Monday, October 29, 2012

Compromise is always an option in life, sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes who knows.

Do you ever find that life is about compromise?  I think that I have spent a great deal of my life learning to compromise and teaching my children the art of compromise.  I think that both are skills that are worth having and mastering. I do think that compromise can bring so much peace to a person that it is worth knowing and doing.  I also think that some things are not open to compromise.  You do have to know when to take a stand and never back down.  Is it worth the cost?  Is it to high a price to pay for what you will receive?  Do you compromise your beliefs to compromise? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and live with the compromise you will or have made? So, obviously when I talk about compromise I am not talking about whether we are having meatloaf or roast for dinner. Compromise is a simple thing and can be such a daily endeavor that you never even think of it, so your momma taught you right as well, but the compromise that I am speaking is the kind that has lasting life time consequences. Did you or have you ever compromised something that meant something so large in your life that effected you for your life time? Did you rush in with both feet and not count the cost?  Sometimes compromise is never an options and sometimes it is the only option, the trick, or maybe its the Divine hand of God, tells us which is which, if only we listen.

Today it is raining cats and dogs, so I don't plan on stepping in any poodles.... they bite.  Poppie has to go help Professor, he hasn't been out there except once in a couple of weeks so Professor has a list of needs that need doing.  It is raining though so though he may string some wire he won't be making it hot.  Poppie is no ones idea of stupid.  I have some upcycling to do, I have had a run on toddler items so happily I have to make more.  I do so love to cut, snip and sew new little creations.  Can't wait to see what I make, the best part is not having any preconceived ideas of what I should make but letting the wool call to me to find what is hiding in there.

I am watching the people on the east coast batting down as Sandy is coming down on them.  I hope that they make the right compromise, to stay or not to stay that is the question.  I hope they make the right one, oh, to have to wonder for years if staying was really the right answer.  The Lord be with those in the path of the storm and may his glory and love prevail..... tomorrow.

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