in one of the incidents.  I was told that what I believed was wrong and made to feel stupid, unintentionally, for my beliefs. I studied and restudied my belief, prayed and though I respect the persons opinion of my belief I don't actually believe I was wrong and I don't think I read my bible wrong either. I also think that God helps me to my beliefs so if God is with me no man can be against me...  It gave me a great deal of distress at first but in the end I realized that it was a form of persecution, though the person who disagreed with me meant well, it was still persecution for my belief.  I finally realized I was being blessed, I have had lots of tribulations and trials but the two this week were actually persecutions for God...  I am truly blessed by God.  I think that that would be considered works toward a crown wouldn't it.... tomorrow.

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