Sunday, October 14, 2012

Opposites, ever stop to think how many are in our lives?

I think as a mother one of the first things you teach your infant/toddler, well not the small infants but the ones that are almost toddler, is yes and no.  How many baby's learn no and get stuck on it.  Rarely do you see one that say yes, our Bubbles does and it always makes me look twice to make sure she is the one saying it.  You say no and she nods and says yes.  Most babies think it but they most always chirp no, no, no, while shaking their head, seemingly mimicking momma.  We then teach our children about being good, and the bad seems to sneak out in them.  Hopefully most are soon teaching their children the love of God and sorrows of evil.  We really do get our basic personality and beliefs in our first five years so hopefully you are instilling a the Love of God in your babes. 

Really from the beginning we are either introduced to the Love of God and the evil persecution and tribulations of Satan.  So we are introduced to faith, religion is the afterthought of faith as far as I am concerned, faith in God is the most important thing in your life, or should be.  So many people say oh they are religious, being religious in and of itself is not faith.  You can go to a church a life time and not have faith in God.  You can be spiritual and have never had a conversation in faith with God. Faith is the acceptance of God gift of everlasting life by believing, you can't earn or work your way in to faith you have to truly believe in God to have it.  What others see doesn't always convey what God knows about your faith. 

We are now a country divided Liberal and Conservative, Democrat and Republican, you do know that being one doesn't always make you the other?  We are a country of Pro-choice or Pro-life, socialist or capitalist, I don't think you can be both of those at the same time, hmmm?  What are the opposites you endure or embrace daily?  Do you ever try and look at things from the opposite side of the coin?  Have you become your beliefs of your own accord or were you raised to be your belief?  Have you ever thought of the different choices you have to be who you are?  Most of us never look past who we are brought up to be, should we?  Are you a racist, a bigot, a product of generational welfarism?  Do you work for all you have because that is the right thing to do and the way you were brought up?  What makes you the opposite of the opposite of your beliefs?  Do you ever wonder why any one would think that their point of view is every bit as valid as yours but the complete antithesis of yours? How is it that we have become the partisan opposite country that we now are?  Ever just try and understand any belief but your own?....... No, probably not but think of the possibilities of doing just that.... tomorrow.

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