Saturday, October 6, 2012

Debate, Jobs, Volunteering, Wood getting, busy saturday.

The Ladies spent the night with Drama and family.  They didn't want to go with Poppie and Bug to go get firewood this morning.  I am not sure it is just that they didn't want to go period or if they just didn't want to go without mom.  I will pick them up after I come back from volunteering and take them to the woods with me when I go up so they won't completely get out of it so that will be a surprise, pleasant or not will be determined later.  I am sure they will have an opinion at this unknown kink in their plans.  Drama and family are off on a weeks vacation starting tomorrow.  The girls will have gotten to have a nice visit before they go. 

Lady and I are off this morning to volunteer, Lady is a bit under the weather so we are not going to go for the unloading part but the working part.  It will be exciting to find out more of what the process entails and of course the veggies, I got two of the extra Mexican veggie packs, hope it is a fun add on, well in that regard I hope it is all fun.  I have pumpkin to roast this morning before I go, I don't actually have to leave here until about 10:40.  I made laundry soap yesterday so we will see how it melts out this morning.  It was golden and not white this time, funny how each batch is unique unto itself. I did add the same ingredients in at different times so that may have been the color difference.  It really is funny that simple things make such a difference.  Well it will be a nice morning and early afternoon of volunteering and regular fall stuff.  Then off, with the ladies, to the woods.

I know that some of you have found it funny that I have not commented on the debates, I probably would have already had it not be such a landslide in it's out come.  Who really thought that BO would show up so truly unprepared.  I felt that it would be  nice to give  my Liberal friends a break and not gloat.  I am still not going to gloat with any details but I hope for those of you that watched, that you really took note of the man you give your support to.  I know I took note of the one I give mine to and I was very hopeful for our futures.  I know that I am backing the stronger candidate and it was very apparent to any one who watched that that was true.  Do any of you really believe Al Gores altitude defense.  That was truly a hoot.  Now we know why those hanging chads didn't go his way in the end.  The next debate is at 58 feet so maybe by Al's figuring BO will be on his game again but wasn't BO wondrous acceptance speech of 4 years ago in Denver, like this debate was, so maybe altitude is something that comes and goes with BO.  Go figure.  Okay, I am done. 

The jobs report came out to save BO's butt from some of the scrutiny of his failed debate, the admin is running around patting themselves on the back at the big success.  Okay, so why is it success when by his own words he took the office at the point where we were are the worst this country has ever been since the great depression and we are just now getting back down to that worst point ever?  What did he call the last four years where is was 44 straight months worse than the worst ever point where he started?  Why did his wondrous plan take so long to get us to where he started?  Is that even a plan?  If I worked my budget like he works his, none put forth in 3 and half years, I wouldn't have a house to call my own, well maybe he won't have one to call his own soon...... tomorrow.

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