Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eva Longoria, Liberals are bullies that claim to be for the betterment of "everyone".

Amazing how Eva Longoria can say things, or get hacked, like Wiener, and retweet something that not one Republican could get away with and still have her following.  Poor Stacey Dash said something nice and simply, not foul like Eva, and was ostracized by the left wing liberals.  They like to make you think that they are the party of inclusion but the are the ones that cut you to pieces for voicing your opinion while they shove theirs down you throat.  That is what is really wrong with our country right now, the total unabashed bullying of the liberals, their whining and saying they are the victims while stomping on any conservative opinion.  Ever see a little boy on a play ground with tears streaming down his face as we pulls a little girls hair and throws mud on her dress as he says she called me mean.... boo hoo..  sound familiar.  Liberal act the same way, mud throwing and all.

I am excited to see how Mr. Liberal BO, I actually like the way his name give us a sense of his policies, they stink, handles the repercussions of how the Libya mess will play out.  I hope that people are paying attention, even though the Liberal Media has tried to stomp it down it is trickling out at just the right time, people need to see and hear the truth before they are hoodwinked into voting the wrong way, again.  I used to have respect for Hillary, and that is saying something for me to like a democrat but when she laid down like a doormat for the "man" I lost all my respect for her.  I did like that "her man" got his little dig with the "he didn't fix it" comment,  Bill never says anything he doesn't mean.  He is doing the stumping he is supposed to, but a man of his elegant words is no fool... I did see a little bit of the president I actually liked peaking through, a man with a pair for sure, unlike the one leading us now.  Lord guide the hands of those who go to the voting booths in the near future and let the real truth about BO's failed foreign policy come to the light in time to let all the voters know that not only can't he help our economy that his foreign policy is destroying this country and allowing the terrorists to take hold in this world in a very dangerous way.... tomorrow.

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