Thursday, October 25, 2012

I forgot, first time, Cubbie is now fuzzy was he.

I had to take Yogie to the ortho yesterday.  She went to school until 11:15, so that she didn't miss all of the day after being off all week last week, all be it a short week of only three days.  Mokie, Cubbie and Bubbles went along as well. We shopped a little, I picked up boots, hats and mitts for the Ladies.  Mokie got boots for Boy, Bug had given her nice hand me downs for the little girls so they didn't need any. We stopped and got lunch at Costco, Bubble had part of my chicken bake and she loved it she chewed on it for about 45 minutes before she finished it but she never lost interest in it so it was a winner in her book. 

I took Cubbie and Yogie into Yogie's appointment, they laid in the chair together.  Yogie shared her appointment, we are hoping that Cubbie gets comfortable in the chair with all the goings on as she will more than likely have to have ortho as well.  She laid with her little face looking into Yogie's mouth as they changed out her rubber bands.  They had chosen black and orange as the new colors for Halloween.  We picked up pumpkins for carving, Poppie only managed to grow one giant eating pumpkin and no carving pumpkins, funny one year he had 50 but just the one this year.  Next year is always his mantra...

Dr. Tiedee noticed that Cubbie had been at her hair with scissors.  She thought it was cute, all people seem to think it's cute, especially when it is not their child that looks like the lawn mower got away.  I think maybe it brings to mind when their little one chopped all their own hair of, a fond memory not a fond experience... Cubbie, with Boy's help, has chopped all of her bangs, some of the side hair, well mostly just one half of her side hair.  I think it is sort of fixable, well if mullets were in again, any way.. I think if I feather it I could fix it up a little.  I told her she is no longer my Cubbie bear she will have to be "Fuzzy was he" until her hair grows back.  I promptly sang to her about Fuzzy, I am not sure she wants to embrace Fuzzy with his no hair.  I hope she has no more bouts with the scissors.

I was on my way home from the Zoo yesterday when I was trying to think of what I had blogged and I for the life of my couldn't remember.  Well, when I got home I took a minute to check of what I had blogged and I found that I hadn't.  It is not that I haven't missed a day of blogging before because there are days that I don't, well after that first 365 days, but since then I don't someday because I have other obligations but I always remember that I didn't I have never actually forgot before.  I, in my defense, was studying memory parables with the Ladies and then was studying on a couple of questions I am working through for myself in the bible.  So, if the Lord is the reason I forgot to blog I am sure you will all forgive me, not that anyone really cares whether I miss a day or two anyway, but it did matter to me.  I kind of like that the Lord had me so busy, talking to me that I forgot, he must surely have had something of importance to say to me.  I hope the Lord speaks to you today and you forget to do something while in his company.... tomorrow.

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